Rogers HTC One X pre-order now live, $169.99 on a 3-year


  • Pete

    Published tip, sweet.

    • Michael

      What would have been sweet is if the full price was listed as well, 3 year contract prices are useless.

  • Ronin

    Really wish Bell was getting this. I’d have my preorder in now if they were.

  • Alex Perrier

    Isn’t Virgin Mobile Canada the official carrier for the MMVAs? i thought they were for the Junos too, but then you see Rogers and Bell commercials on TV. Plus, again, Virgin made NO contest to give away Junos tickets. Makes no sense.

    Anyway, glad to see HTC’s first Android 4.0 phone. Looks neat! 🙂

    • gab = math wiz

      I kinda want to punch you.

    • Alex Perrier

      (Over?) 27 people can’t answer my question. 😐

  • Adam

    Sweet. Hope it’s around the same price as the Nexus, $600-$650 outright. I’ll be picking this one up in that case.


    aghhh i want thiss but i dont want rogers!!

  • jepoy

    How about One S?? when will it be available.. same specs aside from the storage and display but its cheaper…

    • jepoy

      wait… i thought one x have 32gb of internal storage, not 16gb..

    • gogakhan

      Its the dual-core snapdragon version. The quad-core Tegra 3 comes with 32GB internal. That’s the international version for One X I believe.

    • jepoy

      i never knew that… hahhaa!! gives me more reason to wait for HTC One S..

    • Marc

      Wait, what? Only 16GB storage? Dammit, I hear the Galaxy S3 calling me now even though I can’t see it.

  • Mafugga

    @Alex Perrier

    Stop posting.. you ruin my reading experience here at Mobilesyrup.

  • TGuy

    Does anyone know what type of shipping rogers uses to ship their pre-orderes out? regular canada post or priority shipping w/ signature required on delivery?

    • Ryan

      They use UPS

    • TGuy

      okk. so do they need signature on delivery? cus i will be working like all day during their times of delivery. can i get it dropped of in between the doors or do they leave it outside in clearview of people? 😐 i wouldnt want that

  • Ender

    Why do you need to preorder? Just walk into any store and buy it on the day it comes out. The Galaxy Nexus had almost zero lines in downtown Toronto where you would have expected some lines…

  • andy c

    i’m glad Rogers/HTC is keeping the device as is not demanding a modifed/crippled version like the US carriers (cough verizon, cough)

  • Frank

    This version works with other carrier’s “4G” right? like bell and Telus etc?

    Im probably going to pick up a GNex from Telus and flip it for this.

    I also assume this one comes carrier locked?

  • hassan

    R w getting the hspa+ one

  • Reggie Noble

    How do existing Rogers customers get to pre-order the phone?

  • Ron Mexico

    Anyone who jumps on this (especially on Rogers) will be kicking themselves in a month when the Galaxy S III launches.

    • Guy

      It’s the world of smartphones. Even if you get the GS3, another phone’ll release to make you kick yourself a month later.

    • Tomatoes

      Except the GS2 had a year and a half reign as the best smartphone available. I don’t see why Samsung won’t be able to do it again since they basically pay nothing for it since they are one of the companies that can manufacture all the parts needed.

  • Adam

    Only thing holding this phone back is battery. Wish they’d come out with a 2300mah+ battery. Give this bad boy some real juice. A day is alright, but I’d love to get a day with heavy use.

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    Battery not good enuf

  • Steve jons

    No swappable battery, no external storage… not buying. Really wanted to replace my HTC desire HD too. Plus Rogers is a total ripoff so guess I lucked out by not wanting this.

    Anyone who knows anything will wait an extra month when galaxy s3 is released to choose the better option for them anyways.

  • trev

    169 on three year contract is INSANE!! Wait till summer they will be giving it away.

    • Eluder

      For the money, this is a good price.
      This phone stomps on anything out right now, including the crappy 4S. Best phone on the market IMHO.

  • Otter

    Its the year 2012.
    People still do 3 year contracts?

    • Reggie Noble

      Yup, lets all leave Rogers and switch to Wind or Mobilicity with their amazing selection of phones, reliable reception and vast coverage from Halifax to Victoria.

