Asus EeePad Transformer TF300T specs leak, Tegra 3 on the cheap


  • Nick

    Nice. Most of what people care about in a high-end tablet, with a significantly lower price.

    • Dono

      Most people don’t care or understand about specs. They care about a good experience (which still depends on specs among other factors).

  • Matt

    They might release this as a bundle like the old Transformer, hope so at least. Something new to carry.

  • RedArmada

    How on earth can it have an inferior screen, a smaller battery and still be both thicker and heavier? Did they fill it with plastic? I mean I realize that the aluminum back of the current model allows for a very slim design but so does the plastic Samsung uses.

  • chris2

    Wait a minute… original Transformer not getting Android 4.0?

  • waiting for 3300 mAh battery

    This is a step backwards. Why would anyone buy such an inferior device just to save $100?

    • cloakster

      There are lots of people (non techies) that still buy the 16GB Galaxy Tab to save $100.

    • d3v14n7

      The same reason why the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color/Tablet sold so well, because it meets the needs of the casual user without including features/hardware they wouldn’t ever use and are relatively inexpensive… A quad core tablet for under $400 is a steal, especially considering the iPad 2 is inferior in pretty much every way and sells for a few hundred more than the Prime TF300t.

  • jon_d0e

    no quadrant scores no care

  • Cody

    This will sell a load if it’s priced 199-250

    • Jim R

      The cheapest name brand 10in Android tablet that i know of is the $300 Lenovo Ideapad. There’s no way that this will come in under $300, and most likely will go for around $400 IMO.

  • Omega

    Has to be $199-$250. Otherwise, it’s just ASUS trying to max out profits on the dud parts.

    Transformer Prime is nice and all, but it just had too many issues to really be useful. ESP. the whole GPS thing.

    Wake up ASUS. Quality has to go up and price has to go down. Not because we’re cheap, but because it’s the only way you’ll compete against Apple.

    (and I’m not an Apple fan by any stretch!)

  • ace

    how is this expensive when the ipad (LOL at proview patiently waiting to sue apple haha) is almost 300$ more than this!??!!?!
    Compare it to all tablets, it is the best tablet on the market for android, and relatively cheaper.

  • kevin

    let toughs dum asses that dont care about specs have there watered down tablet, i wont mine decked out!

    • graham

      I honestly have no idea what it is that you’re trying to say.

  • Bob

    1.6mm is “significantly thicker” compared to what? A sheet of paper? There’s a limit to usable thinness.

    A Transformer Prime 9000 (TF9000) that’s thinner than a sheet of paper and keeps on falling over/bending due to lack of structural support is useless even if the battery last a million years.

  • d3v14n7

    Considering the iPad 2 is a couple hundred dollars more than the Transformer Prime, how is the Prime “quite expensive”? Especially when the Transformer Prime completely destroys the iPad 2 in specs, features, performance, display resolution, usability, productivity and more…