Rogers to release the HTC One X April 20th?

Rogers and HTC are getting ready to launch the HTC One X – a dual-core Android 4.0 device that will be “Canada’s first LTE smartphone with Beats Audio Integration.” Pre-ordering for the One X went live last week and it’s been revealed that it’ll cost $169.99 on a 3-year. All that’s known is that the One X is “coming soon” – speculation about a possible release date was hinted at on the pre-order page as it listed an end date of April 30th, 2012.

Rogers usually releases devices on either a Tuesday or Thursday. The 30th would be a Monday. According to sources and the above internal doc, we’ve been tipped that the One X is scheduled to launch on April 20th. The doc above also shows Rogers current Xbox 360 promo, along with the Nokia Lumia 900. Now, you’ll see the Lumia shows the launch date of April 9th, this is the day that Rogers went live for online orders (the official press release went out the next day). So April 20th could happen, which would simply be amazing.

We’ll have more info on this shortly.
(Thanks tipsters!)

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