Update: Samsung Canada says upgrade to Android OS 4.0 “will be available today on select devices”


  • Preacher

    Great news, but no other news on Nexus owners? GNexus still on 4.0.1

    • Alex

      I have a Galaxy Nexus from Rogers that I flashed with Google’s stock yakju and now I have and enjoy the latest 4.0.4. As said on the forums it’s the carriers that are delaying these updates.

    • dubs

      I also flashed to yakju, it was surprising easy using the wugfresh toolkit.

  • Sanjay

    Thats awesome. too bad I have the International Galaxy Note. I want the S-pen App suite so bad lol

  • EveryonesOpinion

    So I guess that means another 3-10 month wait since I’m on Rogers, huh?

    • FadedSpark

      That’s rogers fault, not samsung. Bail if you’re unhappy.

  • Erix

    Does this include all carriers? Specifically the Rogers SII LTE.

    • Erix

      Nevermind, I should learn how to read.

    • EveryonesOpinion

      From my knowledge, Rogers is the only one that carries the S2 LTE so I would say yes (I have it too).

      The real question tho is how do we upgrade? It’s not like we have that “System Updates” button like everyone else does.

  • andy c

    ICS wrapped in touchwiz to make it look like GB.

    too bad it wont’ look like the screen shots above.

    9 devices listed and less then half of them have the same screen size


      better than to stock with a 3.5″
      Good job Samsung

      if I get the ics on the note this week! would be perfect

  • Alex


    Finally… it was just about time.
    I checked with Kies and Telus’s web page and no update comes down as of: 09:17 am MT.
    I will confirm here once I get it.

    All the best,

  • Jake

    Android… Yawn.

    • eric2045

      wow even Canada get 4.0 b4 us! F#*K the Samsung galaxy s2 always freezing and always running app in background.I can’t wait for my contract to be over so I can go back to IOS (iPhone) I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE ANYONE ADVICE AGAIN,I AM STICKING WITH MY IPHONE.Give me thumb down all you want I don’t care, because I had both and I know the difference and who’s the winner! IOS hand down…………..

  • TyroneLT

    Can anyone give me a link on how to upgrade to 4.0 on a Galaxy S2? I’m trying to help a friend who owns one out.

  • James

    it is an insult to original galaxy users which will not get 4.0.

    • Alex


      I also have the Galaxy Fascinate 3G+.
      That phone is already out of waranty, and probably yours also.
      I suggest that you follow upon the CM9 and install that.
      Google for these teams:
      – Team Hacksung
      – ICS Cosmic
      – MIUI

      Good luck!

    • Joe

      I also have the original galaxy and have had ICS on it for the past couple of months thanks to Cyanogenmod. Don’t waste your time waiting for carriers to provide it. I find it strange how the original galaxy isn’t going to get ICS based on the capability of the phone, yet mine is working great so far!

  • Yeria

    GTab 10.1… is that for Wi-fi only?

  • Cnote

    If I had to wait for Samsung and Rogers to get this done I would never see ICS for my phone. Luckily enough there are amazing devs out there and my phone is graced with CM9, and loving it.

  • Justin

    I curious to if we’ll see 4.0 rolled out to Wifi Tabs…
    And an update for my GNex to 4.0.4, I rather not flash yakju so I can get the Canadian specific Radios…

  • Billy

    As of 11:50 am EST, there is still no update for the Virgin Mobile SGS2… I am not getting my hopes up though..doubt it will be out any time soon..

  • joe

    Its an insult to the older uses that newer ones get upgrades long after they were promised?
    Not all devices get upgraded

    • Ryan

      I dunno – I vaguely recall much of the talk about the Captivate (when it first launched) being that it had the specs to run ICS just fine. The problem seems to be that Touchwiz brings it to its knees.

    • Ryan

      And yes, not all devices get upgraded. But Samsung has a history of only upgrading their latest and greatest devices. If your phone is a year old, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the latest Android upgrade. I imagine all these S2 and Note users are going to be singing the same song around this time next year.

