Nokia to launch low-end Lumia 610 Windows Phone Tango device at MWC?

Nokia is not wasting any time unleashing its Windows Phone prowess in multiple markets, on many different price points. The upcoming Lumia 610 — which is to launch at Mobile World Congress alongside a couple Asha devices and Nokia’s last stand at a Symbian phone — is expected to be one of the first devices to launch with Windows Phone Tango, optimized for use in lower-spec hardware.

Tango has been outlined as a stop-gap between Mango and Apollo, and will allow for devices with lower-resolution screens, lower RAM counts and, well, cheaper hardware than Microsoft currently enforces. Currently OEMs must include at least a 1Ghz processor, multitouch screen with at least five touch points at 800×480 resolution, 512MB RAM and a dedicated shutter button.

We can’t imagine a device retailing for much lower than the Lumia 710, which sells for $255 outright on Rogers. However, if Nokia manages to break the $200 mark for the Lumia 610, it could be the first real competition Android manufacturers have had for their own low-end devices.

Would you buy a sub-$200 Lumia 610 Windows Phone, or is the Lumia 710 as low as you’d go?

Source: Techradar