Update: Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 now available


  • Dalex

    Either they didn’t get the memo from Nokia to sell it super cheap like AT&T or they don’t care, but this is steep… 524$ outright instead of 450$ and 99$ on a 3 year instead of 2…

    I sincerely doubt this will have any success at all, especially with the mixed reviews we have seen so far…

    Still good luck to you Nokia.

    • Keith

      Using that logic we would never buy any phones in Canada. This is actually closer to the US price than most.

  • Marcus

    When’s WInd coming out with the 710? Should’ve been out by now.

    • Yup

      Go buy it from Rogers for $250, then go online
      to unlock it for $15. Done

  • J

    You obviously dont get how Canada works. All phones are only cheap on 3 year contracts. Also being $75 more than a carrier branded US version isn’t bad at all. Price is still great for those that usually get raped by off contract price, and for those that like WP (not talking about fandroids that talk out their a*s about it).

    If an extra $75 is too much for an off contract you have other financial issues more important than phones, so who cares.

  • Kid.Canada

    @Delax – if your complaining about a $75 difference I suggest you dont buy it at all or stfu and shell out the $525…geez some people would complain about anything…

  • Dalex

    Wow, love the responses. I really hope Nokia/Microsoft isn’t using you guys to promote their phones.

    So an extra 75$ means I have financial issues? Not really I bought my SGS2 outright a year ago for more than 524$ (still kicks the crap out of this phone too). I was just saying this won’t have any impact whatsoever and will be another fail product like the 800 on telus which is way overpriced.

    But yes the response I get is don’t buy it and stfu? Well at least I won’t be alone in the not buying part.

    At least they finally released it, if they waited for Rogers to have the HTC One X they would have been completely demolished.

    • Keith

      I’m dying to get this phone but I’m holding out for an unlocked cyan.

  • Hugo

    Well ppl, same on-contract price as At&t 2 years is not looking so good for Rogers Nokia Lumia 900…Why?? Since u have to dish out $60/month for the 12 months after it…think 60×12 = $720 already…u better buy it off contract and go with ChatR!! That’s what i think!

    • George

      Your post makes no sense. How is it costing $720. If I buy this phone outright will Rogers refund me that $720. And how is chatr, with only 100mb of data, a viable alternative?

    • Hugo

      just think George!!! $99 for an on-contract for 3 years, only to be renewed after 2 years…so $99+ 60×36 months….or 60×24 months for the latter…Now AT&T only have the contract for 2 years and could be renewed after a year…so isn’t it $99 + 60x24m or 60×12 for AT&T? And they even sell it for $0 in the states on Amazon or $50 in Walmart? SO…isn’t it that Rogers customers still have to pay 1 year more? So best bet is go to Buffalo and buy AT&T and unlock and go month-to -month with either 3 of the carrier or ChatR/Koodoo/Virgin/Fido.

    • Hugo

      ROgers on-contract price should be either $49 or $0 to bring in WP7 customers…or else…hehe WP7 isn’t going to last long in Canada!

  • Mike B

    Is it just me or is Rogers’ Month-to-month (i.e. no contract) price for the Lumia 900 = $474…?

    Meanwhile my good friends at Telus still have the 800 at $529…

    Let’s just hope Telus doesn’t have the same ridiculous pricing when WP8 Apollo comes out.

  • blackkey

    Why not just buy it month-to-month, use it for a month, and then leave? Most people are on contract right now and will have to pay an ETF if they want a new phone anyway…

    • Hugo

      hehe..it first sounds like a good idea to go month-to-month for a month…but think of it as $475+ 1 month x $60 + Activation fees($35) and all the other fees….why would u bother??

  • Colin

    It looks like anyone who pre-ordered one should be able to get it today as well. I got a notification last week with a courier tracking number. Says that it was delivered to my local store this morning. Going to try to pick it up tonight.

    • Frederick Edwards

      Unfortunately for me, Airsource is closer to me than Rogers plus, so i selected their Portage Place location for my shipping pickup. It arrived today in Saskatoon, the Airsource headquarters and was returned as undeliverable.. After 9 rogers operators and twitter dm’s with @Kate_Rogers, they still aren’t sure why it was shipped to Saskatoon. Hopefully I can get a cyan phone instead with all the delays.

  • Joe

    We need it in Cyan and White! 🙂

  • Mr. Reliable

    So, lets explain the difference between AT&T vs. Rogers.
    AT&T has nearly 90 million customers vs. Rogers 9.3.
    With 10x more customers, they can afford to have 2 year contracts vs. 3 years in Canada.
    Key markets in Canada have 2-3 million customers vs. 10-15 in the U.S. , and we have the second largest landmass in the world, so it doesnt help to rollout expensive networks (the lte rollout in canada is actually much faster then in the US).

