Poll: How long should a carrier list a device as “coming soon”?

It seems like manufacturers are coming out with several new handsets every month – this is a very good thing as the specs also improve with every release. The major device announcements usually occur once a year, take the Apple’s iPhone, or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung will be holding a special event and will most likely state that it’ll be a global launch “coming soon” this Summer. HTC is similar, they noted their upcoming One Series will be available sometime “this Spring”.

Many factors go into a device launch: manufacturing, sales, marketing, pricing, timing, carrier testing and shipping. Once a device is formally announced it’s easy to get excited, really excited. It sometimes seems that the weeks leading up to a release take forever. Then the carrier puts the always welcomed “Coming Soon” label on their site. This is part of the anticipation that makes a device desired, but also very frustrating.

The “coming soon” period that a carrier places on a device is a tricky one. It’s kinda like the story of Goldilocks. She tasted 3 different bowls of porridge. One was too hot, one was too cold, but the 3rd was just right. With a device launch, you don’t want it too far off in the distance that potential customers will get lose interest, then get inspired by a newer device with better specs and features – missed opportunity. You also don’t the “coming soon” to be too close that the device launch feels rushed. The “coming soon” needs to be “just right” – that fine line that will keep the anticipation high and that you proud to be walking around with the chosen device.

Everyone’s device “coming soon” tolerance is different. It all depends how badly you are wanting the device from a specific carrier. Here’s our latest poll:

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