Rogers & Fido Motorola RAZR getting OTA software update to Android 2.3.6


  • InfinitiGuy

    Where is ICS?

  • ELNY

    Yea so about that “The RAZR will be getting ICS early in 2012” update….

  • Non


  • JB

    While it is no ICS update, all those changes are welcome updates, so I’ll take what I can get.

    Seriously though, ICS. Now.

  • adrian

    Whoah wait, q3 of 2012?? I swear it was q2!?

    • Jadis

      Q2 is for Verizon.
      Version(and all other country except Canada) already had many OTA updates.
      I almost can imagine how Rogers lag after Verison’s ICS.

  • that guy

    If you would read ics is coming Q2

  • JB

    Wow, this actually really improved Camera performance, especially low light/I drank too much coffee. Auto-focus is much improved.

    Added a big fat “ROGERS” on the notification bar (or was that there? I don’t remember now…)

    Pretty noticeable upgrade for a sub-version, it feels like a lot of work was done on the “Not-Blur” skin to make it run more smoothly.

  • Simon

    Added a ROGER on the notification bar….

  • Watsan

    Great point JB, I hadnt used the camera yet after update, nice subtle improvements. I’m happy with it so far, hoping to see some better battery efficiency over the next while. The Rogers easing was always there, but the update seems to have upped the size on almost all text. On the plus side, reading text on sites is definitely a little more manageable!

    Might not be ICS, but hey it’s a welcome polish to what’s already there.

  • Therm0

    I am with the others. Camera is nice improvement (quite a bit quicker), some new smart actions are nice (the concept in general, I loved from the get go, now we have more triggers and actions). It feels snappier than it already did, and apparently there are improvements to Motocast and some other stuff. Running on Telus (I left the bloatware on) I had no problems retrieving the update either and everything is running nicely. I did lose root though, but I just rooted my wife’s XT860 and I imagine the same hack will work on this phone.

  • johnX

    i am on Virgin, no problems getting the update. Defrosted the Rogers Bloats to install.

  • Beebs

    Fido & Google, consider this a serious integrity fail.

    If you find you cannot deliver on a promise, have the stones to say so. Don’t just deftly toss us a bone and expect us to be happy with it.

    Also, REALLY upset that Fido Visual Voicemail (in my opinion a CORE feature) is only available for Samsung Galaxy Q (on Froyo). WTF?? You had better have both ICS and Visual Voicemail on my phone by the end of June or I am going back to iPhone.

    Seriously. Get on it.

    • joasgjjdasgklj

      eat a c**t

    • WW

      Hey Beebs fyi visual voicemail + is available on any Android phone, just call in Fido and get the $11 value pack with Visual voicemail +, then u just have to download the app for android and voilà visual voicemail. Next time would be nice if you checked with Fido before ranting. 🙂

  • bill

    the update is great. the phone is quicker and the redesigned icons are cool. the camera is now useable and I like the little beep when phone is focussed. great job Motorola… now get ice cream sandwich on it soon and you will many happy owners.

  • Domingo

    2.3.6? Jeeez.

  • Sub-Joker

    knowing that I just bought a RAZR (I wanna try it to see how it stacks against the GSII LTE and the G-NEX), I was all hyped when I read about the update…. then I kept reading and got a tad disappointed that it’s only to 2.3.6

    I still would stick with the GSII LTE as I alraedy bought 2 replaceable batteries and it has LTE on it. But I’m still waiting for some ice-cream treats on the GSII and RAZR….. and maybe the note which i’m finding pretty interesting now!!! maybe my next phone tryout would be a G-Note….

    and if you’re wondering… yes, I switch phone every now and then coz I get bored with what I have, so I switch to another for a month or two and then stick to whichever I love better… it’s an endless cycle coz the industry keeps on releasing new products but I enjoy it 😀

    • Mkarpoff

      The also allowed you to remove those annoying default bookmarks in the browser that were locked previously.

  • anon

    This update also fixes a major issue with Rogers Anywhere TV, which wasn’t working on the previous firmware.

  • David Stennett-campbell

    What a significant battery improvement, its like having a completely different battery. Although this is not ICS its still a much needed update

  • Brandon

    Well, theyre faster than Samsung. I’ll give em that…even though theyre owned by Google.

  • Ken

    GPS is working much better on my RAZR since I installed this update. It’s faster and more accurate.

    Lots of nice improvements, making the overall experience smoother.

  • Kallen

    smart actions is constantly showing up in the drag down bar once the phone locks (right next to the new ROGERS logo at the top left corner). It goes away on its own once i unlock it, but I’ve seen the suggestions it originally provided and now it just shows up for seemingly no reason-even after shutting the phone down.

    i also notice small changes to the camera. it is much better but still not as good as samsung as far as i’m concerned. and now there is a “camcorder” and a “camera” shortcut. seems redundant to me because once you open the camera you can switch it to video camera from there.

    the battery is much improved and that is the biggest thing for me. I notice a HUGE difference.

    apparently the font is bigger but I don’t notice.

    ..and the subtle changes to the layout are nice but I’m not a fan of motorola’s overall layout so I use qqlauncher instead. They still need to find a better way to add shortcuts to your home screen, and the ability to delete pages that are blank would be nice too because I don’t use all 6.

    Oh and Google Maps connects WAAAY faster as well.

  • Warskull

    I have not been able to get this update to 2.36, I am on Rogers could someone give me some instructions

    • Brandon

      Make sure that you don’t have bloat frozen!

    • Dez

      Hey Warskull,

      I found a couple of things to try out while searching for the exact problem you had:

      1. go to settings->data manager->social applications. If “Sync over wifi only” is selected, you apparently can only check for the updates over wifi

      2. the other thing was to type in #35468# in the dial pad and when the message comes up, hit ok, and press the volume down button + power to reset…wait a few minutes, and boot

      I tried both items, and don’t know which one actually worked but it took a looooong time to search for and download the update (over 2 hours)

      Hope this helps!