  • Memischap

    Lol no galaxy ace ics update so much for telus wish for it to be the true awesome it the phone in the same league as the galaxy s 2

  • Greedy


    I’m thinking about going that route myself. Are there any notable drawbacks? Anything that doesn’t function properly?

    • Cnote

      Bluetooth doesn’t work. That is really the only draw back I’ve encountered so far.

  • Ross

    Look up Slim ICS. A fellow canadian, works great with Nova launcher, frequent updates (version 3.5 fixed a battery drain problem I had with version 3.4 which came out about 2 weeks earlier). Multiple devices are supported and runs like a charm with Nova Launcher.
    Basically, ICS how it should be done by Google, straight to your phone.
    The new version even includes OTA updates.

  • Zoomus

    I had enough of playing the waiting game, is it Samsung or is it the Carriers or is it Google responsible for releasing the updates ?, I changed it over to Yakju and been on 4.04 for a while . Now I run a true Google Galaxy Nexus.

  • Martin Picard

    As of noon today, Samsung KIES doesnt give me the update: Bell Galaxy S2

  • ArtZ

    All these devices but no GNexus update? … please…

  • Drew Freyling

    Nice one Ian. I like how you post AOSP pictures in a touchwiz related post! Looks better anyways!

  • Dalex

    I’ve had ICS on my SGS2 since February… With CM9 and 4.0.4, its running better than new…

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    I think that just means that Sumsung released the ICS update to some Canadian wireless carriers. Which means us end users will have to wait for our carriers to push the update. At least we’re past step 1 now.

  • Alex

    Carriers or Samsung monitoring these threads?

    Just to point out something funny here.
    Every negative comment about either Canadian Carriers or Samsung are voted “thumbs down” a lot.
    Are these guys monitoring these comments or what?

    Hey Canadian carriers and Samsung! This is a democratic system here! Cease what you do! The facts are that you both are frustrating lots of people with these policies delaying the updates or not providing them at all.

    If somneone wants to give a second change to a phone which still is good and installs the open source version of ICS why you would vote down such comments when even is not speaking about you (carriers or Samsung)?

    Not everyone has money to buy a phone every year.
    Be rather sympathetic to these people which are or may be your future customers.

    Pay respect to us please!

    • John Z

      You do realize that anyone can give a thumbs down to any comment right. Does not mean the people that give thumbs down Work with Samsung or Rogers.. just pointing it out because i guess you do not see it..

    • Mark

      I gave Alex’s post a thumbs down just to piss him off moreso!

    • Alex

      @John Z and @Mark,

      Hey guys, I got your point here.
      No upset on my part.

      Still, why so many ppl would vote negatively so many comments in fact stating the truth?
      Truth is ppl are frustrated with waiting a lot to get what they want as a software upgrade.
      Most of the ppl do not have the skill to re-flash their phones to the latest version of Android.
      So what’s the point of such negative voting?

      Just look at my thread I answer now: 25 thumbs down just like that. This behaviour reveals who they are such ppl, meaning (probably) they are some of the people from Canadian carriers or Samsung doing such things.
      Of course that doesn’t exclude that other ppl not affiliated with the above mentioned companies may vote negatively.

  • shaggyskunk

    It is great news, but even if rogers releases ICS today…. I’ll wait a few days. I’m pretty happy with the rom & customization on my SGH – I727R… Besides, I would rather let the bugs get sorted out…

  • DTECH-

    I gave him a thumbs up just to piss you off, I was going put moreso but its not a word….

    • Mark

      Cool story, bro.

  • iEtthy

    uhm. This is samsung releasing ics to carriers. we need to wait for the carrier bloatware and maybe by September we should be receiving it.


    • Techie

      Rogers already has a bad rap and it doesn’t do everything right & no company does, but it doesn’t need idoit’s like you making negative comments making it worse. Be part of the solution not the problem.

    • iEtthy


  • TyBec

    Wait, do I see the original galaxy tab 7 on that list? I’d so that’s crazy!

