Samsung files trademarks for the Galaxy Emerge, Stellar and Halo


  • Spartacustomer

    Too many names\variants Sammy, take a page out of HTC’s strategy… less devices, less fragmentation, more quality.

  • Dimitri.k

    Does Samsung understand that the Galaxy name is getting borinmg if thet keep adding it on all the phones / tablets they make? Change it up a bit and add different names for each phone / tablet. I love the name galaxy but Samsung is using it with all their devices.

  • hinds

    @spartacustomer these will be part of the galaxy series of devices! thus the all start with Galaxy!

  • sp

    they should trademark Nova, Black Hole, Star and SuperNova too.

    i’d sport a Samsung Galaxy Nova

    dang maybe i should trademark it lol.

    what about the Samsung Galaxy Big Bang… JIYAH!!!!! winning.

    • Unr8ted

      I think you should trademark, the SAMSUNG GALAXY TRADEMARK!

  • sorry

    Sasmung? Lol.

  • Just a thought

    I think the Galaxy Heir is a codename for the S3