Update: Bell Samsung Galaxy S II upgrade to Android OS 4.0 now available


  • Dom


  • vmob

    Is it available for Virgin Mobile’s Galaxy S II as well?

    • Bilal Akhtar

      Same question, can anyone confirm this?

    • Tomatoes

      Considering the phone is exactly the same phone, I think it is pretty safe to say yes.

    • Tomatoes

      You might need to borrow a friend’s Bell sim card though depending how Bell chooses to issue the update.

    • Alfred Lee

      got mine May 4th Virgin Mobility S2

  • gg11


  • Bilal Akhtar

    Does it work with Virgin too? Because AFAIK both have the same variant, and there’s Bell bloatware on the Virgin version too.

  • JLP

    Still awaiting Bell TV Remote PVR to work on my GNex. I guess they cut that feature on the SGS2 at the same time ?

  • TechLover

    I checked using Kies and it still says I have the latest firmware. Even in the leaked document it mentions May 3rd as start date so I suppose they’ll start rolling it out tomorrow.

  • steve

    Charging my virgin gs2 now will be trying this in about 10 minutes.

  • mattprime86

    Just check the version code. If it matches Bells, you’re g2g.

  • Dan

    Can somebody tell us less tech savvy people how we would go about upgrading? Is it through Kies or will we get an automatic update notification on our phones? Thanks y’all 🙂

  • Tim

    Nothing comes up for me in Kies yet…

    • Tim

      I just realized the document says May 3rd which is tomorrow.
      The internal memo site for Bell doesn’t show any information yet either though.

  • Dread

    Yeah Im on Virgin. Is it a go for us too?

  • arkemo


    It’s most likely going to be through Kies seeing as how this device doesn’t have a update option in the phone settings.

  • jimmy

    Im on virgin, just tried and its a no go 🙁

  • jonny

    DONT UPGRADE TO ICS! I am hating ICS. Way too buggy. I miss my original Nexus S 🙁

  • mr obvious

    it says start date of may 3rd…….making the android community look like r*tards posting without reading……..good job ms

  • Lol?

    Yeah what’s with the whole ‘oh it’s available today! go forth and upgrade your phone!’ when it plainly says on the document Start Date: May 03, 2012. Did Ian forget what day it is today?

    • Ian Hardy

      The answer is yes, forgot what the date was. HUGE apology to all. It’ll be available in a few hours, just in time for the “Next Galaxy” announcement 😉

  • bob

    To all those who bought an other version of the SGS2: I told you!
    Everybody knew that the international version of the SGS2 would be updated first.

  • CAD

    Leaked from the future!!! May 3!!!

  • d

    What happen to Rogers being the first at everything.

  • jimmy

    Shouldve actually clicked to see the pic instead of basing my update attempt on a headline.. now i feel stupid that its as of tmr!

  • howi

    Wait until May 3rd at least! At this moment, there is still no ICS…

    Product Code: GT-I9100LKABMC
    Latest firmware: I9100MUGKG2/I9100MBMCKG2/I9100MUGKG2/I9100MUGKG2
    Modified: 2011-07-13 4:44:00 PM
    Filename: GT-I9100M_BMC_1_20110713164346.zip.enc2

  • Mat

    READ THE SCREENSHOT, it’s only tomorrow.

  • sean

    the note update is now pushed to june. was originally april. boo

  • dagwood70

    My GS2 won’t even connect to Kies now, though it did earlier this morning…

  • shaggyskunk

    Since when was “now available” a subjective Statement… Tomorrow is not “now”…

  • joe

    If I unlocked my Bell Samsung Galaxy SII to use on Fido, will I get the ICS upgrade at the same time as everyone else?

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    (If it helps, I’m running 2.3.4
    PDA: I9100XXKH3 / PHONE: I9100XXKH3 / CSC: I9100OXAKH3)

  • shaggyskunk

    @dagwood… If you’re with Bell… I’m with rogers, but same here… Earlier today, I was able to connect to Kies & see the current & available software… By the way.. My phone is Rooted and all that I had to do to get kies to give me the details, was to unfreeze some apps & reinstall some others…

  • dagwood70

    Got it to work. Had to restart phone. But still says firmware is current 🙁

    Have to wait until the morning I guess…

  • Andy

    Rogers will be dead last…The usual…I am so sick of waiting for ever for an update. I bought a nexus to avoid having to deal with this crap and I am not using older software than last years nexus s…I imagine my Note will be on gingerbread for the next 6 months….Once jelly bean comes out they will most likely release ICS…lol

  • Dotcom

    Why do we need Kies?

