Samsung Galaxy S III rumoured to launch in April, have a quad-core processor, 12-megapixel camera, HD display


  • Trey

    …and I was just going to pick up a 4S today. Thanks for making my life difficult mobilesyrup.

    • Loic

      Why would you even consider lower yourself to an apple device…

  • Brendon

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and my contract runs out in Sept. It is going to be a difficult choice to go with the next nexus or this sgs.
    The nice thing about the sgs line is they go all out on specs

    • cybik

      HTC Edge, as soon as ICS hits on it. With the unlockable bootloaders HTC does now, you’d have CyanogenMOD 9 / ICS running on a Tegra3 BEAST.

    • bob

      Samsung never locked boot loaders. You don’t need any hack / unlock tool to flash an other ROM. Just boot the phone in download mode.

  • I forgot my meds

    Moredung from sumdung.

    • samhung

      Your Samsung may be dung but my samsung is well hung…Samhung.

  • Don

    All those glorious specs ruined by TouchWiz, and it’ll probably be abandoned around November.

    • Daniel

      i agree with you in that it’ll just get trumpedd by another phone the month after it’s released.

      personally i think the hardware is becoming overkill and simply used for marketing. in reality, not many apps are optimized for dual core, let along quad core

    • Jim R


      I was going to add a post asking if we really need quad-core CPUs for a freaking phone. But you beat me to it.

      Seems we are at, or rapidly approaching, the point where we have technology for the sake of technology. We can, so we do; regardless of how much sense it actually makes.

      Also, I’m sure it sells phones to do this. There are undoubtedly plenty of people out there with a single or dual-core phone which works perfectly well for them. However, they see quad-core and are *convinced* they *need* to have one. Sigh.

  • Cody


  • Billy

    Wonder what provider they will be under. I’m probably going for a contract if I get it, so..

  • Daniel

    i don’t understand it with consumers. if you feel like buying this because of its hardware spec… get real. it’s a phone, not a gaming pc.

    to me it just seems like android’s covering how slow it really is by abusing high hardware spec

    • bob

      What is nice with such high end hardware is that “old” dual core devices from 2011 will sell for cheap on kijiji.
      Nobody forces you to buy the last thing.

  • keiYUI

    I’m waiting for the Galaxy S5!

    • markehz

      So am I, or probably S6 (better hardware than S5) think about it.

    • clone trooper

      I am really excited too. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S XXVI HD 5G

    • The answer my friend, is blowing in the WIND

      By the time your 3-year plan expires, Samsung will have it Galaxy S5 or S6 out. The wireless service providers and the hardware vendors are completely out of synch. With the speed with which new technology and handset models are launched, you cannot expect customers to be tied into 3 year terms.

      I for one have decided to never sign a contract again. I’d rather buy my phones full price, use them and eventually sell them to buy the next big thing. This way I’m always using the latest technology/gadget and I can stick it to the provider anytime I want.

      Bell, Rogers and Telus are a sad reflection of the lack of innovation and telecom leadership. They thrive on collusion and government protectionism. True Canadian mediocrity!

  • Thai

    fap. Fap. FAP. I filled the cup.

    • Me Ted

      All over your mom’s face. Ouch.

  • oydevil

    The iphone 5 will come out with a dual core processor with 1 GB RAM , improved siri and a 10 mp camera. Apple will call it the best iphone yet. And the isheep will go crazy for it. sad, but true story.

    • tendenzi

      LOL. I feel baaaAAaaad for you. you’re in such denial.

      As for this news, looks like the latest and greatest isn’t already here from Samsung. Samsung’d yourself there.

  • Dalex

    The best smartphone of 2012. Following the GS2, the best phone of 2011. Man, good thing I have some money saved up for it.. Gonna have to order it in April then. Now what am I going to do with my GS2? Its still better than all the other phones out there.

  • Jesse

    What’s next? Pentacore? Metalcore? If you buy a phone solely for specs then your wallet must seriously be aching.

  • Jer

    This is all very good, didn’t expect any less from Samsung’s biggest mobile line. Now if they really want to impress us, show us some huge batteries like the Razr MAXX has. Now that will impress me to the highest point.

