Complete pricing of the upcoming Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 LTE, $524.99 outright

Rogers went live with Nokia Lumia 900 LTE pre-orders a couple weeks back, promising it’s arrival “early April”. The confirmed 3-year term is priced at $99.99 but there’s much speculation to what the no-term contract price will be. The terms and conditions in a Rogers contest hinted that the Windows Phone could fall in somewhere around $450, plus AT&T in the States announced their outright price would be $450. However, we have all the upcoming pricing for you below, just waiting on the official launch date – still thinking it’s the 10th. Here’s what you can expect  to see on launch day:

3-year contract price: $99.99
2-year contract price: $424.99
1-year contract price: $474.99
No-term contract price: $524.99

We’ll have more info for you soon…
(Thanks tipster!)

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