Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC One X coming to Rogers “this spring”


  • oooooh

    This is soooo awesome, I just jizzed in my pantyhose.

  • arkeetek

    Cyan Lumia 900 with matching Purity Headset for this guy 😀

  • andy c

    If history holds true bell will get there exclusive on the sgs3 and all three carriers will launch the iPhone simultaneously.

    Looks like telus might be getting the short end of the stick this year in terms of flagship phones unless they get a exclusive on the lg or Sony flagship devices

  • Dalex

    I think you made a few typos in the last part of the article. The HTC One S is the smaller 4.3 inch device with the qhd resolution screen. Also the Canadian version of the One X will have the snapdragon S4 since we will get the LTE version.

  • Dylan D

    I really hope both these phones end up coming to other carriers here. I’m not a fan of Rogers, and their cell service in my area is horrible.

    Is it 100% confirmed the international version of the one x? Or are we getting the US version? Because I am more than fine on missing out the LTE, as there isn’t much LTE availability in our country to begin with, and there is none in my province.

    • DarkisFever

      Canada will be getting the Dual Core US version. As shown on HTC’s website it describes the Rogers One X as having a 1.5 Dual core. This would be due to the LTE integration which is a shame.


    damn! my two favorite phones on my least favorite network provider…

  • Who dat

    Very unfortunate announced for Rogers.

  • Kenny

    Don’t let Rogers exclusivity dismay you, the phones can always be unlocked for carrier-free use. LTE functionality will be the only thing affected if you do unlock.

    I can’t wait for the Lumia, I sold 3 phones and got the Note and it’s kinda weird having only one phone in my possession. Gotta have at least two 😛

    • Sean

      Aren’t their LTE networks also interchangable like HSPA+?

  • Audrey

    Why is it a shame? If you’d look at benchmarks, the S4 dual-core variation of the One X actually way outperforms the Tegra 3 -_-

  • mike

    LTE eats too much battery anyway. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  • Jeeverz

    Good for Rogers. They needed to step their handset line up and it seems like they are taking the nessasary steps.

    The Lumia 900 is the best WP7.5 phone announced, (some may argue about the Titan 2) and HTC One X is nothing but pure madness.. I sure hope it can live up to its battery life whether it’s a Snapdragon S4 or a Tegra 3 QuadCore.

  • JB

    S4 is faster than the Tegra 3 and has LTE on-die, so we are getting the superior version of the OneX here in Canada.

    All major Carriers in Canada use the same HSPA+ and LTE Bands so these will be fully portable (once unlocked) between carriers.

    The S3 Single-core snapdragon in the Lumia 900 is going to look pretty sad next to the Dual S4 in the OneX. Worse battery too.

  • Dylan K

    *Lumina 710 Released from Rogers*
    ” S*** we want the 900″ “Little phone for Robbers lolol”

    *Lumina 900 confirmed for Rogers*
    “Uhhh…. boo Rogers!”

    Not sure if people posting before just trying to be part of the “Hate Rogers Club” that the herd seems to be migrating to but now they have the WP7.5 Flagship. Rogers will probably skip out of the SIII series phones to have this kind of exclusivity. Looking forward to playing with this phone.

    As for One X, me wants. Here’s hoping Sense 4.0 is less clunky than 3.0

    • jayfunk

      Dylan – can you kindly share some insight and give us one example how Rogers has helped the consumer or the mobile business? I guarantee you you’ll have to think long and hard. That is why so many “hate” Rogers.

      Can’t believe in this day and age we still have exclusive phones to carriers. Instead of competing on prices or anything that would sway consumers the big three spend money on hoarding technology and then increase our plans to cover the cost. Like we should be thankful for the privilege to use their service.

      The one x looks like a great device, and sense looks toned down too. Damn you Rogers lol ill have to see what’s in the pipes down the road for other carriers.

    • Dylan K

      I was commenting on the previous responses to the Lumina 900 release details before the announcements, compared to afterwards.

      I guess while I’m here I’ll just mention the fact that they brought GSM mobile technology to Canada. That’s a big step in the correct direction.

  • David Evans

    Hope there is some aggressive pricing similar to the 710 for the Lumia 900.

  • Duw

    I believe the Rogers HTC One X only has 16GB.

  • Jer

    A lot of interesting phones. Ultimatly I’d like to try the S3 and the iphone 5, but the nokia 900 is also very tempting. I should really try out a windows phone, they seem very nice.

  • Slype

    @Dylan K

    The reason why there is so much “I hate Rogers” on this site is because the people who visit this site are informed consumers and realize the garbage that Rogers spews.

    People on this site are interested in phones, technology and the good deals. While most rogers customers may qualify for the first two , they have no clue about the third.

    If you want the best in technology and you don’t really care about money, then go with Rogers because they do offer more than other carriers have. Just bear in mind, that you will pay 3-4 times more than what you should to get that technology. That’s the price of an Oligarchy.

    • Dylan K

      Oligarchy: A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.

      Learning new words all the time 😀

      Also didn’t know that Rogers was 3-4 times more expensive then their competition. They’re competitive with Telus/Bell, and the new entrants HAVE to be cheaper, they wouldn’t have stuck around otherwise.

  • Dennis Forbes

    It is odd how many, including in the tech news, are simply comparing “dual-core” to “quad-core” and coming out with the conclusion that the latter is better. The S4 is a 28nm chip with two honkingly powerful cores. The Tegra 3 is nice, but at a 40nm process it needs the companion core to compete power wise, and it only keeps up with the S4 when all four cores are saturated, which is something that only realistically happens when you’re running a benchmark.

  • fanel

    During the press conference, Elop specifically said that the 900 LTE is coming to Rogers in April.

  • Ivan

    Can someone please tell me how Rogers got this? What’s up with Bell?

  • replytothisnews

    Roger’s version is dual core, the news from the wmc is quad core.

  • KingK

    You are too gulible. Just a developers version just like the old Qualcomm chip did great in tests at andtech then it got smoked by everything.

    Wait till an actual phone comes out with it.

  • Word

    Played with the AT&T One X today, I was pretty impressed. The rep confirmed that the US/Canadian version uses the dual core processor and TELUS will be getting the X 90 days after Rogers releases it. The X is super slim, about half the weight of the HTC Amaze and although the screen is 4.7″ it’s still easy to handle, especially if you’re already used to a larger screen (my daily driver is a SGS2X). I didn’t notice toooo much of a difference between Sense 3.0 and 4.0 but the camera will ABSOLUTELY blow your mind. iWhat?

  • Nishant Bhatt

    I hope that other Canadian carriers (Bell) are also getting this amazing phones.

    Can someone confirm if Canadian version of HTC One X is dual-core or quad-core ?

    • Word

      I just confirmed it in the post directly above yours….

  • Chang

    Over the Christmas holidays, my HTC TouchPro2, aka Tilt2 died. The power utbton wouldn’t turn the phone on anymore. This was a few days after the phone speaker (but not the music speaker) died. So, I got a new phone, the Motorola Atrix 2. It’s running Andriod 2.3.5, and so far, it’s great!