Asus Transformer Prime Review (Video)


  • Lamothe

    All the pictures of the tablet show so much dirt on it xD

  • Jay

    I agree with Lamothe, before taking pictures you should clean the dang thing.

    I don’t think the Transformer Prime is really anything special, but then again I’m not a fan of tablets in the first place. Give me a Galaxy Nexus and I’m a happy guy.

  • Tom

    I think I can get over the lack of apps – I’m figuring it will get much better this year, but the build quality issues and poor Wi-Fi range are a concern.

    I’m glad that you tested and reported on the Wi-Fi range – it is important and something that is rarely tested in reviews.

  • Sean

    Just pointing out the taking screenshots with the multitasking button. That’s been a feature in Asus tablets since the original transformer

  • Hugh Gerection

    I’ll wait for the version with LTE. I hope wind will offer a tablet like this someday.

  • Caanda45

    Great tablet, but a lot of us have huge, I mean huge wi-fi issues with this tablet. Go over to xda and read, so I would not recommend this tablet till Asus fixes this issue. 15 feet away from my router on the same floor I get 1 to 3 mbps download speed and I am unable to stream any video on my tablet. I was in the airport last week on a trip using wi-fi and it took 30 to 35 seconds to render a web page and I never could stream the news…

    It is unbelievable that Asus let this tablet out to the public with such poor Wi-fi, it is despicable!!! If I could I would return mine…stay away from this tablet at this time it is not functioning properly…

  • Mesonto

    Wow if the reviewer doesn’t think that this tablet is a good deal he must think that the iPad is a complete rip-off.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the quality review! Glad I waited on on buying the Prime. Asus are producing some top of the line products in terms of specs, but I want to see a little more refinement and testing before buying. I definitely thing Asus will be by next/first tablet purchase.

  • Jay Jayasuriya

    Nice review. Can’t wait to get my hands on this baby. Just ordered mine two days ago!

  • Matt

    “these graphics are easily as good or better than what we had on the Playstation 2.”
    Sorry Dan, but you are just not qualified to make such a statement. The tablet games are simple and very focused as far as what is on screen. PS2 games were not

  • alex

    I think its unfair to give the build quality a 7…i mean come on unbreakable screen, unbreakable back. (well pretty much anyway). It should get at least an 8/8.5

  • Antoine N.

    “versatile OS in a way iOS cannot and will not ever be”

    Can’t say I don’t agree, but never say never!

  • htc

    Great article but one little correction…

    Hst is 12% not 13

    • Mark

      That depends on where you live. The provincial portion of the tax is determined by the provinces.

    • Andy c

      13% = Ontario

      Can some one please get Daniel the lap dock so he can finish the review?

  • mac

    im gonna take heat on this but…if you buy this over a 299 Blackberry Playbook 2.0 your a goof.

    Unless of course your a android or ASUS fanboy.

  • Dave

    “Too bad, though: without ever opening the app, I would get prompts of ‘Google+ has stopped responding,’ forcing me to disable it completely from the Applications menu.”

    Did you try clearing cache and data for Google+? I had the same problem when I upgraded my Nexus S to ICS, and doing so solved it for me.

  • Borderswine

    Blackberry? Official LAST choice in OS.


    I have two of these and I grade them 9.0 on 10.

    The reviewer is clearly biased against this tablet. Evaluation makes no sense in so many ways. Battery life is given an 8 when the Prime is better than all tablets including Ipad2.

    Daniel, you should hang up your keyboard!

  • ak29

    if daniel thinks $499 is expensive for this tablet then how much is good deal for ? $299? This tablet is $120 cheaper than the iPad 2 and does alot more. Its alot more versatile and powerful. Daniel time to get a new job.

    • Michael

      I’m not going to pay $500 for this. There’s no need for a $500 toy or a $650 laptop that only plays Flash Games.

  • InfinitiGuy

    Mono speaker? WTF.

  • Gab

    well isn’t it the same cameras as the Iphone 4s?

    for the record… I went to a lot of tourists areas in the summer. A handful of people use ipads as their main camera >.>…

  • 0obaho0

    While I agree with most of the things said in the review, it is incomplete. You can’t talk about this device without talking about the keyboard dock. You just can’t. The dock is what makes this the “Transformer”. I understand that not everyone needs it, but you can’t simply omit it without spending a good week using it in its full form. It’s a solid tablet on its own, but adding the dock takes it to another level. Yeah, you can buy Bluetooth keyboards for other tabs, but full sized USB, SD card reader for extra storage and a mini subwoofer built in to improve the sound? Don’t mind if I do! There are a few other things left out, but this is the one that stuck out most to me so I had to bring it up.

  • zzZZzz

    I agree with above poster… mustn’t review this without the dock.
    Furthermore, how exactly did you give a 7.5 for design when you didn’t say anything bad about it?
    Also, 7.5 for built quality? I understood that your initial purchase had that bleeding issue, and your replacement had not, thus why let this influence your score? What would make it a 10 in your opinion I’m curious. It has gorilla glass, something that a certain competitor has not. Also it has an aluminium backing. So do please mention what a tablet needs to do to please you…

  • Hugh Gerection

    I’ll wait for the playbook 2.0

  • TripleHelix


  • TripleHelix

    Apparently it wont post my long comments.
    It’s microHDMI, not microUSB. Read a spec sheet before you review if you don’t recognize what the ports are!
    Clean your device before taking pics. Not very professional.
    120$ price difference for equivalent iPad, they are not priced the same as you put it.
    7.5 for design even though only negative is uncomfortable in portrait?!?!
    Android OS >>> iOS I’m sorry. Not hard to make screens full of app icons be stable when you can’t customize.

    Try to leave your iOS bias out of reviews next time, or at least try to back up your claims.

  • 3DoubleD

    I understand that the scores are a SUBJECTIVE rating of the device, but you were certainly a bit too hard on the Prime.

    Giving it negative points for having a wide screen format is laughable when it is clearly superior for all forms of media consumption, whether it is video consuption in landscape or reading in portait. If you have trouble holding a 500 gram tablet then you should get out of the computer chair a bit more often, I have no trouble holding mine in any orientation. I find it especially comfortable reading lying down though, Asus chose the perfect width for the screen edges for holding.

    The “low DPI” screen is a bit laughable too. Comparing it to the 1080p version that is not out for 6 months is a little ridiculous. Should just give it a 5, it doesn’t have a holographic interface that will be available in 10 years! The negative impact of “low DPI” is barely evident, and given the relatively limited GPU power under the hood, probably suitable.

    Giving this tablet anything but a 10 for design is insanity. It is perfection. Perhaps a less scratchable case material would have been appreciated, but the finish does a good job of concealing blemishes as they arise.

    Also, Wifi on my model is brilliant so far.

  • Jeremy

    I bought my prime and keyboard at $483. Was a super deal at hhgregg for about 3 hours

  • Jake

    I love this tablet and i dont even own one android will own the tablet market soon just like they did the with the cell phone market because they give a customer choice and 1080p display is clear enough for me till the day I die f**k the iPad 3