Nokia to launch low-end Lumia 610 Windows Phone Tango device at MWC?


  • bob

    The minimum RAM for WP7 devices is 256MB. Many first gen devices have less than 512MB RAM.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for Microsoft to lower the requirements. 800×480, 1GHz single core devices should now be cheap enough.
    They should instead focus on bringing 1280×720 dual core devices.

    • pb99

      The Lumia 710 with its poor battery life should have been released at $199 and skip the Lumia 610 altogether; unless they release the 610 at $130 it won’t be able to compete with the Optimus One and Samsung Gio etc in the entry level Android Market.

      There are already sub $50 Android phones. The only territory where Nokia is still king in Africa is in the sub-$50 double SIM handsets. Android is approaching Nokia in the low end, the 710 is overpriced with its poor battery life and BB still thinks its highly desirable; and it isn’t. Those are the news of the day.

    • pb99

      Bell has the Samsung Galaxy W for $250 outright, vs $255 for the Lumia 710, they are practically the same phone but the W has a 1500 mAh; while the 710 a 1300mAh AND 10g heavier.
      The W is getting Android 4.0
      Which one would you choose?

    • andy c

      @ pb99

      Mobilesyrup seems to think the the Lumia 710 is the best phone in the $250 range according to there review

      android 4.0 vs offline GPS.

    • sod

      The Lumia 710 IS the best phone in the $250 range, although admitingly mostly due to runing the WP7 OS.

  • Adam

    I’d consider a sub-$200 phone as a backup/bar phone, but I already plan on buying the 710 for that purpose. (Android user, so a cheap BB isn’t an option for me)

    Not sure I’d think about the 610 if my carrier is offering the 710. I can’t see the price point being that much less than the 710.

  • Sejanus

    Would be a perfect phone for Mobilicity/Wind?

    • Adam

      You must mean a low-end phone for a low-end network?

  • Arkeetek

    I have money, so I will buy the latest flagship.

    But this would be a perfect Pay as you go type phone for Teens. Get them hooked on WP7 while they’re young.

  • Rich

    WP7 is still in its infancy so if I had to pay for a $200 android device vs a $200 WP7, I’d grab the android.

    With that said, I’m still interested, but unlikely to bite.

  • Adam

    Going to have a hard time finding a new $200 android device though. If you can, and it’s decent, then good buy, but I’m not sure a low-end phone like the Optimus one, Phoenix or Galaxy Q would compare to the low-end WP7 phones.

  • David Evans

    Would make a nice burner phone

  • glonq

    Helllooooooo, WP7 fragmentation!

    No thanks.

  • Big Ang

    How much lower can it go?

    How much $ can be saved by reducing the ram from 512mb? Barely anything, but the user experience would suffer. How much can be saved by reducing the screen resolution? Probably nothing because I doubt anyone makes screens less than 480×800 anymore, and if they do, it will look horrible and the user experience will suffer.

    My guess:
    1ghz processor
    Smaller screen, HOPEFULLY same resolution, but it could go lower
    same ram, as 512 isn’t much
    4gb memory OR external SD slot

    Smaller size, but same looks as the 710. I can’t see it costing drastically less than what Rogers charges for the 710 off contract (which seems to be lower than anywhere else on the planet).

    It’s meant for the emerging markets, where Nokia is strong, and it will hopefully do well over there. But I REALLY hope the screen resolution and ram are the same, as every Windows app is designed for those specs.

  • Owl

    The 710 is still a great value. If its a $50 difference I would get the 710 but overall I still love my Android.

  • brian

    610 would be a great upgrade for a Nokia C3 users or older BB curve users.
    Personally I like to see Rodgers or Chatr or Speakout bring the ASA 303 to Canada with the S40 OS is a straight forward menu to use. Upgrade the phones Twitter and Facebook apps. The ablity to be able to download a few custom apps form Nokia\Windows store and you would really have a pay so you go smart phone for the masses.

  • ile2010

    I have a 710 and the battery life is not much worse than it was on my iPhone 4. WTF are you people smoking?

  • Big Ang

    I was looking around. The Lumia phones seem to be Windows Phone versions of Nokia Symbian phones (why re-invent the wheel?). Perhaps the future Lumia 610 is a Windows Phone version of the Nokia 500? Would make sense, as the design of the Symbian 500 (Lumia 610?) goes well with the Lumia 710, with its different coloured backs and slots at the top. And the Symbian 500 is priced right. $170-180 is noticeably lower than the $255 that the Lumia 710 is going for, although it should be a little lower.

    The specs seem BARELY able to cut it. 256mb of ram (which is the NEW low-end for Windows Phone). 3.2inch screen with a low-end resolution (hope you have itty-bitty fingers). and an sd slot so little or no ram is needed (I don’t see how this cuts cost). I’m hoping by the time this comes out (spring or summer) the price will be MUCH lower the justify its low specs.

    As much as I barely ever see a need to buy the latest, greatest, largest phone for $600+, I don’t have any desire to get a smartphone that I will barely use. Looks like the Lumia 710 strikes the right balance for me.

  • candy287

    i wouldnt buy it if it 150+ with tax. for such a low spec