Skype app for Windows Phone enters beta


  • Rob

    I’d like to be Erica Berg’s friend!

  • bob

    this is an other proof that WP7 lacks apps

    • curtbrown

      But it’s coming to WP7, soooo….Plus with WP8 it’s supposed to be integrated into the OS.

    • curtbrown

      Also, the more conclusive proof would be the fact that the marketplace has about 10% of the apps that Android and iOS have.

  • keiYUI

    At least Skype looks nice, it looks like a 5 year old designed it for the App Store.. :/

  • swizzlerz

    50 000 apps right now. going to be a 100 000 apps by wp8… Many of the most popular apps have been ported or are curently being ported… One benefit of wp is you dont have an edless stream of 5000 versions of a fart app to deal with. statisticly mose people use one or 2 apps. verry few uses over 10…