TELUS announces changes to its trade-in program, allowing only one trade per activation plus a $50 bonus credit

Last month TELUS announced a joint venture with eRecyclingCorps which would allow users to bring up to three used devices for trade-in when activating or renewing a contract with the company. The program has now gone live, with a few small but significant changes.

First, though the total credit allowance remains $200, the total number of devices eligible to be traded per activation/renewal has been reduced from three to one. That means that unless you’re trading an iPhone 4 or 4S ($160 for iPhone 4, $200 for iPhone 4S, $75 for Desire HD, etc.) you’ll unlikely hit that $200 mark for a single phone/internet stick/mobile WiFi devices. To offset the potential loss, TELUS is giving every person, regardless of the value of his or her traded device, a $50 instant credit. TELUSI will donate $3 to Tree Canada for each device brought in, regardless of trade-in value.

The credit must be used at the time of trade and cannot count towards a future purchase, which is understandable. The promotional program, which is available at 700 corporate stores across Canada, will go from April 16th to May 31st, after which time the $50 bonus will be discontinued.

To check what your current device is worth, head on over to TELUS’ Trade-in page.

What do you think of the program? Does it still interest you even with the change from three devices to one?

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