New iPhone could have Lytro-equipped “whole light field” sensor


  • iTards

    OMG The new iPhone will allow you to make phone calls wow! create a new product! people are sick from the same product!

    Oh wait? why should Apple do that since the iTurds will buy it anyway and sign a 15 years contract on top of their contract Osap will pay for it lol.. they need to go to starbucks and show off..

    • CADDMan

      Paraphrasing Smithers when Lisa Simpson complained that the latest Malibu Stacey doll was the same as the others before….”But it’s got a new hat”.

  • mark

    Patent anyone?

  • Sanjay

    just coz jobs met up with people from lytro does not mean it is going to happen. we dont even know if its possible to make a lightfield camera that small

  • kudostosyrup

    If the new iphone comes with a 4″-4.2″ screen I will get one. 3.5″ its just to small and >4.3″ its just too big.

  • boojay

    They should couple the Lytro with a good phone instead.

  • Youngwolf

    if you are talking best camera phone, you are talking Nokia phone (for quite some time now)

  • idonkey

    Did they ever been able to fix the battery problems yet? after 6 months into productions, that’s so embarrassing …

    • Rio

      That should be the last thing coming from an android fan.

      Android updates are horrible, with some issues not being fixed for more than a year.

      Not to mention how spread out ICS is. ICS was released what 2 months ago? Yes some phones and tablets won’t have it for another couple months.

  • Domingo

    Ok, I admit it, I don’t get it. Why should I care? will the pictures be better? or is this to make the phone paper thin?