WIND Mobile to release the Nokia Lumia 710, Samsung Gravity Touch 2, and Huawei Astro


  • Alex Perrier


    • Alex Perrier

      This is just awesome news! Tons of decent handsets:
      * budget Huawei Astro, cheap way to own a first smartphone.
      * Samsung Gravity Touch 2, made popular by T-Mobile, will give you a decent LG Rumour-like alternative to BlackBerry!
      * Nokia Lumia 710, the well-coveted device by AWS fans, will be WIND’s second phone and adds microSIM support to WIND; expect it to be cheaper than the HTC Radar so that it can compete.

      WIND is delivering right now. They have released four new devices this year, not including the white Curve 9360, and will now release a second Windows Phone and two exclusive Androids. i’d like to see Mobilicity and Public do the same, but Mobi has only released the Galaxy Nexus this year, and Public is awfully silent.

      So GO WIND! If their current selection interests you, consider their port-in credit before it expires on April’s Fools.

  • JadonFresh

    def switching to Wind now

  • Joe

    What’s the Lumina MobileSyrup? 😛

  • fanel

    Curious to see if Wind will undercut Rogers’ $255 price on the Lumia 710. Anything more than matching Rogers’ price will be fail.

    • Alex Perrier

      Not exactly. $300 (for example) will be a decent price for those who don’t mind plastic over the HTC Radar’s metal design. Neither phone should cost too much, but the Lumia 710 will almost certainly be free on a $40/month WINDtab. imho it shouldn’t cost more than $300 outright.

      People will get a better deal per month with WIND than with Rogers or its brands, though, so i wouldn’t mind paying WIND a little more than Rogers for the same phone outright. Plus, WIND offers free unlocking after three months of service, whereas Rogers charges a $50 fee for this no matter how long you stay with them.

  • Sean

    I keep seeing “Wind expanding network” or “Wind getting these phones” yet I never see Mobilicity expanding or getting new devices, really hope to see windicity become a reality.

    Also great to see these devices coming to Wind. The Lumia should be about $250 (same as rogers) and these androids do a good job of filling in the lower end devices

    • Alex Perrier

      This and the lack of device subsidy discourages me from considering Mobilicity. They think everywhen should be on the $40/month plan, whereas WIND offers better options for those who want to spend less. Mobilicity charges premium prices for a lacking phone selection and a smaller network than WIND.

      i would like to see Mobilicity permanently lower its monthly prices, due to no subsidy and a smaller network. Otherwise, they don’t really stand a chance against WIND.

    • deltatux

      How does WIND offer more options for those who want to pay less? They only have a $25 and $40 plan. They actually silently jacked up their prices as you’re paying about the same for less.

      Mobilicity at least would have their $25/$40 promotions return once in a while. The $40 plan actually includes basically everything anyone would ask for. Unlimited North American calling, unlimited global texting, unlimited data, voicemail, MMS, calling features (3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding), caller ID and Blackberry Internet Service included for those with Blackberry.

      WIND only offers unlimited Canadian calling, unlimited data, unlimited Canadian texting, calling features (3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding) and caller ID and that’s about it. Like seriously, if WIND wanted to give value to its users, then they should have at least included voicemail. Hell, they even jacked up their voicemail price from $5/month to $8/month.

      If Mobilicity would have signal at my new place (I’m just right outside of Mobilicity’s northern border in Toronto), I would move back from WIND. Seriously, WIND is getting more expensive as the years go on. Sure, they’re popping in more zones which is fantastic, but I still find that WIND’s offers are getting worse than they started out with. Also I’ve noticed that WIND is happier in popping new zones than expanding their current ones. There are places now I go to that are just out of reach from WIND’s Toronto zone in the GTA which used to have coverage with Mobilicity. WIND has been saying that they’ll expand in those areas of the GTA for almost a year and a half now and yet Toronto’s coverage area hasn’t really expanded at all.

  • skwarek

    Man, I just got myself unlocked Lumia 710 today. Should have waited a day 😛

  • fanel

    If the Wind 710 will cost more than the Rogers 710, why not just buy the Rogers one and move to Wind, unless it’s super cheap on the WindTab. We already saw that the Rogers 710 works on the Wind network.

  • blackkey

    If we’re lucky, this is one step closer to that day when one carrier wil go balls in and offer a new phone on a 2yr contract.

  • gsm

    this means micro sims are coming to Wind Mobile…

    • briggs

      That, is a very acute observation. I did not think of that.

  • Ron Mexico

    Any bets they sell for more than Rogers does?

  • dj

    come on mobilicity…at least bring lumia

  • Michael

    @gsm, the new photo of their SIMs have been up their website for a little over a week now.

  • gwydionjhr

    Any bets on whether Wind will bring another/multiple colours of the 710 to the Canadian market?!

    Fido better giddyup and get some WPs!

  • StEC

    This is great news but I was really hoping and I’m still holding out hope that Wind gets a new Sony phone!

  • dizzle

    alex perrier you are soo annoying, maybe you shouldnt bash on mobilicity,or public mobile. and bash on the big 3,

    reality check folks, you do not want just one entry level in the competition you want a couple so they keep their standards up and prices competitive low therefore WE have more options.

    and alex just shut up please, just shut up.

    • Alex Perrier

      dizzle, NO, i am NOT “bashing” Mobilicity or Public Mobile. From what i understand, neither are really “competitive”. The Mobilicity 50% off promo in Q4 2011 was great, and it made sense, but bringing back the old pricing afterwards didn’t. Please read below to see that i tried BOTH WIND and Mobilicity. (No Public available.)

      This is a comments section, so as long as people are polite and respectful, they should be entitled to post. i have no problems with people being on the Mobilicity or Public side of the debate. It’s just that i disagree with these companies’ unjustified price increases, small networks, and other corporate practices.