    • Otter

      @Reggie Noble You left out Reliable Billing System as well!

      I’ll take 20 cents a minute roaming in Nunavit over a company that somehow manages to charge me 250 dollars in overages, when my battery is out of my phone, using my credit rating to force me to pay the bill.

      They are called Robbers for a reason. Not just a cute nickname to laugh about.

  • Mafugga

    Integrated battery? lolololol what is this the iPhone?

  • DoctorCell

    Too expensive. Wait for the S3.

  • Derek

    The S3 will be just as excessive if not even more expensive.

  • Derek

    I meant to say as expensive.

  • Jason

    I’m probably in the minority, but i wish this had a smaller screen. If it was 4″ it’d both fit in my pocket more comfortably and probably have better battery life as well. Oh well. Guess I need to buy baggier pants 🙂

    • Mishy

      I agree if this had a smaller screen would probably get it. I mean yes that’s what the One S is for but this is the flagship phone. I may just get the One S if it has a decent price.

      I am really tempted to hold out for another month with my Motorola Milestone/Droid and get the Samsung Galaxy S3 big screen or not, internal storage or not, removable battery or not 😀

  • android fan

    only 16 g but it comes with 27g of free drop box sweet but I hope telus picks up the 32g version with the 27g drop box even better let’s go telus

  • android fan

    the the quad core version has 32 g and the duel core has 16 g that’s the version rogers is running

  • jepoy

    now im having 2nd thoughts.. i might get xperia s or one s instead of this one x. 16gb internal storage makes me disappointed..

  • Mark

    Honestly the smartest choice is to wait for the Galaxy S III to come out, compare the two phones to each other, and decide which one is the better for you personally. The last thing I would want is to stick myself to the One X and regret it when the S III comes out to be better (Not saying it necessarily will be, but its possible). The One X is a great phone and I can’t wait to see how Samsung will respond and of course see which one will end up on top.

    • Tomatoes

      Since Samsung doesn’t have to give a cut to drop box and Qualcomm and Nvidia etc., the GS3 is going to be better. Especially if you look at how 2011 turned out where the GS2 absolutely slaughtered the HTC sensation and everything else including the 4s.

  • Matt

    Ew, Roger seems to be only selling the white one (right now). Xperia S it is!

  • Word

    Rogers has exclusivity on this for 90 days. After that, it will be coming to TELUS (and I’m assuming Bell), and I will be getting one immediately…I just hope the typing on the final build has been improved from the pre-production model.

    • Hot Carl

      How do you know Rogers only has exclusivity for 90 days? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find that. I’d much rather get it on TELUS

  • muchski

    If you go to preorder page there’s a box on the bottom of checkout page that says total economic inducement or savings vs no contract price which appears to be $624.99-455 = 169.99

    Total crap for a 3 year, I mean at $80 a month they recapture this “rebate” in half a year easily and are laughing for the remaining 2.5 years of your contract while they ride the gravy train!

  • Troy

    Is the 32 GB version of this phone be able available for Rogers as well or is it only for the international version? I thought it was going to be a quad core? What happened?

    • Lyndon

      The Tegra3 is not compatible with LTE networks. The 32Gb storage was trimmed down to 16Gb to apparently make room for the LTE radio.

    • bla

      Only the dual core version (one XL)is compatible with LTE and only come in 16gb. I doubt rogers would get the one X.

    • BigH

      The quad core processor does not yet support LTE, therefore the LTE version ships with the dual core processor. However, if you read the reviews, the dual core version is actually as quick or quicker in all of the testing.

  • Lyndon

    Can’t wait to get this beast to replace my Magic. 16gb is plenty, and LTE will make it fast and easy to retrieve stuff from the cloud. If any of the whiners were more in touch and did their research, they would have set themselves up with some free 50Gb Box accounts before March 27th. Got all the cloud storage I could ever need especially when combined with the numerous free 2Gb DropBox accounts I have, and soon I’ll have my new dream phone.

    • Lemon

      You have numerous 2gb accounts…? why don’t you just do all the freebies on one of them?

  • Eric

    I just pre-ordered mine from the Rogers Portal and there are already 30 people ahead of me!