  • troy

    sIII quad core already wtf man im now purchasing an s2x

  • S*****


  • JG

    I expect the battery to last 7 minutes on standby

    • Cosmic

      Yep and an extended battery will likely make it and inch thick.

  • tweeker

    Who is in demand for a quad core phone? like someone posted hardly any apps are written for it let alone really using the dual cores currently out.
    I bet the battery will be quite decent despite it’s larger size, hopefully the build quality and speaker/radio is vastly improved as well.

  • Lemmy

    This is why I am waiting until my contract is up in June, so I can get this phone. It’s about time we get a quad-core phone!

  • power bob

    ARM Cortex A15 on 28nm soc ???

    This would rock.

  • Paul

    Wouldn’t count on this phone in Canada before Christmas. It seems we have to wait for everything.

    • David N

      Not true. GSII came out in Canada last summer. I believe it came out 3-4 months before the US variants

  • Chuck

    What is the screen size? Please not another 4.7″ useless phone!

    • bob

      Anything lower than the SGS2 4.27″ wouldn’t sell.

    • Kiff

      Agreed, if they go with anything bigger than 4.6″ they will dig the SGS line into a niche market.

      The Galaxy Nexus is already almost too big for a lot of peopple. Same with the telus and rogers SGS2’s

  • elnad

    Ah finally a real phone. The last Nexus is ok but not great with a bad camera and an ordinary CPU+GPU. Now this is going to be a beast. 720p, quad-core and a good camera. I could go on a contract for this kind of phone, even though I promised myself to never go back on a 3 years contract.

    But I will wait for the iPhone 5 before buying anyways. It better be a new product this time. Not another upgrade with a worst battery and a voice service that means nothing for Canadians.

  • WhySoSiri-us

    You can dress a robot up in expensive shiney clothes but undetneath its still just a cheap plastic w***e!

    • Nib

      This makes no sense, with Samsung plastic is on the outside. Sounds like you’re talking about an iphone.

  • bob

    I think the 720p display is a must. The question is will it be pentile or not?
    Quad-core processor is not impossible. However quad 1.6 GHz seems unlikely. It will either be a dual 1.6 GHz or a quad 1.2 GHz. Still not sure that it will be Cortex A15. If it’s the case, substract a few more MHz.
    2GB RAM would be nice, however being stuck at 1GB is still possible.
    As for the 12MP camera, who cares? 5MP with good lenses would be enough. Given that the SGS2 was 8MP anything short of that will be seen as a regression however.

    • bob

      Also it will be 42 Mbps HSPA+ and/or LTE 75 Mbps

  • Leo

    At this rate, these cell phone will be faster than the desktop computer within 1.5yrs !! LOL !!

  • SAM


  • sp

    sweet!!!!! thank goodness my gf lives in Cali!!! she can get me this phone early bwahahahahaha

    for sale..loved SII ^_^

  • Leon

    I will not buy phone with a Tegra 3. I want A15 for the efficiency.

  • Kal

    Imagine this phone: Size of Galaxy S2, with the screen size of a Galaxy Nexus, + high definition amoled PLUS screen + ICS

    Forget all the specs, these is the screen Ive been waiting for for years. Finally AMOLED in HD resolution with the clarity of an LCD (no pentile!)

  • SiriGotFried

    iPhone User: Hello Siri! Can you tell me the potential SPECs on Samsung Galaxy S3?

    SIRI: Okay, let me check that for you…

    SIRI: loading…loading….

    SIRI: Okay, this is what I have:

    Samsung Galaxy SIII will have quad-core @ 2.0 ghz, 2.5 gb ram, 720p screen / gorilla glass, 4.5″ inch screen, 32/64/128 GB capacities /w microSDXC slot.

    iPhone User: Sweet!, nice eh Siri?


  • Wat?

