Worried about your Galaxy Nexus’ battery life? Try Mugen’s 4000mAh battery

We’ve already looked at Mugen Power’s enormous replacement batteries for various devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation, but if you’re in the market to replace your Galaxy Nexus’ meagre 1750mAh cell with something more substantial, Mugen is back in the game.

Available for $98.95, Mugen Power has released a 4000mAh battery replacement for the Galaxy Nexus, and by virtue of its size it comes with a new battery cover (and a built-in stand). Considering the existing Galaxy Nexus battery gets about a day of moderate use from a charge, the Mugen battery will more than double that amount. It also more than doubles the size of the phone, transforming it from a svelte smartphone to a wide load. Nevertheless, for those intrepid travellers or general heavy users, having a 4000mAh battery on hand is pretty useful.

Check it out over at Mugen Power and peer after the break for a demonstration video.

Source: Droid-Life