HTC Endeavor rumoured to be called One X, Ville to be One S

The HTC Endeavor nee Edge has seen many a name change, but it looks like the quad-core device will launch as the HTC One X, with the X in postscript just above the word One. Similarly, the dual-core Ville will likely be branded to the HTC One S, with similar postscripting.

What is the reason for this change? Well, HTC is known to launch devices as different names in certain markets (remember the ChaCha which ended up being called the Status?) but if true, this is a smart move for the company. They could potentially build an entire branding regime around the HTC One nomenclature, launching different devices and services under, ahem, “One” roof. This could apply to their music service, cloud storage solution and Beats products.

As for the Edge/Endeavour/One X, it is expected to be a 4.7-inch 720p device running Tegra 3. The mid-range Ville/One S will be a dual-core qHD device with a slightly smaller 4.3-inch screen.

Source: Pocketnow
Via: Slashgear