  • kimdotcom,

    running cyanogen nightly build may 2 can i download this as while?

  • Stef

    Kies just updated on mine at 19:57. I’m on Bell

    • Muhammad

      is your phone unlocked or rooted? Mine is neither and I haven’t gotten the update yet.
      Im thinking that may be a reason you already have it.

    • tom

      I got the update too on kies (just now). Phone isnt unlocked or modded.

  • Tomatoes

    Looks like the best phone ever made is going to kick a*s one last time before passing the torch down to the GS3. Nice, I wish I never sold this phone.

    If the GS3 kicks half as much a*s as the GS2, I will be a happy man. Now let’s just hope the GS3 somehow turns out to be the same size as the GS2 or even smaller.

  • T N

    As usual – Rogers late to the party. They can never get anything done right!

    • Tomatoes

      Yup. Especially the ugly Rogers boot loader and the Rogers branding on the back. Good news is that the One X was spared from the Rogers branding. Let’s hope they don’t brand the GS3.

  • iEtthy

    wow some people are retarded. LMao…Why cant you read? smh

  • shaggyskunk

    Yeah, dogwood… My Bad too, I just rebooted the pc… So for anyone else out there, keep in mind that rebooting the phone / pc may be required to get the update, when it’s available from your particular carrier

  • Matthew

    I love android, but for the average person the updates are crazy: they come way too late and are so hard to do, dont get me started on lg…

  • darren

    Man Samsung you make me feel like a pawn in your marketing hype for tomorrow.

  • Thing1

    Yes this is the same date for virgin mobile GS2

  • Ed Tanas

    How about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 wit 4g,…any word on that???Will the update be downloadable over the aire or will I have plug it into my PC and apply it???

  • Dipol

    The only thingh keeping me from Rooting is swype. I love swype, if I don’t get ICS end of the month…either this phone is going to Ebay or I will buy swiftkeys (and root).

    • josh

      you can root and get swype from swypes website. i have the apk if you need it.

  • CBV

    well its may 3rd, 2:11 AM EST, and no update yet. People update this thread when the update is available to download.

    • atreyurocks

      Don’t worry, it should be today, but not in the night ! 🙂

  • HotDoggable

    congratulations Bell customers. for those on Rogers, you will be the last on earth as usual.

  • This

    As of this morning, still no update

  • Matrix2831

    Here 8H51, verify in Kies and no update……

  • Ricky B

    Still nothing for Bell GS2 at 10:27 am NL time.

  • Gaetan L

    Just got back, yesterday, from repair my GS2.
    They swipe my CM7 to go back to plain rom.
    Now, I try to find kies, I only have kies air, how do I get kies. If I recall, this was an independant apps. It’s been so long since I rooted that I do not even remember what was the stock ROM on the phone


    • Stef

      Kies air is on the phone.
      Kies goes on your PC. You can get it from the Samsung website. You need it on your PC to be able to upgrade the firmware on the phone (connected through USB only).

  • Me

    No news?

  • Gaetan L


    That why I do not remember. I do not have any microsoft or mac in my house. Do you know if the upgrade is available OTA. If not, anyone having success running kies on linux, with wine or virtualbox

  • Brock

    By the time I get my gsII updated to ics4 I’ll be ready to buy a new phone…and more than likely not a Samsung… I owned an I phone and they too have quirks, but at-least they update the software frequently.

  • poseidon d

    No update yet at 12 atlantic time.

  • Preston

    On bells website the gsII HD LTE says it is upgradeable but the gsII 4g does not…so wtf

  • Ali

    ITS UP!!!!!

    BELL SGS2 to android 4.0 is out on kies, at 11:15 am EST

    GO GET IT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Preston

    I gotta ask this someone will know has anyone ever updated an android phone? and if so…what happens to all my apps? do i have to reinstall? and do i loose the few that i Paid for… whats the deal thanks.

    • Ali

      Your apps will remain where they are, including all of your information. You dont loose any apps (including the ones you paid for).

      It would still be best to back up your other data though. You can do that through the “backup” tab on kies

    • Preston

      thanks ali………here we gooooooooo….. i hope this is worth it..