    • Matt

      That’s what I’m wondering too… I’ve got two and they still perform well, but 4.0 would be nice.

  • Jesse

    As of 12:40-EST, nothing yet on Kies

    Samsung Galaxy SII X – Telus

    I really wish there was a update option on the phone, but I guess I’ll have to deal with Kies

  • ASH

    my Galaxy Note can’t wait 🙂

  • Azzo

    Galaxy tab 10.1 Wifi Model too?

    • Eddy

      i got galaxy tab 10.1 wifi and there’s no ICS update when i check with system update.

  • Exodus

    This is not Samsung giving the update to the carriers as it was confirmed that they had already released it to the carriers. Once the providers add the bloatware and change the software to suit there network they then give there version to Samsung to push through Kies. Here is hoping they actually update all these devices today as its kind of weird all the different devices on the different characters would be updated on the same day unless Samsung Canada holds the updates until they receive them from all the providers.

    • Galaxyman

      Its not all of the devices today…
      Some will start today.. the rest.. “the upgrade will be available today on select devices in Canada and will continue rolling out to devices and carriers throughout the quarter.”

      Meaning possibly only one of those devices will receive an update today… and the rest will follow suit within this quarter of the fiscal year, most likely at different times.

  • shaggyskunk

    What’s with some people..? The article says that BOTH Samsung AND respective carriers will start to push out ICS, not Samsung ONLY to the carriers.

  • droidz79

    Just head over to XDA and do the work yourself it’s actually quite easy. I’ve been running ICS for just over a month without touchwiz and won’t go back to GB. There is too many positives to rooting like getting rid of carrier junk apps and being able to actually have control over you phone.

    Telus galaxy S2X

    • Jay84

      What did you end up doing to get ICS on that? I have wanted to put a custom rom on my S2X for a while now but I dont know where to start.

  • JHK

    Everyone hold your breathe because this just means that Samsung has released it to the carriers – they will take their sweet a*s time bloating the ICS with their bloatwares and graphics, THEN we will get it maybe around Christmas time.
    But here’s the good news (to the rooted users): CM9!

  • Amanda

    I’m pretty confident that I’m going to buy my next phone unlocked than deal with the carriers garbage. Carriers should just concern themselves with providing a reliable, fast, and low coast coverage and not with messing with phone firmware. I think it should be law that all phones sold by carriers should be unlocked.

    • CrazyHammer

      You do realize that even an unlocked phone is at the mercy of carriers. I bought an unlocked Galaxy S2 9100M (I think is model #) which is actually a Bell S2, just because it’s unlocked means nothing. I have it on Rogers network but I have to wait for Bell/Samsung to release ICS before I can install. Granted I can go the XDA way and install CM9 or something but see what I mean. Unless it’s some international version of a phone.

    • Andrew

      If you move to France that is the law.

  • TP


    – GALAXY Tab 7.0

    ??????????????? Galaxy Tab 7.0? Am I reading it right?

  • eric2045

    Wow even Canada get 4.0 b4 us! F#*K the Samsung galaxy s2 always freezing and always running app in background.I can’t wait for my contract to be over so I can go back to IOS (iPhone) I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE ANYONE ADVICE AGAIN,I AM STICKING WITH MY IPHONE.Give me thumb down all you want I don’t care, because I had both and I know the difference and who’s the winner! IOS hand down…………..

  • Jesse

    As of 2pm-EST, nothing yet on Kies

    Samsung Galaxy SII X – Telus

  • eric2045

    WOW even Canada get 4.0 b4 us! F#*K the Samsung galaxy s2 always freezing and always running app in background.I can’t wait for my contract to be over so I can go back to IOS (iPhone) I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE ANYONE ADVICE AGAIN,I AM STICKING WITH MY IPHONE.Give me thumb down all you want I don’t care, because I had both and I know the difference and who’s the winner! IOS hand down…………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • JHK

      You need to chill and root your phone and freeze those bloats with TitaniumBackup.
      And cut down on your candy too.

