Fido LG Optimus 2X upgrade to Android OS 2.3.4 now available


  • Barry

    Thanks but I’m on 2.3.7 already with CM7 and still waiting on for CM9.

    • KeviN

      how did you receive a higher upgrade with fido’s optimus 2x

  • Briggs

    And wind will never see it.

    • Alex Perrier

      Either WIND invests money to get both upgrades (Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich), therefore selling more 2X without cutting the cost; or WIND releases neither upgrade, has an overstock of 2X, and is forced to sell them at a reduced cost.

      i’m pretty sure it costs less to upgrade a phone’s software than to sell it at clearance prices. We can’t let the Optimus Chic horror story happen again. Recap: Bell sold the Chic for $250 outright,, sales were very poor, so the unit was discounted by 50% to as low as 80%. Bell’s big selfish attitude hit them really hard. Unfortunately, anyone who got the Chic won’t get any official software updates, despite LG’s numerous promises in 2011.

      Also, keep in mind the LG Optimus 2X costs the same as the Google Nexus S. LG and WIND will need an argument other than “it’s dual-core” to entice customers to purchase this phone.

  • Lawlerballer

    LG’s the new Samsung of updates, they’ll say they’ll bring out an update and either it’ll never come or it’s gonna take ages and the phone is gonna be old news by the time the update does come. I highly doubt this thing is gonna get ICS and when/if it does it’ll probably be when the next version of Android has been out for a month or two.

  • wata

    anyone with the LG optimus from Fido that does not have the “system software upgrade” option show up on their phone? I have this issue…how do I go about fixing it? I WANT THAT UPGRADE!!

  • Brian

    @Wata I have the phone too, and it’s not there. This model doesn’t have over the air updates. You would need to connect it to your computer and get the upgrade when it’s available from the LG website.

  • dh

    Same issue – software upgrade not an option settings menu/ about phone sub menu. Weird thing is that is you look closely at the screen shot included in the original post for this thread, there is no software upgrade option in that menu either. Go figure!

  • dh

    Just read Brian’s response and from the tech forum discussions that I have been reading on the FIDO website and it sounds like upgrade does need to be done with phone tethered via USB to PC. I will and indicate success or failure in a future post.

  • TheCyberKnight

    How can people be excited to be upgraded to an obsolete OS version. It’s like being excited to install Windows XP.

    Nothing fun here. Where’s ICS?

  • Warren

    I was the person who submitted the tip this morning, and yes, I had to tether to my pc via USB and run the LG Mobile Update software. So far the update is pretty slick, everything just seems to run a bit faster, and I think battery life is a bit better as well.

    • Jay

      Speak for yourself Warren. I’ve got the Liquid E from Fido and I’d love to be upgraded to anything above Froyo. Not everyone has the money to upgrade their hardware every two seconds.

    • Jay

      Woops, sorry Warren that was supposed to be addressed to TheCyberKnight. My bad.

    • TheCyberKnight


      I understand your point and you exactly hit the heart of my comment.
      You shouldn’t have to always get the latest device to benefit from the latest OS (up to a certain point in time, evidently).
      The Android ecosystem is rotten in that aspect.

    • raul

      warren, i could not do it. it says connect my phone but my phone is already connected. i desperately need to upgrade my phone. it goes dead even there is still a lot of battery left.

  • Wes

    Finally. late is better than nothing

  • MARS

    The only thing I would ever buy from LG is a TV or Microwave.

  • dh

    Upgrade went fine. Thanks Warren for the heads up on it’s availability. Dark nite you compare the update to being an xp user. Well I say that i would rather be running xp instead of windows 95….

  • wewewi

    “in the process of planning” an update to something that was released 2-3 months ago for a phone they released over than a year ago??

    That’s funny.

  • Rahul

    did you guys need to backup your data or does the update not erase any of your data?

    • Sudla

      I did back up my data. But seems I did not need to restore after upgrade.

  • Netcoor

    Works great on lg Optimus 2x, upgrade took 40 minutes to complete. Phone seems to run faster and finally front camera works using gtalk and google+ messenger.
    Now let’s see how long it will take LG to upgrade to ICS.

  • Gigabyte

    Just tried to upgrade with the LG computer software but failed. The LGMobile Update showed my current 2.2.2 was the most update version and no need to upgrade. I found someone posted the upgrade procedure on Youtube but need to download their software from their web site. Is it really work?

    • KeviN

      i have the same problem, did you find a solution as yet

  • Martin P.

    Very strange. I purchased the phone recently and tried upgrading it since 2.2.2 is VERY buggy. The screen hangs and freezes etc. But it seems that as of february the update tool stopped working. Strange 🙁 Anyone called Fido regarding this? Or LG?

  • Mike

    I just called LG support and they said there is no update available.

  • Sniper

    Still doesn’t work , Mobile updater on my PC says I have the latest version

  • piyush

    plz tell me the process of upgreding anroid os of my optimus 2x

  • tammy duquette

    i had my lg google antroid stolen and i ned to know how i can use my gps to locate it

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