Rogers to release the HTC One X April 20th?


  • mau

    it really sucks that its not quad core with tegra 3

    • Jay Chan

      it really sucks that Nvidia cannot make a LTE SOC

  • Dipol

    Actually this processor has shown to be better in benchmarks compared to Tegra 3.

    • bob

      Yeah, most of which are either not optimized for more than one core and/or made by qualcom.

  • Richard

    will this phone be exclusive to rogers?

  • Jay Jay

    I don’t know why ppl are complaining about the One X not being a quad core device, the S4 performs better than the Tegra 3 in many ways and has LTE capabilities, sounds like a sweet package to me

  • Dalex

    Its good with Tegra 3 and its good with the S4. The benchmarks in question aren’t very favorable to the quad core SoC yet, so yes the S4 seems faster there. The GPU is a lot better in the Tegra 3 though.

    Overall, I’d rather have LTE, but the Tegra 3 is the more future proof SoC of the 2, at least until the end of the year where the S4 will have the Adreno 3xx series GPUs.

  • Chris

    Hope they package it with a car charger? it’s already a battery hog, can’t imagine how LTE is going to affect that.

  • RD

    Wthat the heck is ‘Beats Audio enabled’, and why would it matter that this is the first pphone with it? Overpriced mediocre headphones for style.

  • aviking

    I am really impressed with this phone and need an upgrade but I think I will wait to see what the Galaxy SIII will offer as competition to these great specs.

  • Din

    I think there’s a mistake, as much as I want to believe it’s coming out on the 20th, I could not find that information on rogers family plan Xbox 360 promo, It only shows the phone is coming soon, but did not say when they are launching it.

    • Din

      Maybe it’s really coming out on that day, but it’s hard to believe since the promo page hints otherwise, just hope the tipster could provide the webpage, too.

    • Max

      The pic is of an internal Rogers document, which is not available to the general public.

    • jim bob

      It clearly states that screen shot is of an “INTERNAL” document, so no you will not see it if you browse rogers site right now.

  • darknight2cA

    I thought tegra 3 was quad core and Tegra 3 doesn’t support LTE I thought… Or is this the other version

  • Shawn B

    I’m not a gamer, so i don’t really care about Tegra 3. The S4 processor that the North American version will be getting will be more than enough for me.

    • Sergey

      Cholera and bears, that’s good, Ryan. Personally, I had visions of locinkg Dick Jauron and Turk Schonert in a sound-proof room in order to ritualistically torture them with razors, tazers, and other electrical devices. Maybe, just maybe, that will allow them to feel the pain I felt today. In my 24 years as an obsessional Bills fan, this is definitely, unequivocally, the low point. This organization is a disgrace. Ralph Wilson can’t die soon enough. Neither can Dick Jauron, and Turk Schonert, and JP Losman, and Duke Preston. I hope they all die.

  • Audrey

    Cool phone and all, but manufacturers gotta start helping out the smaller companies and making phones that support the AWS signal. Flocking to rogers for this phone is just going to maintain their monopoly over canada when they gain more 3-year contract locked-in customers :/ (unless people are willing to buy outright).

    • elnad

      I don’t find the 3 years contract a problem if you pay nothing for your phone at the beginning. In Quebec, we only pay the remaining of the contract so if you buy a 600$ phone and pay 0$ at the beginning, you can leave after 24 months for 200$. And then you buy another 0$ 36 months phone. Only pay when you want to leave or when your phone become very obselete.

      But you really need to wait for the phone to lower to 0$ on 3 years contract. It took 6 months for the GS2 or Nexus so be patient people. HTC One X should be 0$ on August or September TOP.

      Now if only Fido would get good phones. Hope the HTC One X or S will come to Fido. I really like my plan and don’t want to change.

  • dan

    are you going to review it?
    I have sense 4.0 on my rooted sensation, and its definitely a significant upgrade over 3.0. great job by htc

  • Dave Dee

    For those of you wanting the Tegra 3 version, and don’t care about LTE, the global version is compatible with Rogers network, here are bands:

    GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
    UMTS: 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz

    Key thing here is the UMTS 850 and 1900 are covered in the phone radio, therefore 3g+ or 4g (whatever you want to call it) will work on Rogers, Telus and Bell.

    In fact, it is already available for shipping, new and unlocked, on for $700. Not cheap, but no contracts.

  • mark

    Good luck with the battery life. Typical HTC with their huge screens powered by tiny batteries. Forums are full of battery complaints and a puny 3 hour screen on tolerance. If i only used such a powerful phone sparingly, why would i waste my money on it? Get a grip HTC.

  • Duw

    I am still going to get the Int’l Tegra3 version, but not because of Tegra3. 13GB is not enough for me. Dropbox? Sure, if I want to use up all of my 6GB allowance in 3 days.

  • P-A

    The HTC One S will indeed be coming to Fido… I work at rogers and we’ve already started to receive demo offers…

  • Tomatoes

    HTC will definitely try and move fast. They need capitalize on as many sales as possible before the S3 and IPhone 5 sales start kicking in. Golden opportunity for a who knows how many months head start.

  • stevestjs

    I have the quad core version and love it….but be warned the software is still VERY buggy. I hope that HTC will push out a update soon.

    • Dave Dee

      You should look into rooting/unlocking and putting stock Android on that device. I bet the thing would be a rocket without Sense dragging it down. Check out XDA Developers Forums, they already have it rooted, unlocked, with basic guides up and running.