  • Jesse

    2pm EST, still nothing

    Samsung Galaxy SII X – Telus

  • jack

    we’ll be lucky to see this updates by christmas time. i mean i havent even seen 1 update yet on my galaxy nexus. the speed at which samsung canada/canadian cariers update their software sucks!

  • jack

    by the way: “For carrier specific details, please visit your nearest carrier retailer.”

    that is a load of crap, cause im willing to bet my life if you went to a telus/bell/rogers store, they wouldnt even know what you’re talking about.

    • JHK

      lol true
      I doubt they know the existence of this forum either.

  • jimmyj

    Telus Note… update available as of 2:38 EST time.

    • Matt

      I have a TELUS Note and still don’t see anything. Even hitting the update button is just saying “No Update Available”. Hopefully that changes soon enough.

  • cbtriplec


    I’d like to do the same but can’t seem to find my way past rooting the phone. How’d you get it done? any links/resourses you can give me?

  • Jesse

    I’m not too sure how Kies will work, does anyone know If I can just keep my phone plugged in and a window will pop up saying “Update” or do I have to keep unplugging and plugging back in so it will refresh?

  • Djami

    Hmmm… Wonder how this will affect my international Tab 7.7″ – absolutely the sexiest piece of electronics I’ve ever owned, and yet still unreleased in Canada!

  • Jeanseb

    Does it take kies or you Just go in.. Setting and about phone?

  • jomama

    Wondering how the update works as well, will kies just say update available? or do we have to turn on wi-fi? or does it have to plugged in via USB into a PC? Come on ICS…you are sooo close!

  • TK Chan

    just checked my bell galaxy note, no update either~

  • Michael

    Still nothing?

    • Ali

      Nah, still nothing with Bell GS2.

      Also to others that are asking, I think they’ll send it through kies since we don’t have an update button up here in the great white north

  • exodus

    No update for galaxy s2 lte Rogers as of yet. Anyone know if there is a solid rooted version of ics for the s2 lte rogers version? Last time i checked they didnt have one yet

    • Ali

      None that I know of, my friend has a GS2 LTE though, ill ask

  • Helpme

    What is the exact procedure for updating a SGS II.
    Myself and a bunch of people on here are curious. Thanks

  • Dipol

    Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE:
    Still Nada
    Come on Robbers…

  • imjohnh

    Like many other users, I’ve been running ICS on my Galaxy S since January, courtesy the good folks at CyanogenMod.

    For an OS still in “beta”, it is remarkably smooth and fast, not the stuttering lag-fest that was the Froyo release from Bell. (I switched to CM7 shortly after that cluster-eff of an update.)

    I understand people’s reluctance to get under the hood and tinker, but if that’s case, they shouldn’t be complaining about update timing at all. Be happy with the phone you got out of the box. Or get a new one.

    It is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to brick the SGS, unless there is a physical defect (i.e. the faulty SD card issue.)

    If you take some time to read up on the subject, you can root and update your phone your own damn self! Then you will never again have to worry about waiting for your carrier to supply you with an upgrade they MAKE NO MONEY providing.

  • BBMan

    How about Galaxy S Captivate(Vibrant0 ?

  • JLP

    Bell, please update the Remote PVR app to work with ICS at the same time.


    – All Bell TV customers

  • Quantos

    “The ICS update will be available this week and will continue rolling out to devices and carriers throughout the quarter.”

    So it goes from “selected list of devices today” to that?

  • goose

    It’s a start! But I’m looking forward more to the unskinned version being flashed onto my note eventually 😛

  • W. Ali

    No Update From Rogers. 5pm Est

  • mr_switzerland

    On the S2 typing *#*#2432546#*#* on your phone’s dial pad should check for an update. You’ll then see a notification at the top confirming a check-in. I’ve actually added the number to my contacts also. It would be nice if it was built into settings to check for an update though.

  • Ron

    To anyone claiming that it isn’t Samsung’s fault that updates take so long; you are wrong. It is absolutely their fault. They should operate more like Apple and tell the carriers who’s boss. Push out your own updates, don’t depend on the carriers for anything.

