Rumour: RIM to launch two BlackBerry 10 devices, Curves, HSPA+ Playbook in the next year


  • FiZi

    Here’s hopin they get it right or that will be the end of RIM.

    • FightlikeQuebec

      Small Differences:
      Samsung “rumor” about the Samsung Galaxy SIII has picture, specs and misses price…three months in advance.

      RIM rumor:” RIM will release maybe 10 phones in 2013″ with the picture of a Sar Trek Phone…..really?

      RIM is running out of Rumors and BGR has lost any credibility left. People and investors are starting to see through that PR game.

      RIM: stop talking about products. Just Complete them and release them!!

  • Pacoup

    September!? Geezus. They’re still going with that. I can’t wait this long. The market can’t wait this long.

  • jeangray

    There still is some hope

  • Tom

    I agree that the Playbook has a great OS and great hardware, but it is all too late.

    RIM will release the HSPA+ version of the Playbook just when Android and Apple are releasing LTE versions…

    • bummy

      RIM just needs to DUMB-DOWN their press conference, so that average consumer can understand how awesome it is.

      And make a BIG DEAL out of the OS running android market. Marketing marketing marketing.

  • M.J.

    Why such a long wait for the dual core tablets? And the new phones need to be out much sooner, there going to be waaaay behind when they release those phones. I think the dual core age is all we need for phones but now with quad core phones and tablets where will blackberry be in all of this?

  • Phyxius

    why is rim being a backseat player? go big or go home, you can’t afford to play it safe. i really don’t want to see bb go down and i hope every one is wrong when saying bb is dead. but they are not playing their cards right

  • roman129

    I adore the blind optimism on here for RIM.
    The Playbook is still an answer to a question no one is asking, and RIM’s new Bold ads are just showing that don’t know who their market is. Those ads won’t convince hipster DJs to buy Blackberries, and it makes their core corporate users cringe in disgust.

  • Reggie Noble

    Source BGR?

    BGR = Bullsh!t Gossip Report. I can’t take them serious anymore. Too many false rumors over the past two years with them.

  • I Heart Pusi

    We will never are these devices. Rim’s patents will be sold off and the company will shut down. It’s over.

  • TheTigerTek

    *Grain of salt alert* is right.. esp when is a BGR report.

  • Cody

    They’re taking too long and digging their hole deeper. No matter how good it’s going to be the longer they wait the worse the future looks for RIM.

  • Terry

    BB10 OS on a Torch would be amazing. Especially if it supported flash and the Google app market thing.

    I would totally buy one.

  • zzZZzz

    I say they could take their time IF they make a product that will leap frog the competition at release time. Apple released the 4S 15 months after the 4, and still sold huge numbers.

    RIM needs to do some market research and anticipate technology 6 months from now and make a product that will amaze at that point. Amazing OS, platform, integration, form and battery. Lacklustre devices every 3 months or so are doing more harm than good.

    Even if shares will go down a lot during the wait, it’s not like RIM does not have funds to pull it through.

    Let’s see it happening!

  • KNP

    Common guys. Of course it takes time.
    Do you remember how long we were waiting for Windows Phone 7 which was built on WM6.5 plus new interface. It was released with very poor functionality and lots of bugs. I even was not able to connect it to wireless network because of bug in WPA protocol.

    Do you remember how long we were waiting for iPhone 5 and got 4S on old hardware and with not much new functionality.

    In case of QNX it’s totally new OS, new code, new multitasking system, everything is different. Developers have to transfer all existing functionality from BB7 to QNX and add new functionality. Of course it takes time. And RIM is not Microsoft, RIM cannot release phone with lots of bugs and than makes money on SP1, SP2 …

    QNX is really good OS. It’s used in automation systems for nuclear reactors so, it worth to wait.

  • Paul

    Just because a new CEO came onboard this week doesn’t mean the problems are fixed overnight. Right now RIM has to set timelines and keep to them. Something they haven’t been doing. It isn’t the specs that always matter. What good is a quad core if it isn’t utilized. Apple has not had the latest specs, but the form and function of the device and OS is what makes it work. LTE is not even close to being everywhere yet let alone the ability to use 42MBps so where is the need yet. I am not seeing why the big downer on teh specs. Meeting reasonable deadlines is the big thing.

  • Betty Koyle

    Rim launch a curve at a reasonable off contract price. Then I’ll switch back.

    • chall2k5

      they did! the 9360 is

  • keiYUI

    If that’s the next playbook.. That doesn’t look bad at all!

    • chall2k5

      thats the rumored all touch Blackberry London (running QNX’s bb10)

  • LOL

    Who cares about this company? They need to split themselves and integrate their network abilities with Android.

    • Dimitri K.

      The 75 million costumers that are with them care.. It seems itards & Android fan boys b***h about RIM yet never look at the problems they face… I own apple products & Samsung & RIM & i can say i use my 9900 bold more then any other phone why? Because i can email & text better on the 9900 & have no problems. I do not use my phone as a game boy or a movie theater.. Android will never come to BB because if they do that is when RIM will turn bad. Android will stay with the companies they are already with. Why don’t you guys ask Microsoft OR Apple to do Android in them? Oh wait you can not because you guys do not want too..

  • Blocknards

    I stopped reading at “BGR”

    • Dimitri K.

      BGR comes out with a lot of crap anyways. 98% of their so called rumors & all are fake. They either make up lies or just listen to people that want to get a bit of fame. They claimed so many things that are false & yet they have not shut down.. I wonder how long will it take until someone shuts them down.

  • Kevin

    Looks like I will have to wait even longer – a slider version not coming till 2013? Yikes.

    I really can’t stand all touch screen phones, I just e-mail too much for that. Hopefully “Torch 10” comes at the same time as London!