TELUS announces changes to its trade-in program, allowing only one trade per activation plus a $50 bonus credit


  • Sean

    Ummm how about giving a decent amount of money to people…

    • MarketingIsNotFriendly

      First: up to 3 phones, up to $200 and donate $3 per phone

      NOW: Up to ONE phone (66.66% less) up to $200 (the only way to get $200 is to trade in a $500 phone, get $150 and due to the promo they give you $50) effectively 95% of the people will only get $0 plus the $50 they are offering = F A I L
      they don’t donate enough to look green, they practically give you $50, it would be an ok deal if they accept phones that don’t turn on. And all this while TELUS has some of the most expensive outright phones in Canada (LUMIA 800 $530??)

      Those guys in TELUS MKTG can’t come up with a good campaign. I will develop a new campaign that works for them and charge them $0 plus a $50/hr Campaign Upgrade Tax (CUT)!

      Telus: you should know better: all you need to do is wait for BELL or ROGERS to come up with a/any campaign and you match it and order the print material, just don’t forget to ad the “In response to…..” but you you NEVER EVER create your own campaigns! I thought this has been established before.
      Now if you are the first of the big 3 to have the courage to kill the 3yr contracts; you will be emembered forever!

  • Kid.Canada

    ^^^ it’s all about making profit but only id*ots fall for that ish

  • NotFair

    So first they offer you up to $200 trade in with three devices and now its only ONE device and most of the two yr old devices (Since TELUS has 3 yr contracts, most of those olde phones are still IN CONTRACT) and they are worth $0 ?? What the..??

    They should call it something else: Bring an olde phone and we will give you $50!!
    ( They look green, and they get new customers)
    The trade in plan as is is misleading.

    • NeedAShoulderToCryOn

      What a whiner…

  • darel44

    I have an lg optimus one,put in the name,and it says its worth $0.00,what a joke,lol.I mean I know its lower quality,but I thought they would give me something..

    • Alex Perrier

      Even the Nokia 5230 is worth $10 + the bonus $50.

    • Minz

      Hi, even if we do not give a special credit for your lg optimus one, we do give you a 50$ bonus 😉

  • tdee

    Kijiji is better (x3)

  • Just Sayin’

    At least Fido will give me $25 for my 15 year ols phone. AND without a contract!

    How poor is that….Fido having a leg up on its competitor!

  • bob

    ^ A leg up to piss on them? 😉

  • better luck selling your used car for cash

    Phones depreciate faster then Iranian real estate. Trade-in programs will not be as generous in the future.


    lol, $75 for an HTC Desire HD? It’s worth $190 at the least!! What a bunch of scumbags.

  • Side Show Bob

    It is a fantastic program that offers clients another avenue of getting $$$ for your device. You DO NOT have to do any leg work like you would if you were listing your phone on Kijiji. It is nice to know that TELUS is being proactive and starting to separate themselves from both Rogers and Bell; i.e. Complimentary Learning Sessions, Clear and Simple rate plans, introduction of Small Medium Business plans and the revision of the cancellation/upgrade policy.

  • Richard

    Awesome! Now with the Easter weekend $100 credit I have, I’m going to trade in an old worthless phone for an additional (bonus) $50 credit. Now I have $150 of credit for that shiny new iPhone 4S. Hurray! 😀

  • sam

    Haha! I’m on the same page as Richard. Got the coupon the weekend they were doing a system upgrade and got a smashed blackberry curve that still turns on worth 10$ + a 50$ bonus.. 40$ note here I come! Thanks for the tips syrup 😉

  • Maxime Tremblay

    I trade my old LG Optimus 7 for a Lumia 800 and I got 70$ for it. I wasn’t able to sell it on Kijji.

    Sure, the trade-in program doesn’t give you as much as you could get on ebay, but it’s still a great way for anyone that doesn’t want to scratch his head with the old phone.

  • vn33

    @Side Show Bob: How is it a “fantastic program” if 95% of the customer get $ZERO for their phone ?
    Please go back to your Telus job and stop offending the rest of the readers

    • Side Show Bob

      @vn33: It is not mandatory for you to trade in your device. I was comparing the difference between selling it on Kijiji or not. the ‘95% of people’ who get ZERO for their phones are also the same ones who are just storing it in their drawers. At least, by trading it in, they will be contributing to our environment and having a tree planted. How much $$$ do you think TELUS gets for a phone that is 3+ years old when everything becomes obsolete within 8 months. Maybe you should start looking at the glass as half full. 🙂