Samsung files trademarks for Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Heir and Galaxy Rite


  • Dimitri.k

    Cool name but don’t we have enough Galaxy names out there? I wonder if they can not come up with anything else & they just keep adding ” Galaxy” in the front.

    None the less the names sound promising & hope they make great devices with those names.

  • TheTigerTek

    Next will be Galaxy Galaxy and after that Galaxy F.

  • mark

    Is Samsung following the same errors of HTC?

  • shaggyskunk

    Just so long as they don’t produce another GSll EVER!

  • SAM


  • Whitney Young

    Samsung is in danger of diluting the Galaxy brand by having so many names.

    • Hub

      They are way past that stage.

  • Hub

    yay. more phone that will never see an upgrade because it is too hard to catch up.

    they still haven’t gotten the clue it seems.

  • mark

    Now Apple will sue Samsung for using the letter “A”

  • Cody

    Galaxy beyond

  • Andrew I

    I don’t wanna sound stupid but, what’s the name of the phone on the right of the picture? It kind of looks like the Galaxy Nexus but he speaker and the camera look different and aren’t in the same spot. Plus, it doesn’t look like it has a battery cover :S

  • dc2000

    Andrew l: Galaxy S2X for Telus

  • koolbreeze

    looks like Galaxy S II X from Telus

  • Awkward Turtle

    Same thing as Galaxy S2, except… Chip is different – 1.5ghz dual core, not necessarily better (according to benchmarks) but still pretty solid. The original exynos is hard to beat. The screen is slightly bigger at 4.5. It can use higher data speeds (why they needed to switch out exynos.) And it also has a four-capacitive button layout as in oppose to the original GS2.

  • Cell Hell

    To hell with ‘eco’. What do phones have to do with eco? THis ludicrous marketing trend to appease liberal i****s has to end somewhere.