ABC to air “iFactories: Inside Apple” and give a glimpse of Foxconn working conditions (Video)

ABC Nightline will be airing a first time look into Foxconn, one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners who’s responsible for producing the iPhone and iPad. The program is titled “iFactories: Inside Apple” and correspondent Bill Weir traveled to Chengdu, China for full access view to see how the plant operates, the working conditions and was given an opportunity to speak with a “top Foxconn executive” about the recent suicides.

Weir stated in the 1:30 promo vid that “We will show you how your iPad, your iPhone, your MacBook is made, and we will meet the people who made them. We’ll show you how these folks come on buses, sometimes for days, to travel to the Foxconn gates, desperate for a chance to wipe a screen or solder a chip for 10 hours a day at less than $1.50 an hour. It’s a fascinating look into a hidden corner of our world..

There’s some speculation on why ABC was given the rights to the story. Forbes believes there is a bit of conflict as ABC is owned by Disney and that Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO , sits on Apple’s board of directors. In addition, Steve Jobs Trust is Disney’s largest individual shareholders.

“iFactories: Inside Apple” airs on Tuesday at 11:35pm EST on ABC.

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Source: Apple Insider