  • Preston


    • Ali

      Backup your apps, and enjoy the silky smooth software that is ice cream sandwich….I expect multiple brain freezes!

  • anacharcis

    Upgrading now, Montréal. 11:30 EST

  • Mike Kic

    I still don’t have the update, I have a leaked version 2.3.4 will I still get the push or be able to update through Kies?

    • Ali

      You’ll have to go about doing it through kies

  • DSR

    finally got the ICS , BC 8:30 am PST

  • Maxime

    YAY it’s available!!!!

  • RyeNCode

    No love for GT-I9100 in AB (VirgMob). But that could be my work’s firewall… not sure if Kies self update uses different connections than the firmware update.

  • tarku

    Just got the update pushed through to Kies at 9 57 am MST. Finally!!!

  • David

    Update is now available on Kies for my Galaxy S2. Finally Bell was the fastest 🙂

  • David

    Update is now available from Kies with a Bell phone. Finally, they were the fastest to pull it out 🙂

  • Maxx

    Anyone from ontario get the upgrade? kies didn’t tell me I have the latest firmware or that there is an update available.

  • Derek

    I can confirm the ics update is available in ontario through bell… it is 12:23p.m. here. I called bell rep last night they told me another 2 weeks or so, lol(he was wrong :)). It is android version 4.0.3.

  • Raab

    Virgin mobile firmware upgrade in progress now

  • Don Juan

    ICS Update now available through Kies for Bell Samsung Galaxy S2

  • RyeNCode

    Is this update for the GT-I9100M also? I’m still not getting an upgrade notice 🙁

    • Kline

      I called them and asked about that. They said that Gingerbread is the most current version for this model, and that the upgrade is not available just yet. One guy said it was only for the new 4G Galaxy S2s, but when I called Technical Support (who called Samsung), they clarified that we will get it, just in a couple of days (maybe a week or two).

    • RyeNCode

      @Kline , Thanks for that Info… I guess I can stop trying to get the update for a day or two 🙂

  • DjAj

    Updated in Ontario via Kies. Using Virgin Mobile Galaxy S2 on Bell Network.

  • DDC

    It’s up! Kies just started pushing ver LD3(BMC)

  • Cameron

    All updated over here! But we’re still stuck with that crummy Samsung keyboard 🙁

  • Kokain

    The 9100m is listed as gs2 4g both on bell and on samsung.ca there is no sub classification other then international and lte hd. This update is ours.

  • Glenn

    Just upgraded to 4.0 Via Kies I am on Bell 🙂

  • mpsrent

    Download complete. Keep in mind that if you are rooted you will lose your root.

  • Bill

    Got it on kies right now. try to check right now

  • Donovan

    Hey Ian do you know when the Galaxy Note will get the upgrade for ICS?

  • Kline

    Did everyone who got it receive a Push Notification first?

  • NetWalk

    @mpsrent is there any chance we can get “root” back after the ICS Kies update ?
    I really need root to freeze some apps and specialy to get OpenVPN working…

    please give me link to root again my phone even update with ICS 4.0.3 from Bell !

    thank’s in advance.

  • aix

    wierd I get the update but I also get a message
    failed to update due to GT-i9100m permissions

  • ju

    i’m not sure whether this has been addressed but what does a rogers user that has an unlocked i9100m galaxy s2? will i still be able to update through kies (although when I hook it up it says to “reconnect through pc studio, whatever that means).

    if i go into a bell store, would they upgrade to ics for me? thanks.

  • fx

    I just talked to a guy at bell, and he confirmer me that ICS will be available for the galaxy s2 HD LTE by sunday the 6th, since they pushed back the upgrade

  • howi

    Nothing for Rogers yet. Bell Galaxy S II GT-I9100M has it…

    Added: 2012-05-03 17:28:30

    Model: GT-I9100M

    Product Code: GT-I9100LKABMC

    Modified: 2012-04-23


    Filename: GT-I9100M_BMC_1_20120423175524_ij16a6swfz.zip.enc2

    CRC: 413155573

  • Alyster

    I just got off the phone with a Samsung rep, he told me that the update for the Note will be OTA “Within the next few weeks”.

  • Kiri

    By the time i get this stupid Kies to work Im gonna get old! When I click on Firmware upgrade, its popping out an error message “Upgrade cannot continue because connection to the device being upgraded (GTI9100M) has been lost. Please start again.” wtf!