  • TK Chan

    Bell, please remove my Mobile TV, Remote PVR, Self seve, Sympatico.ca and Tunes&Apps in the same time, thank you!

  • RyanOver

    but there’s no GALAXY S II LTE HD availible in canada right now, (coming soon to Bell)I wonder if it will have FaceUnlock

  • Azzo

    Awwe. i got excited.. i’ve been mass clicking Software update for hours :{

  • arkemo


    What happens when the check-in succeeds? I’ve tried and it just says it succeeds and nothing happens.

  • Jason

    Agreed my check in succeeded now what

  • taz b


    Dial the above to check in (give it a minute) and then go to setting and about phone and update.

  • arkemo

    @taz b

    Except for the part where there is no “Update” option under “About Phone” on the Galaxy SII (Bell version)

  • JK

    The Bell S2 is a Kies device.

  • Hammad s2x

    Can’t wait hurry up ics

  • mike

    Anyone know if my Telus Note being rooted will affect getting the OTA updates?

    Like everyone here ive been hitting the software update button with no luck.

  • superfly

    101……. Yes

  • Jesso2k

    102…. And nobody has the update…

  • dagwood70

    Is anyone going to actually say they got it? Still anxiously waiting here for my Bell SGS2…

    • bendd

      Still waiting for it on my BELL GS2. Checked at 8pm (EST)

  • Aiden

    Just rooted my original galaxy S and got 4.0. i really don’t know why they couldnt release it on the Galaxy S it runs perfect and it’s 10x better than gingerbread.

    Oh well.

  • Fallen0ne

    You will likely see an updated Kies version before you get the update.

    • aka

      my Samsung kies app on my phone got updated like 3-4 times this past week. But there’s never any details on what the app update was for..but I think it’s to prepare for the ICS update.

  • Matt

    I hope you guys are going to post when the updates come.

  • Stupid

    ICS is worse than GB on too many counts.
    I tried eu 4.0.3 touchwiz and 4.0.4 CM9 neither have as good of a UI as GB touchwiz. There are no real technical advances either.
    It is newer though.

  • steve Abbott

    Guys, you will not see any updates before the third of may. Its a marketing ploy. During their conference on Thursday they want to be able to mention how well they support their devices with updates so the morning of Thursday you’ll see updates rolling out. Its disgusting how they lie to the public and can get away with this crap but ill just be glad my note sees ics.

  • iEtthy

    lmfao tards. You people never listen You have to wait a couple of months. Thanks to carriers.

  • TheFire

    Their press release says: “The availability and scheduling of the software upgrade and specific models upgradable to Android 4.0 will vary by market and wireless carriers’ requirements. For carrier specific details, please visit your nearest carrier retailer.”

    Sooo, I get the feeling it’s “You’ll get it..sometime. But we’re not taking any more blame for the delay.”

  • Darryl

    Still no ics update for galaxy tab 10.1 wifi 11:30 MST.

  • Soiku

    Even though I am sick of this waiting I still do. I don’t want to flash my phone because, yeah, the ICS is wicked sweet but I like my phone right now (Galaxy s2 LTE). It’s why I picked it out in the first place. I can’t wait to get the ICS because I have a technology addicted (addicted to the biggest and latest hardware, firmware, etc) but I still love my phone with gingerbread firmware. :3

    Hopefully, they release the date for the updates soon. :3

  • HotDoggable

    on Rogers? you will be last. I’m on Rogers and was the last person on earth to get ICS on my Samsung nexus S. I’m always last on Rogers . never again.

  • joseph Niagara

    Last week I received from Rogers under their warranty replacement program, a Nexus S. It was still gingerbread and I couldn’t use marketplace. Called tech, showed me how to reset the phone. And immediately after restarting they pushed the update to 4.0.4. Runs like a dream! Great battery life and responsive. Using Google Drive to send over my music and pdf files. Advice; call tech and get the update pushed to your phone. As per said by the Tech Department of Rogers.

