BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 advertised in this weeks Best Buy flyer, upgrade imminent


  • Terry

    The price jumping up $100 is a “hot price”?

    Guess I should get one before Friday.

    • pb99

      or just wait for the Q4 release and get it for $99

    • pb99

      Upgrade imminent??
      Ha, I love it! It’s been “imminent” since April 2011, “coming this summer” “in Sept”; “In February 2012” “Mid February” “latter part of February”…
      The brochure will come out next week and clearly says “Coming Soon” so far everything is rumors.
      If OS 2.0 were so close to release,RIM would be announcing it with an EXACT DATE! You guys should be happy if they release it at 10pm on Feb 29th!
      The increase in prices is because Future Shop will have them for $199.

  • abc123

    I see the price has gone up to $299 for the 16GB instead of $199. I guess I will have to go out and get one before Friday.

    • pb99

      The price will increase because its the “Anniversary Edition” 10 months old!

  • Chris

    ATTENTION ALERT: Look at the price. It looks like RIM will raise the prices when OS 2 is released. Seeing that RIM gained 25% in Canada on the tablet when the price was $199, I hope astute mobile syrup readers pick up the tablet before prices go up.

  • picks

    Ive got mine even though its a secondary tablet for me, grabbed it for $199 glad i got it when i did

  • Zagabog

    OS 2.0 *will* kick a*s, but I think RIM would be well advised to set prices at $199, $249 and $349.

  • B.W.

    I was also going to comment that it looks like there’s big price jumps coming with OS2.

    16GB goes from $199 -> $299
    32GB goes from $249 -> $399

  • Brandon

    Should have got it when it was a hot buy for 149.99

    • pb99

      The people that wanted a PB bought one from 400 down to $150 or $99 if you are a RIM employee. The price will go up for 40 days to avoid the people that bought it at $150 to get a credit, after that it will drop again to either $150 or $99. It has happened 4 times already since April last year, just check it out, that’s how they reduce the prices and avoid the extra humiliation-impact of giving money back to adjust the prices.

  • Rami

    Bought mine at $149, glad I did now! Hope that update rolls out on Friday

  • @zzo

    All i see is that beautiful 10.1 galaxy tab

    • david

      Galaxy Tab looks infected with syphilis compared to Playbook 2.0

  • kman

    First off, it’s mind blowing that RIM hasn’t even announced the 2.0 release date yet… but i digress.

    While OS2 will HOPEFULLY bring the playbook up to par, it is unproven in the real world so far. Who knows what issues it will have? If 1.x was released at all in its sorry state and then left unpatched with basic basic issues like notifications that don’t turn off, I fear 2.0 may also have major flaws. If so, based on RIMs past performance, how long would these take to fix? Another year? I’m hoping for the best but I can’t assume it will be awesome until we all get to use it for a while.

    Based on these risks, I think its really presumptuous of RIM to assume they can crank prices up based on this new OS release. I suspect a lot of people will take a wait and see approach, and higher prices won’t pull them in.

  • Neil

    Grabbed one for $149 from Telus, actually they were sold out but Bestbuy/Futureshop will price match

  • julianos

    I got mine at staples for 150… The 32gb … Friday please come quick… I want the 2.0 os..

  • Mark

    very bad marketing decision by RIM (Best Buy?) here, as once a product is lowered to move stock you can’t raise it back to a price point where it was not really selling to begin with (Not even mentioning the $499 price). They had them for $149 and now it is double that, so what if the new OS 2 is coming, now that some Android phones are getting ICS does that mean they should jump back up in price too?? The OS updates are a feature of buying the product for them not to be outdated so quickly but it’s a benefit of buying it in the 1st place.

    Even Telus had them listed as END OF LIFE!! So not sure why they did this unless it was only to artificially inflate their market share giving them the perceived advantage of raising the price again.

    Not cool!!

    • Aquiles

      I love my apple products but i am trebtily disappointed with the iPhone 4. And i always look at as many tablets and phones as i can just to see what else is out there. Sorry if you don’t enjoy them

  • Platinum

    They’re prepping for PB2 launching in a few months and TRYING to re-set customer expectations. They want to compete with the iPad and NOT the Amazon Kindle Fire. Imagine if the PB2 is 600 whereas the WiFi version is $200, woudn’t make sense. Do I agree with it? I don’t care, I got my 32GB for $150 so I’m happy. Bottom line, they probably don’t care if they sell any old PB’s, it’s all about the new one and setting the price as a premium product. My 2 cents…

  • deltatux

    great news for PlayBook users, love to see how my friends would like this. It’s what they’ve been waiting for. Most of them have been on the edge of their seats about it.

    This is basically as big of an upgrade as the Android 4.0 upgrade for me for both my phone and tablet.

  • Scott are showing the 16GB Playbook on sale at $199 until Feb 20.

  • FadedSpark

    Official best buy employee training says the 21st.

  • Slype

    Wow… It’s kind of sad to see a company as big and as successful as RIM, flounder and mess up over and over like this. I mean, the product is 12 months old and it is missing basic functionality.. broken promises, fire sales and a painful stock drop. I can only imagine the morale and caliber of leadership that been on display with the company. I wish the employees well. Well at least the ones who didn’t screw it all up and shoved their heads in the sand.

    Wonder how many Nortel employees made it in there?

  • rboan

    I checked the link on this advertisement, and it appears to now be up. It reads that 2.0 is “Coming Soon!” Not a surprise, but I am eagerly waiting for it anyways. By the way, the price going down to as low as it was, was to encourage sales. They still are decently low for the hardware, and run very well.

  • tibcowboy

    I am just surprised that RIM hasn’t anounced release date when we are closed to end of the month. It just seems that are not confident enough to give official release date. That would do little to boost the confidence of consumers.

  • Ibrahi

    a*s for the android app good idea but some loeppe seem to think you can run every android app and game and you cant lol you can only run what developers port over to to the blackberry so really there wont be a great dealand as we know most android apps arnt great as it is lol