    Next up, the price: AT&T must have orderd nearly 500k units, netting them a price of probably 399.99$ per unit. So 450$ full retail seems fair. Also, the rumour going around is that Nokia/Microsoft are paying off a large sum of money to AT&T to discount the phone.

    Rogers probably bought 100k units, probably netting them a price of 475$ a unit (the month to month pricing). And they aren’t getting money from Nokia (because we DONT have 90 million customers to push the unit too).

    The fact that the on contract plan is the same here as there are two folds:
    Rogers likes to always have their high end phones at a high price point, helps offset initial costs for them.
    And it helps to emulate the same AT&T pricing.

    So thats pretty much why its more expensive here overall:
    Customer base, number of units ordered, nokia partnership.

    • Keith

      It is not just AT&T, no other carrier in the world forces customers into 3 years contracts and it has made Canada the laughing stock off wireless world. We shouldn’t be forced into contracts of any length–do it like Europe where contracts are optional and your plan gets reduced if you bring your own phone. It is nothing but blatant collusion that all carriers in Canada force 3 year contracts and do not reduce the monthly plans if you bring your own phone.

    • Keith

      I should add the cost of the phone outright is perfectly reasable. But there is no justfication for 3 year contracts. We are not in the era of feature phones anymore where it was okay to keep the same phone for 3 years. Few sre going to want to keep a smartphone for 3 years until the industry matures some.

  • Dylan K

    Lots of complaining about the price. It’s as if you expect a Canadian company to have the same price as an American one. Canada is a few years behind our southern neighbors when it comes to wireless service, so the price doesn’t surprise or scare me.

    Also wondering if the screen and specs upgrade is worth moving from a 710 to the 900, considering the price difference to hardware difference, but I’ll let the customer be the judge of that.

  • Anthony

    @Hugo: You’re not making a lot of sense. If you’re going to use the service regardless of which carrier you’re on, why does it matter? We’re in Canada so it’s pointless to compare to the US, or you might as well never buy ANY phone in Canada.

    • Hugo

      @Anthony: why doesn’t it matter? Cuz i could use their services without contracting to the 3 years and could change carriers at anytime i want….isn’t it fair??! Also it’s just an analogy with the Iphone 4S! in the states they are sold for 199$ with 2 years contract…here for 159 with 3 years…so the Lumia should probably be the same $49-$59 instead of $99 but i just think 3 years contract is killing everyone…not just me Anthony! And i would definitely rather not buying ANY phone at all in Canada with the 3 years contract!

      @Mr. Reliable: i know what u mean by customer base too…but it would also mean our coverage area aren’t as huge as in the states…so infrastructure should be less costly. And since Nokia and MS doesn’t do that partnership with Rogers up here, it’s their lost on the Canadian front to promote WP7 all together. And so, they won’t be able to make their Legacy like Apple does and will do 🙂

  • EvanKr

    My mother’s on a 5 or 6 year grandfathered plan with Rogers, do you think we could get any sort of discount, eg. free on a 2 year?

    • c

      maybe something like free on a 3 year, and having to change your price plan to a new voice+data contract [minimum $52.35 before tx]

  • Bxbbrian

    God i want this phone.

  • anirask

    Wouldn’t it be messed up is Rogers only got the black one and Bell had the Cyan exclusively..

    • DarkisFever

      That would actually be hilarious and somehow make a little bit of sense. I suppose it’s possible that Bell will pick up the new cheap Lumia phone with 256mb of RAM.

  • LP

    So can I buy this phone from Rogers, get it unlocked, and then use it on Bell’s or Telus’ network?

    • gwydionjhr

      @LP: Yes

  • gwydionjhr

    @Keith: I couldn’t agree more. These 3 year contracts are a joke. I’m on my 3rd smartphone, all of which I’ve bought outright. In all 3 cases the battery starts to fail quickly just after the 2 year point. With this move to enclosed batteries it is really going to lock in people who re-up at the 2 year point just to get a new phone.

    I too am really frustrated with the lack of any sort of pricing that compensates those that choose to buy their phones to avoid contracts. If the carrier isn’t forking out for a subsidy the rates should be lower.

    I’ve been with Fido for 4.5 years and have built up over $350 “Fido Dollars”. (incendentaly, if you care to do the math, that means I’ve spent over $7000 with Fido). In that time I’ve never taken a subsidized phone. I can’t use those “Fido Dollars” to buy a smartphone outright without signing a 3 year data contract. It’s ridiculous! If they’re going to force me to sign a 3 year data contract, what’s the point in using the “Fido Dollars” to buy the phone outright in the first place?

  • swizzlerz

    YAY Rogers updated there SITE…. It no longer says Windows Mobile.. only like nearly 2 Years late. lol. Finnaly Windows Phone.