      Feel free to go with these smaller carriers if they suit your needs. They didn’t for me. i am willing to listen to people who have honest opinions, even if they prefer Mobilicity or Public over WIND.

    • dizzle

      This is a comments section,

      maybe you should follow your advise mr Alex Perrier, this is not an advertisement board or a place to cheer lead. the hypocrisy you serve is beautiful but unconvincing.

      an Egyptian investor one of the richest people in the world has invested in wind for canada, hence you see the growth so big and wide spread

      while others will have to work on their own.

      secondly this is a place for consumers, im ver sure there is website for wind with a blogging section to advertise. you sir are trying to influence our decisions according to what has suited best your needs. not everybody is you and you are not us. you are looking out for what is good for you, AND YOUR MOST LIKELY AN EMPLOYEE FOR WIND. this much detail would only be known by any employee of wind.

      i say this ladies and gentle man cause i am an employee of wind as well.

      so back off and let the people decide stop being a control freak and trying to tell us what to do or not. we can think, we dont need people to tell us what is good or bad.

      you sound like a rogers, telus, bell freak who force people into signing up their services cause they have no choice, there is always a choice.

      ladies and gentlemen to counter mr Alex Perrier hypcrisy wind has no service in 49 guilder, located in scarborough at major intersection of midland and eglington, and most houses located along the lake on kingston rd. so shut it mr perrier with your false accusations and lies.

      if you want to help wind tell them to strengthen their network instead of expanding. ( i was on wind for 2 yrs myself)

  • AllanVS

    To those bashing Mobilicity, let me point out, that in the FIRST 2 YEARS, Wind had the SAME phones. Mobilicty changed their ENTIRE lineup 2.5 times, before Wind made any major changes.
    Now, both companies have their ups and downs, and neither is better or worse then the other.

    • Alex Perrier

      Look at the coverage map and prices, and then let me know.

      i would honestly go back to Mobilicity if their pricing made sense and their network improved. i had two lines: one with $30/month unlimited everything plan for a year, and another with two months of free talk, text and voicemail. Both lines worked fine for what Mobilicity is, but the current regular price is in NO WAY justified.

      Mobilicity boasted about “the most new Q4 2011 customers”, thanks to a 50% off plans promotion during that time. Prices were so low, but they made sense for Mobilicity. Buy your phone outright, pay less for unlimited service. What they should have done is find some middle ground pricing between their old prices and promo prices. Instead, they charge the same rates and think it’s a good deal.

      The regular $35 and $45 plans don’t make sense. Why not just choose the constantly recurrent $40 plan? It just makes Mobilicity look so confusing, with many bad value plans compared to their other plans.

      So i tried out both companies and prefer WIND. If anyone preferred Mobilicity or Public Mobile, i’d gladly listen to their arguments if they were valid and made sense. Public only makes sense in Montreal, or (if by any chance) it has better signal in Toronto.

  • Jesse

    Now all of the people whining about the 710 not being supported on their joke for a network can be quiet now. When more than just metro areas get Wind/Mobi then maybe I’ll stop ripping on them but a rather large majority of us still live in smaller cities so it doesn’t affect us…

  • Anonymous

    would this phone work on the bell (virgin) network if I unlocked it?

    • Alex Perrier

      The Galaxy Nexus, yes. (pentaband)
      The Nokia Lumia 710, probably. (should be pentaband)
      The others, i’m not sure. (look for 3G HSPA at 850/1900 MHz)

  • hoo dat

    Give it a rest, Rocco.

  • Fan of AWS

    Still waiting Mobilicity…for you to lower your prices to what you actually are…an entrant that hasn’t done any network improvements and expansion in two years, and tell new subscribers that unlimited internet really means really, really, really slow internet…it’s still unlimited, it’ll just take you long!

    Way to go WIND!

  • Alpha

    Wind needs to bring at least 1 $100 phone with a real, physical dial pad. Not everyone needs the latest and greatest. Some senior customers still want a cheap, basic phone that they can use without fancy unlock screens, morphing keyboards, etc.

    Don’t forget about your luddite senior customers!

    • Alex Perrier

      Basic phones already available for AWS:
      * Huawei U1250 (small buttons, not recommended unless under $20)
      * Huawei U2801 (decent buttons, decent price)
      * LG dLite (feature phones from LG are okay, but the buttons on this are wide yet short)
      * Samsung C414 (don’t see a problem here)
      * Sony Ericsson TM506 (already unlocked and still available at some Zellers; personally recommend you use up the free Mobilicity months included, then use with WIND if they offer a better deal)

      i suggest you try out demo models of the U2801, C414 and (if you can still find it) TM506. They usually have a short trial period, which lets you return the phone if coverage is weak.

  • tauseef

    so far in my opinion wind is doing an excelent job
    mobilicity gave me a sim card but i wasnt able to make a single phone call so returned it.

    handset wise mobilicity is ahead in the game but for very long term sustainability you need to work on your network rest fancy handsets can be brought in any time.

    for me network is more important than a shiny fancy handset.

  • Jeffery Keel

    MobileSyrup was a better place before Alex Perrier. Shut up Alex Perrier. #%^+ing know it all.

  • Walter Payne

    Personally I think Wind has a solid network and phone selection. I also think that Winds strategy of staring in larger markets and then branching out is smart. I live in the Edmonton area and Winds foot print is twice that of Mobilicity with fewer dead zones. Personally I don’t give a damn who owns Wind aslong as they honor my Holiday Miracle Plan.

    As far as this phone goes, its meh. Sure its a Nokia WP7 but its not the 900 or one of the higher end Windows phones.