  • Pj

    Just updates to 4.0.3 for an unlocked Bell SGS2 i9100m… I am using a Rogers SIM but that was not relevant for the update through Kies… 🙂

  • Marty

    Successfully upgrade my Bell S2 to ICS (4.0.3). Download Kies2 from the Samsung site and apply the Kies hotfix from the main page. You will then get prompted to upgrade your firmware. Kies spewed a bunch of device disconnected messages but simply ignore, the upgrade completes fine.

  • NetWalk

    I successfully upgrade my Bell SGS2 to ICS 4.0.3 without a glitch!
    But, anyone root again that beauty phone ?, i got it root before running 2.3.4 and really need to root it back 4.0.3 to get VPN and other stuff running.

    Any URL helping this out ? (step by step guide!)


  • NetWalk

    Also, seem that miss some stuff from the Google 4.x ICS update, like possibility to create group icon on the desktop and also moving the dock icons. I just saw those feature on a Galaxy Nexus friend running 4.0.4…

    please follow up…


  • shanq

    I still can’t update via Kies =(

    My Galaxy s2 is the white version released in Sep 2011.

    It says “your device does not support software upgrading via kies”

    I dailed *#1234# to get CSC which is I9100OXAKI3. According to google, OXA is an international version.. so I guess those who did get upgrade to 4.0 use the black version…
    Is there any white user able to upgrade to 4.0?

  • marc

    Battery is good and no heating device.
    Only complain is social hub opening on feed.

  • josh

    i moved to stock yesterday and did the update. i have been running 4.03 for a couple of months now with Foxhound Rom. i find this stock rom to be unstable and not rooted. ill have to switch back to a rooted from so i can get rid of bell’s annoying apps. mlb.tv will only work properly on i9100 not on i9100m for some stupid reason.

  • NetWalk

    @ mars, are you on BELL ?
    Did you find any kernel to rooted your phone ?

    Can you create group icons and also see widgets in the top bar ?
    Another thing that is strange, cannot move dock icons 🙁
    With ICS, suppose to be a new feature.

    I really thing that Bell tweak the 4.0.3 ics too much !!

  • Esteban Serna

    This really works!! the resolution its better and all the navigation is really improved! I really like, now i have to explore all the other new stuffs!!

  • Clint

    Ok…so its version 4.0.3.
    Phone now has issues with touch. Sometimes won’t read the touch properly or at all.
    If I had known it was to 4.0.3 instead of 4.0.4 I wouldn’t have bothered. Is it better than 2.3.3….No.
    Could it be better if everything worked as well as it did under 2.3.3? probably.
    I would avoid the POS upgrade.

  • Jon

    Finally got the update! In Vancouver BC

  • kevy

    Just got the SG2 – how do you check for the update? I tried Kies and it just seems to for remote management of phone contents etc. from your computer browser. I did not see anything about updates…

    • kevy

      OK, just noticed the msg thread was 3 pages long…read and answered…here goes.

  • wes

    What a pia to get this upgrade, instead of just waiting for them to push it to you. You need Kies a pc app to manage the GS II. Not “Kies air” which is a wireless sync product installed on your phone only. In order to get the software off the samsung site where you have to realize that the GT-I900M is not a smart phone, it’s a bar phone!!!! And you can’t get the lastest version but once you install it it will automatically upgrade to the latest. Although that will not do any good because the usb drivers cdc serial and android mtp just refuse to install. The drivers are all their in their proper win7 version they just refuse to install. In the end if you reboot the phone when connected to the pc it will install the correct usb drivers. And from their it should automatically ask you to if you want a firmware upgrade. Disconnect the uab plug from the pc if you don’t get this prompt. Disconnecting it from the PC is better simply because if the USB plug wears out on the pc you can use another port on the machine. If you wear out the one on the phone ur screwed. And yes this can happen. As a final note it works no better on a new mac air I tried, u face the same problems. Is it worth all this hassle…I am still in debt, 40 pounds over weight and my tooth still hurts so I would say,,,, I forgot to take my meds today.

  • Alfred Lee

    Checked on Kies yesterday, May 4th, and got updated with ICS on Samsung Galaxy S2 on Virgin Mobile (Burnaby, BC). This is the last of the three android devices I own to get ICS update. ASUS Transforer I a couple of months earlier, and ACER A100 tablet last week.

