Motorola moving to Snapdragon S4 chips for their 2012 line?


  • bob

    The snapdragon S4 is a great chip and is available now.
    TI better act quickly.

  • MrToronto1

    Good time to buy Qualcomm shares.

  • Watsan

    With the rise in LTE devices, it’s nice to see chipsets with a more power efficient design. Having a razr with an average battery life, I can only imagine what LTE would be like on it. I look forward to having a next gen phone that doesn’t leave me worried whenever I’ve left the house for periods at a time without my charger.

    Powerhouse chipsets with respectable battery consumption- so much win!

  • Dalex

    Droid RAZR MAXX battery + HD screen + LTE + S4 chip that has LTE on the SOC?

    Sounds like a win to me…

    • Joy

      Yeah and they would lock the bootloader and ruin everything . Look at xoom , Defy , Milestone official forums . They completely left the consumers unheard of the fact that they need unlocked bootloaders .

    • FIRZEN

      locked bootloader isn’t really that big of a deal. great batter life > unlocked bootloaders. honestly, when the phones start becoming faster and faster there is less of a need to run custom ROMs and tweak kernels. Back then we rooted to enhance the phone, but the newer versions of Android and new phones are already becoming more customizable.