Worried about your Galaxy Nexus’ battery life? Try Mugen’s 4000mAh battery


  • austin cao

    so ugly


      You don’t need an extra battery, all smart-phones need to be charged twice a day, name a phone that you don’t hook it up to a charger twice a day!! if you are an average user!!

    • LeDerp

      Droid Razr Maxx.

    • Dan

      the problem is the OS not the battery

    • WP74Life

      My wp7 can do a full day.
      Wish you had one heh ? 😉

  • plumsmcgillicutty

    That’s Terrible!

  • Ilgar

    But useful!

  • Spartacustomer

    It does make the phone look like it went on a krispy kreme diet, but if you are travelling, or backpacking or something, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • Mark

    It may not looks so nice, but for some very heavy users who don’t have the option of charging throughout the day this would be a life saver. I find that the stock batter suits my needs just fine.

  • Nade

    I don’t get the point of such bulky and hideous looking batteries; sure I can power my phone for a month on a car battery, but that doesn’t make the idea of keeping it in my backpack any more “useful” than this.

  • Deanomac25

    while I like the idea. I’m not a fan of the cost. How about lowering the cost a bit. I saw a video the other day of a backpack that had a battery charger in it only problem I had with it was the cords were too short. What if I was in the middle of an important email or something. just saying.

  • Kenny

    So… turn your phone into an ugly fatty but have optimal battery life… or carry a fully charged spare regular battery and swap when needed… or carry a microUSB cable with various adapters (car/wall) and plug it in when needed.

    I’m a third option guy but all the choices suck regardless. I’d rather they invent better battery tech.

  • Mischa Price

    isnt the NFC built into the battery would you loose that if you got this one

    • Sam

      That’s not a bad thing.

  • Netguru

    or you can buy Samsung’s own 2100mah Extended Battery with cover. May not keep you going as long as the one in the story, but it adds very little to the thickness of the phone and it has NFC. Amazon.com is selling it for around $24.

    • Spartacustomer

      There’s a 2100 that’s the same size as the stock battery, works with the original door. No added thickness.
      Andida is the name.

    • jack

      seems like that particular battery is only on the US amazon site, not the canadian.

      their us site only ships to us? that’s what it seems like

  • roman129

    I’ve got 40% left at the end of a 12 hour day with the stock battery. If you run it down completely, you’re got too much spare time.

  • lucas

    @Mischa yes NFC is in the battery so say goodbye to beam, google wallet/other payment apps, etc plus its so ugly

    • jack

      it does say that the battery is compatible with NFC.

  • bigBattery

    If this is a battery that allows heavy users to go one full day without touching a charger it only shows how undersized are the batteries for current phones:

    Bigger screens, multicore CPU’s, apps that use the SD card (battery) more often, and let’s not even talk about LTE! so all things considered for 2012 the template should be:
    4″ screen 1750mAh at 120g 1.2cm thick and extrapolate from there for smaller and bigger screens.

    Example: LG Optimus ONE (One of the most successful entry level Android phones ever) 3.2″ with a 1500mAh battery; that is a basic phone that lasts an entire day on one charge.

    To Manufaturers: the race for speed, RAM, MP Camera, and screens is over! its time to market:
    “the first smartphone that will last you a day”
    its either that or they better start releasing the ones with a crank to re-charge them!
    Samsung mentioned something coming up in August ( Phones with bigger/better batteries)

    At the same time, they should/could standarize phones to come with the cheapest back cover/no cover? since everybocy uses a cover to protect the phone, this could shave 10g of the phone and by the time you put your cover (another 10 g) you could have a lighter weight phone with a bigger battery.
    I actually remove the back cover on my phone, put some tape to keep battery in place and then put my cover, the phone is a tad thinner, but definitely lighter!

    • Geoff

      Samsung already reported that this is their big challenge for this year. Making a smartphone that will last the full day.

  • PumaYaYa

    I have a feeling that battery technology is way more advanced than the cell phone manufacturers are leading us to believe. The technology exists to have batteries that are size of a dime that last just as long as the ones in the galaxy nexus….

  • GiO

    So u recommend the battery pack but the question is, have you guys even tested it? there are tons of bogus claims regarding these types of batteries and most fail during test, that includes Mugen.

    • jack

      they probably didnt test this particular battery, but they have tested other batterys from mugen.

  • PumaYaYa

    The technology exists to have batteries the size of a dime which last just as long. I have no idea why these cell phone manufacturers keep them under wraps….

  • jake

    Go onto ebay they have the 2000mah official battery with back cover for like $45. Works great has nfc, just takes away the back chin on it. I’ve been using mine for a month now

  • Cell Hell

    The big battery is a nice option. I’d also like something better than the Samsung 2000 but not as huge as this Mugen. Is there a 2500 available?

  • Sub-Joker

    I rather carry extra batteries than this to be honest….. but each has his own thought