  • Brian

    Still waiting for SGS2 HD LTE upgrade. Hopefully the post above is true and it will be pushed out on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

  • Andrew

    Hey guys,

    Do you know where Samsung will release the update for unlocked Galaxy 2s? I have a Samsung Galaxy II LTE phone purchased from Rogers which was unlocked and is being used on the bell network. When will I be able to upgrade to ICS?


  • James

    Nothing coming up in Kies for my standard Galaxy S II here in Victoria B.C. Anybody else in Victoria seeing anything?

  • James

    Apparently Bell didn’t give my phone a CSC, so I had to manually update the Gingerbread firmware before the ICS update would show up in Kies. Smooth move Bell…

  • Frank

    No update for me yet…..

  • Pierre

    I update successfully last nigth my Bell Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100M).It failed a couple of times and had not notice what the error had said. I ran the “troubleshoot connection error” under the tools menu and it updated the drivers. Then the update worked.

    All the apps/settings seem to have been kept, but the screens are all back to default.

    Like other’s have mentioned, I was surprise to see that the menu bar is like 2.3 and not like I had seen on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    There is very little change to 2.3 look and feel. Most obvious changes were the wrap around screens and the monitor data usage.

  • Gman

    Anyone else with an SGS2 not get the new ICS calender or camera?

    Seems to me this is a real bastardized version of ICS.

  • ScottPEI

    Just got the SGS2 HD last week with 2.3.6 out of the box. Kies tells me it is up-to-date – no ICS for me yet! (In PEI in case you haven’t guessed)

  • Thomas

    So, did anyone manage to get the OTA update from Virgin ?

    Haven’t seen anything yet, tried from KIES today as well and nothing either.

    Am I missing something ? 🙁

  • Doug

    Does anyone have a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Bell, I can’t update my firmware. I just get an error message that says kies was unable to connect to the server, check internet connection and try again. I’ve never been able to get kies to connect to the server.

  • ladyboy

    just updated my bell samsung galaxy s2 yesterday.. and its fukin shiitz! my keys messed up .. the z is now y and y is now z! camera not workin, bluetooth problem etc. this phone runs smoothly before the update. can anyone tell me how to go back to 2.3.4

  • johnny

    someone know how to get back to 2.3.4 ??? ics freeze and kill my battery like hell… ics use 58% of my consomation. amazing !! please help loll

  • Dave

    I installed the update (4.0.3) thru the Kies sw and now my battery life is half!!! I ran out of battery by 6PM yesterday and I am a moderate user. Before the upgrade I could go the entire day without running out.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • dollyrf

      Updated my phone with ICS yesterday and I regret it… it drains my battery super fast now. Left it fully charged overnight with only my wifi on, woke up to 50% charge only. 50% battery over 8 hours of standby is not good. I could last 2 days on standby before the upgrade. I googled the problem and it seems to be a common problem…if someone has a solution to this please let me know!

  • Ronald

    Everyone waiting for an update from their carrier….is it because none of you have it rooted for custom.roms? I bought bell sgs2 and had to root it for Rogers but used a custom rom since day 1

  • heinz

    Anyone on Bell get this update yet to galaxy s2 hd lte?

    • Brian

      I’m waiting for the S2 HD LTE as well. It’s so lacking that their top phone doesn’t have ICS. I guess they are waiting to push some more phones out the door before sending the upgrade OTA but it still sucks donkey ballz.

  • heinz


  • mike baron

    I am seriously annoyed! I updated to ics 4 and autorotate stopped workini also tried to update my wifes but it said gingerbread was the current firmware!? Its the same phone axactly bought at the same time! This seriously sucks im not happy

  • Sum

    I get my Galaxy S2 from bell and unlocked it using on Chat-r. If I upgrade to Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, is it a problem?

  • Still waiting for the update from Bell

    The above information provided is not correct no Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich available for the samsung galaxy 2 lte on Bell

  • Steve

    I have been trying to upgrade the os on my son’s Galaxy SII and have a ton of probs. Can anyone offer a solution or idea? I connect phone to laptop via usb that came with phone and Kies cannot connect, doesn’t recognize phone is connected. Have re-booted phone (and computer) about 100 time since last night still no luck. Tried the connection troubleshooting – no solution. I’m at a loss and would really appreciate some ideas. Thanks.