    Haha, this is getting RIDICULOUS.
    The S2 is running perfect, flawless.
    Why would you put all that junk on it ?
    Less battery life ?
    A burning device in your pocket that can stand LTE for 5 minutes ?

    this is ridiculous.
    that’s why

  • nick

    lol every time specs get bumped there’s always a bunch of comments from skeptics.
    Processors are going to have to improve if we want to take advantage of ridiculous 50+MB per second download speeds.
    Oh and they have explained a million times how the battery should be improved with dedicated cores for stand-by mode as well as smaller SOC.
    Dont you get it i****s, this just pushes competition and makes everything else cheaper. If we have the ability to build it, WHY THE F NOT

  • power bob

    Quad core is useless unless you have a 28nm cpu …

  • M.J.

    I dont understand. Android and Samsung, how do you expect me to keep up with your great products if we clearly cant be upgrading every 8 months.

    And Quad core? My HTC Raider and my buddys Galaxy Nexus run flawless and do so much, what will 2 more cores do for me? That is not needed and I am a geek by all standards but we are moving too fast for any consumer unless you have 700 dollars sitting around every 8 months that you will be willing to pay for the next greatest phone. I just wish they just put more thought into the production a bit more instead of suffocating us with so many products.

    I have had the first ever android phone, the second ever android phone and a handful more. But this is getting wild and unless the carriers start switching up upgrade policies android lovers all around wont be so interested in the next 6 core phone released in a year.

  • Kal

    what are people complaining about? if you cant afford to buy a phone outright and want to get a phone on a 2 year contract (3 year for canadians), then deal with it. you have to get a phone every 2 – 3 years. Those contracts arent meant for people who want to upgrade constantly, theyre for suckers who want a phone for “free”. If not, Start saving.

    I always buy the best phone, then 6 months later when a new one comes out, I sell mine and get 75% of the money back and then pay the difference the get the latest. Its a cycle thats always worked and equates to 200-300$ out of my pocket every 6 months to get the newest phone, which really isnt that bad. I never sign a contract people theyre ridiculous

    • Doug Richardson

      You strategy is interesting.
      What puts me off is that if you bring your own phone to the carrier, you still pay the monthly rate that includes a hardware subsidy, except you buy the hardware yourself. If ‘bring your own hardware’ attracted a service plan discount equal to the hardware subsidy built in, then fine. Why pay for hardware twice? Once when you buy your own, and once again in the monthly service fee?

  • Kal

    And whats really annoying is when people complain that phones are coming out too fast. Its good for the consumer as when youre finally ready to renew your contract 2 years later, the phones will be significantly different. is that the best you could ask for?

    The galaxy line (the only line I buy), comes out once a year, for the record

  • Release Date Guru

    Murtazin’s tweet does not mention a possible release date. Where do you get your info ?

  • DRI

    If these phones get larger screens and upgraded hardware, they will be so big and heavy they will end up right back where phones started. Hanging on the wall!

  • Brandon


  • cloakster

    FYI, the Asus transformer prime launched as a thinner, lighter Quad Core device with much better battery life than its dual core predecessor. I understand the jokes before, but nvidia has proved they can make a quad core that is very power efficient. ARM can easily do just as good a job or better.

  • zzZZzz

    the only reason i’d be interested in this would be the speculated improved battery life with a quad core. Besides that the 36-48hrs battery life on my sensation with ICS 4.0.3 (InsertCoin rom) is more than enough.

  • Azzo


  • M.J.

    I’m just saying not everyones going to sell there phone every 6 months, not everyone is going to want to do that to keep up and if that is what we have to do to keep up there is clearly something wrong.

    Technology is awesome! And we are continuously updating but phone plans and phones are just on two different pages right now and thats what needs to be fixed! Like the Atrix was the first dual core phone, and wasn’t even out for a year and now were expecting quad core phones?

    Plans need to be on the same page as updates. Its just like Phone companies and providers need to be on the same page with Android, thats how fragmentation started.

  • MrMarvelous

    My galaxy nexus runs like a champ. I wonder only about the supposed improved battery life…how does that work?

  • Gooner

    Why do people have the need to keep up with technology? If your current phone works well what’s the point? Upgrade in a few years time where there is a clear difference.

    I honestly don’t know why anyone with an S2 or any quality phone would want to upgrade so badly to the S3 if they can’t afford it.

  • Pacman

    Will Pac-man run on this?