Rogers & Fido Motorola RAZR getting OTA software update to Android 2.3.6

We’ve been getting reports that Rogers and Fido Motorola RAZR customers are getting an OTA update to version 651.167.3331, bringing the device from Android 2.3.5 to 2.3.6.

At first glance it looks like this is mainly a bug fix update, bringing much-needed performance improvements to the home screen. And despite the modest changelog including camera, stability and performance upgrades, there are improvements to text clarity, a few new icons and less noticeable lag overall.

The bump up to Android 2.3.6 means that a few improvements were made to the underlying Gingerbread framework. This is unfortunately not the Ice Cream Sandwich release many users were hoping for (that’s coming in Q2) but this release should go a long way to smoothing over customers’ issues with the software. Note that the update seems to be failing if you have modified the stock firmware in any way, either by removing system apps or bloatware. Being rooted will not affect your ability to upgrade.

Have you received this update? What is your experieince with it so far?

Check the break for full release notes.

– New Smart Action triggers and actions
– Auto upload in My Gallery
– Camera performance improvements
– Battery life improvements
– Stability improvements on the platform and across all applications
– Wi-Fi performance and stability
– General improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity
– Security enhancements in the Google Android release
– MotoCast performance improvements
– Localization improvements
– User interface enhancements
– New options to automatically upload pictures and videos from your RAZR to your PC and to automatically synchronize content between the two devices

Via: Motorola
(Thanks Watson!)

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