Nvidia Tegra 4 to be built on 28nm process, based on Kepler architecture?


  • crazy bazooka

    man technology is moving so fast that next week’s article will be:
    “Tegra 6 pegged for November 2012 Release”

  • Daniel

    That picture is possibly the most unsubtle use of a phone I have seen to date.

  • kad

    people filming their life (in 2D) instead of living it in 3d odorama …

  • ssuperfly

    this will put lg ahead of its competions

  • ADWolf

    In all due respect, a clear distinction is that nVidia is shipping Tegra3 product NOW — and has been for a while…

    The A15-based Krait, Exynos and OMAP5 product is imminent (based on leaked performance specs and demo units) but isn’t yet widely available.

    Such is the nature of tech — there will always be something newer/better/faster out in a month or so…

  • pats

    its the roller coaster guy again!!

  • mario

    apparently its so good people will start to ignore real life like the roller coater guy…