WIND officially says the Nokia Lumia 710 is “Coming Soon”


  • Arty

    The peace of mind that comes from never again looking at the clock while using the phone, and knowing exactly what your bill will be at the end of the month.


  • Sean

    The 710 should be incredible for Wind. It is a powerful device with a great price, as long as Wind prices it like Rogers does (never thought i’d say that) it should be one of their top selling phones

  • deltatux

    I was just looking at that page on, and why did they use a picture of Intel Core 2 Duo to depict a CPU? That’s misleading people to think that there’s an Intel Core 2 Duo in those phones O.o.

    As for the Nokia itself, I really don’t like the design of the Lumia 710, it looks odd to me. The HTC Radar 4G’s design is better.

    As for the OS itself, I’m sticking sticking to Android, I really don’t like the Metro UI’s tile interface.

    • hoo dat

      Let me guess, this phone’s not “Mobilicity” enough for you.

  • Marcus

    I went to Rogers Store today, and asked to buy 710 outright, and they said they are not allowed to sell it outright. Probably because of all the people buying and then using it on Wind? Can someone else check if they can buy it?

    • Eric V.

      Any time a dealer tells you they are not “allowed” to sell a phone outright, it is the dealer hoarding phones. They get an incentive for new activations, and many places have activation quotas. Selling the phone to you outright does not get them an activation and hence, a phone is “lost” that could be used to secure a contract for them.

      It’s the oldest trick in the book, and dealers are more well known for it than corporate stores. You might find better luck at a corporate store, but that’s not guaranteed.

    • AWSguy

      Buy it with a prepaid “Activation”

    • SoulReaper

      I checked last Sunday in QC and the 710 was available out of contract. I grabbed a Lumia 900 outright.

    • Yiggy

      I went into a Rogers store in Vancouver about 3 weeks ago and inquired about the Lumia 710. The price was $249 outright, had three in stock, and were willing to sell it to me (without a contract or new account).

      Roger’s website states $229.99 month to month.

    • damon

      Some do but most don’t. I just bought from craiglist. You can get unused for $200 from ppl who got it in contract renewal but don’t want the phone. Unsubsidized price is probably 370, so no reason for dealers to sell the phone at 230-250 if u don’t sign up for at least monthly plan.

    • Photomike

      all rogers stores will tell you that they are not aloud to sell it out right. but if you go to a wireless wave or a t-booth they will sell it to you no problem.

  • Radar

    I think Wind is doing a really good job on the phone selection. They always had perfect plans, but now you can get both plans and phones.

  • Alex Perrier

    Woo hoo!

    i am an early adopter with the HTC Radar. i expect this Nokia Lumia 710 to cost less because it is plastic. Looking forward to an affordable yet powerful Windows Phone to recommend! 🙂

  • Michael

    You’re welcome, Mobilesyrup!
    I’m so glad I could fill my life with excessive WIND ad clicking and get something out of it! 😛

  • unlockedcdn

    I don’t see the phone on their website.

    • barry

      unlockedcdn, click the link in the OP.

  • Jam-ehz

    I have had the Lumia 710 for a couple of months now on Wind, and it’s been great, both as a Windows Phone, as well as a Wind handset. I actually like the shape and size, it’s very easy to hold. It may be inexpensive, but it certainly doesn’t feel cheap to me.

    I waited for the Radar to appear for Wind, but for $400 I couldn’t justify it over simply buying the Lumia outright for $235 from someone on Kijiji and unlocking it. In addition, I had a fallback to (ugh..) Rogers if Wind’s service fell below expectations. Fortunately, it hasn’t come to that, and I’m a happy camper.

    I see this phone as a transition to Apollo down the road, when the future phone specs will actually be worthy of paying Lumia 800 and 900-levels.

  • T1MB0T

    Is the networking coming too? Because there is a post on the wind forums a small company returned 19 phones and got a full refund or they would sue. Wind is on the ropes!

    I am sure the whole flag waving bunch are upset tony is leaving.. fired they say.

  • Slype

    Nice – great to see Wind’s phone offering all beefed up. As much as I dislike Apple products, if the iPhone 5 (I suspect it shall be renamed to “iPhone” like what they’ve been doing with their other products) supports AWS, then Rogers/Bell/Telus are going to be in a lot of trouble and I think they know that.

  • Atrix Luvr

    1. Wind needs to match Rogers price. $229.
    2. Wind might as well stop selling the Radar. The 710 is way more awesome.

  • TouchMyBox

    Less windows phones nobody will buy, more HTC One S.

  • Studystand

    This also means Micro Sim’s are coming soon!

  • Big 3

    Funny that the new Nokia 710 will be for $230. Yet Samsung Galaxy S 4G is $400 which is a 2-year old phone….wierd…
    Anyhow….Wind still does have great pricing on new devices

  • Tek2012

    None of the new entrants come close to Wind Mobile who will all probably be sold in due time,the Nokia 710 will be great for Globealive’s network/plans and for the money you can’t beat it. Runs smooth and great for people who actually want to use their phone with guaranteed up-dates. Let’s hope the price is reasonable.

  • Rich

    Come onnnnnnn white version!

  • Munir

    Its gonna be 350$. Wind handset pricing is not the best now a days.

