TELUS 72-hour sale has the LG Optimus 7, HTC Surround 7 and Desire for $0 on a 1-year


  • Andy Warhol

    Its nice to see that, other than the Torch, there’s no data/$50 min plan requirement on any of them. $500/12 months means that more than $40 goes towards your device balance each month…pretty cool!

    • Alex Perrier

      Torch 9800 has a two-year option with only a $20/month minimum monthly fee. It can be a better deal than the one-year at $50/month for people who just want BBM, talk and text. But you’re right that these prices won’t help RIM gain new subscribers.

  • Alex Perrier

    Yeah, thanks to those who noticed this! Can’t subscribe, i’m an existing customer, but good option for new customers!

    i’m a little disappointed that the 9300 and 9780 were left out, despite Rogers selling the 9300 for $100 outright. The 9800 is either a one-year at minimum $50/month or a two-year at minimum $20/month, which is lukewarm considering the others are one-year at minimum $20/month.

    There’s also tons of decent choices at $0 on a two-year, some with the $20/month requirement and others with the $50/month requirements. No rush, because these are a recurrent deal and not part of the 72-hour sale promotion.

    All the carriers, including WIND, should offer one-year (for feature phones and basic smartphones) or two-year (for high-end smartphones) cpmtracts. There’s no reason to sign a three-year. Those who purchase phones outright should be eligible for cheaper plans than those who want a subsidized phone. Bell and Virgin currently offer $5 to $10 off every month for SIM only, but a better example is T-Mobile which takes $20 off every month with its 2GB Value plan.

  • DrCarmody

    The Optimus 7 alone is worth it!

  • Victor

    cool. but is anyone else getting redirected to when trying to acces the telus website?

  • Jesse

    I’m glad they’re starting to do $0/1 year deals.

  • gwydionjhr

    Gee, is Telus clearing out the Gen1 Windows Phones before the Nokia800 and maybe others hit in the next few weeks? Perhaps?

  • wewewi

    Is any other carrier in the world still selling the original Desire?

  • Scott

    LG Optimus 7 or HTC Surround 7

    • Strawberry

      If you really looking to save a bit of money, forget Telus itself. Look into Koodo or Virgin, perhaps Fido as well. And I am not even talking about the little guys – they always have good deals.

      Telus and Bell are two of the most expensice cellphone service providers in Canada.

    • Guillaume B

      I’d say Optimus 7; the Surround’s slideout speaker, the only thing it’s got over the Optimus 7, is a gimmick and is not worth the extra thickness. The Optimus 7 has a great feel in hand, and should not disappoint.

      There’s essentially no fragmentation on WP7, so you’re not really making a mistake getting either one of those: they’re able to run everything the newer handsets run, but it’s also true the Lumia 800 is sexiness incarnate…

  • Question

    @ Scott
    I would wait for the Nokia Lumia 800
    but if I had to choose out of those 2 windows phone I would choose the LG optimus 7 both good phones though

    • Scott

      Yea but the thing is is I’m going to buy out my current contract for $400 and I want the cheapest solution. and a free phone on a 1 year plan sounds good.

  • Simon

    So between the Android handset and the two WP7 ones, can someone recommend which one is better (and perhaps your reasons)?

    It’s about time for me to get a new phone, and those three do not require a $50/month plan. I don’t really have a preference for the OS, as long as the phones run smoothly and are sturdy.

    • andy c

      the WP7 devices seem to “age” better then android ones in terms of OS support.

      I would only go with the older desire over the Optimus 7:

      -you really need google navigation. wp7 also has free turn by turn but it’s not as polished as google

      -heavy Google+ user. WP7 can only access Google+ via the web app

      -specific apps you can’t find in the WP7 marketplace. most of the major IOS and Android apps have been ported to WP7

      WP7 does much better with battery life, OS support, and overall ease of use

  • Tj

    Don’t forget that Telus charges for incoming text , unless you go for their ridiculous text package.

    • swizzlerz

      telus has unlimited txting in cluded in my plan.. so get a plan that includes it.

  • joel

    There’s actually more interesting deals on the Telus web site – the Nexus S is also $0.00 – on a 2 year. Not bad for an Android 4.0 phone. And yes, there is a $50/month requirement.

    For me, on Mobilicity’s $23/month plan it’s cheaper to just buy it outright ($350+600 after 2 years, compared to $1200 for 2 years at Telus) – but not everyone can manage the phone’s full cost.

    So there you go. Canada finally got a 2 year contract at Telus.

  • Andy c

    Anyone who is considering getting a feature phone should just get one of these instead

  • Terry

    and when the blackberry style will be at 0$ 1 year

  • Nick

    These 72-hour deals are great. You can be out of your contract when the people who bought the phones almost brand new still have another year or more left! Insane.

  • boojay

    HTC Desire….greatest phone….eVAR!!

  • freestaterocker

    I think somewhat you are paying for quality with TELUS/Bell. As a Bell customer, I am thrilled with the customer service I’ve received from day one, I don’t have dropped calls, texts, etc., my data is fast even in low coverage. (consistently around 4mbps up/2mbps down with 1-2 bars at my farm house with my HD7) I have many friends with TELUS that tell similar tales, whereas I don’t know anybody happy with Rogers. “I never got that text, Garrett”. “Oh. That’s because I’m with Rogers.” (actual conversation with a friend)

  • Blah blah blah

    Cool, but too bad the desire is still 449 off contract… Could’ve been a nice cheap upgrade for me until by deal runs out.

  • ren

    Awesome! Optimus 7, here I come!

  • Troy Pavlek

    I’ve been trying to order a Desire for the past 4 hours but Telus is doing site upgrades so you can’t order things.

    Really dumb to prohibit customers from using your online store during a 72-hour, online-only sale.

  • Danielle

    LG Optimus 7 or HTC Desire?