  • Stephen

    It seems sketchy to me that Kies still doesn’t even support the Galaxy Note, making me weary of a software update!

  • Jeanseb

    Kies does not support galaxy note fromage Rogers

  • Dap84

    I received my update about a week ago. I’m assuming its because its an unlocked version i purchased from one of the countries who received it first. Either way its crap.. It looks nothing like the nexus, touchwiz covers up pretty much everything. On the task manager im showing about 10-15% more ram useage and the phone has become very laggy and freezy at times…especially when texting. I love Samsung to death but this update is nothing to be proud about. Don’t be in a rush folks.

  • Mykyta sen

    Hello just to know i have the new samsung galaxy lte with rogers the one with 4 touch button, will the update work on it ?

  • joe

    The reason samsung will not update is because they will only do stable versions. CM9, even stable versions, do still have bugs. Samsung makes sure it will work 100% not 95%. Plus they still need room for bloat apps and softwear. CM9 can cut down the amount of code required for minimalist effects on the devices

  • Michael

    There are some reasons that carriers take their time in rolling out new OS for any device.

    If you can imagine At&t, big red & all the other carries that have call centres buzzing away with projected call volumes.

    Along comes a new OS for x amount of users. If even 5% of those have issues, they will first turn to the carrier to resolve. Its this problem that causes all the carriers to make sure that testing is done prior to roll out.

    Yes there is always the “bloatware” that people scream about but the impact to the call centres is the biggest driver to passing a new OS.

  • Jay

    Does anyone know if you rooted your phone then after unrooted it, will you still receive OTA updates??
    And let’s not forget Kies updated?


  • 808

    Hmmmm, Kies won’t play with my phone, a i717 originally with Telus but unlocked so I can use my Spanish sim when there, can someone suggest how I update please?

  • galaxy234

    Galaxy S2 on Bell…still no update available

  • K-Man

    Don’t get your hopes up. Rogers can’t even give an ETA:

    “Thank you for your email. THe device update must first be tested on the
    Rogers branded phones before it’s release to Rogers cusomters. We are
    not able to currently provide any estimated date when this will be done.

    Business Technical Support Center
    National Technical Service Delivery
    Rogers Telecom

  • art

    No point contacting Robbers…I mean Rogers. They are all trained to say the same thing about updates. They don’t know, blah blah blah. JUST RELEASE THE DAMN THING!!!! I don’t want Mcleans magazine, UR music or any of their other crap they are planning on installing.

  • Esquared

    Everyone’s talking about cariers, what about Wi-Fi only tablets, I have a Galaxy 7 Plus, I wonder what the status is on mine?

  • borghead

    Woooohoooo. Bell just released the upgrade for the Galaxy S II. Unfortunately, mine is with Telus, so I hve a while to go.

    • ricky

      can anyone confirm this? just connected to kies and it said my firmware was up-to-date with no option to upgrade

  • EveryonesOpinion

    Still waiting …

  • asdf

    still waiting


    I just got the GALAXY NOTE from Bell & was told that I would be able to update it to ICS as soon as I got it. Well obviously this info was wrong so I was kinda pissed. I contacted Bell Tech support and they told me that the ICS update for the GALAXY NOTE will be available by months end, so by the end of JUNE. I probably should have just waited for the GALAXY S3 to be released on the 20th but I’m loving the size of the screen on the GALAXY NOTE and I think I will probably miss it if I bring it back and exchange for the GALAXY S3 which has a noticeably smaller screen. Errrrrr what to do, what to do????????? – KID ANDROID.

  • lteftw

    I have a samsung galaxy s2 lte for rogers. there is no update yet…i checked kies and everything

  • Blupheonix

    I’m really starting to wonder why I bought a Nexus phone…

    Seems like it was a stupid purchase now…

    Bell Canada will not update the phone…

  • Rob

    I am in Canada and just bought a bell samsung s2 hd lte phone with Android 2.3. It is August 21, 2012 and there is no update available for my phone.
    All I see is this news of coming soon but I guess there still is no update. I checked on KIES.