  • JustAnotherDan

    This announcement SHOULD have been for the 800 or the 900. The 710 is just too “cheap” in build quality. The 900 is gorgeous.

  • superfly

    @ arty….. Until you leave the city and pay big cash per minute to make local calls. Bazinga! Windsmells like sh$t

    • Big Ang

      @ superfly

      What have you been smoking? Back when I was with Fido and used my phone when out of town, like at a cottage or on a trip, I was paying $.40 per minute long distance IN ADDITION to using the minutes on my plan (for any calls received plus any calls I made to my friend’s phone or back home). With Wind (and now Mobilicity) when I go to the same cottage it costs me $.20 per minute. In other words, I’m using the SAME NETWORK as my friends on Rogers and Fido, but it’s costing me HALF THE PRICE!

  • Terry

    Cool. I’m personally waiting (hoping really) for a BB10 Torch on Wind, but the more devices (and OS) is always good.

  • Aman Singh

    Just finished three horrible months with Mobilicity and I can finally go to Wind Mobile with a phone I actually want. Great news and hope soon is soon.

  • stylinred

    if wind wanted a budget Lumia that sets them apart they should have gotten the Lumia 610 NFC its sleek; looks like it should be the 710 instead of the 710 😉 and its got NFC

  • chuck

    Rumor has it that the Nokia Lumia 900 is coming to T-Mobile in the summer. I’m hoping that means Wind Mobile too. It’s great to see Wind getting another Windows Phone with the 710 though.

  • 5Gs

    after 2 years + and counting.. I still thank you WIND with big smile on my face… Freedom of speech = freedom to talk 24/7 for free 😉

  • Walter Payne

    Its not free 5Gs, but I get what your saying.

  • Gary Pruter

    I have to admit 5Gs you are right, Wind Mobile is the only new provider that actually allows free speech not hiding from criticism, so different from Mobilicity for example who are afraid of any negative comments against them and what you expect from a failing company. Go on and you’ll know what I mean, Fanboys putting down Wind members with lies and so desparate they now took over the whole site. I know these new phones will help Wind succeed and having Windows phones also will provide the options we need. If you consider that roaming rates on Wind are half the cost of what it would be using Rogers the same network you’re connected to you’re right again and this is the advantage. Support Wind and the hell with the others.

    • Harvey

      y u mad, LA?

  • Atrix Luvr

    @Big Ang But Wind data is extremely expensive when roaming. This is the big advantage of Robellus and the reason I can’t switch to wind.

  • aregularonhofo

    why is it that everyone who dislikes mobilicity is automatically la, bluenote73, xtachx and a few other trolls are destroying hofo and every other site they go on. i hope these losers don’t destroy mobilesyrup too and hopefully the new account system will work. i guess no one noticed that la hated wind with a vengance and rockjock his buddy never really achknowledged the new posters who were accused of being la was really him. i support wind and these trolls are continously lying about tony and forgetting who got fired. no wonder many people have left hofo and also switching to wind.

  • aregularonhofo

    i guess no one bothered to realize la hated wind with a passion and he was buddies with rockjock who never achnowledged la came back to hofo, seems everyone who complains about mobilicity these days is la and it always starts with the mobilicity trolls bluenote73 and xtachx. they are destroying hofo and wind member should be aware of this.

  • aregularonhofo

    copy cat

  • aregularonhofo

    i would also like to add that wind is the best company in the world, and i am saying this in all seriousness. i have been with them for well over 4 days, and have had amazing service on my panache.

    i know la personally, and he despises mobilcity, mostly because dave never gave him the panache, after la have been asking for it repeatedly week after week after week. because of this la was reminded how much of a nobody he was, and decided that holding a grudge forever is the best way to go.

    i don’t like dave much myself, but i have to agree that not giving la that panache was the correct thing to do, no matter how much he begged for it.

  • aregularonhofo

    here comes the mobilicity fanboys from hofo, unfortunately you know little about la and all you trolls are liars just like dave the god you still worship who was fired. there was no demand ever made for a panache by la and dave wasn’t even man enough to speak the truth running away scared. never proven and what he basically stood for. when someone will damage your reputation or that of one of you’re relatives let’s see if you stand up for what is right and judging by your comments i doubt very much if you have the iq for this. dave knows the truth and it will haunt him.

    • hoo dat

      “The Night Cobra is Watching”


  • Nemet

    Had this phone been available when I signed up with Wind, I’d have gotten it instead of my Optimus 2x.

  • aregularonhofo

    you guys can keep posting @#$% beacuse i’m neither of the people you indicate, you’d also be quite surprised who i really am on hofo and have been there for years. i do know one thing. la pegged both bluenote73 (cory n) and xtachx perfectly, they are complete losers and why they wanted to get la banned; they were actually afraid of la and the truth. their only purpose on hofo is to stifle discusions and hide legit complaints. they even made xtachx a mobilicity mod and i wonder why they picked someone so bias against wind also? xtachx is now going after sharpiefiend in the same way he went after la and if rumors are correct he’s one of the next guys xtachx wants banned. la never lied and possibly why these fools hated him so much. hofo is a pretty sad place to be these days and it’s run by trolls.

  • Dap84

    Are you kidding me? This is the top featured article on mobilesyrup? a s**t new phone on a s**t provider? right on!

  • goose

    will this be available on wind?

    always wanted to say that.