Bell and Virgin Mobile rollout HD Voice


  • I forgot my meds

    Absolutely, craptastic, gimmicky bs.

    • Accophox

      The difference is notable between the standard gsm audio codec and the new one. Don’

    • Accophox

      *Don’t diss it if you’ve never tried it.

      (Sorry, I derped and hit the tab key while typing… and pressed submit with my next keystroke. ;.; Why you no have edit post…)

    • ToniCipriani

      Like the iPhone that you jack off to all the time?

    • TomatoGuy

      Just wait couple of days for HD Voice Recovery Fee (HDVRF) to be introduced.

  • Rich

    Funny how few phones actually support this feature.
    As a side note, the Sensation 4G is available for $99 on a voice-only 3 year plan with Bell. While I believe the Incredible S is $0 on a 3 year voice-only with Virgin.

  • ELNY

    Why isnt this a standard??

    • ImTherious

      This could have been one way that land-line companies could’ve stayed in the game – bringing new technologies to the table, e.g., higher-quality codecs, video phones, integration to TV sets, etc..

      Instead, they sat on their monopolistic asses just raking in $30/month from every household for years…

      The consumer land-line business is as good as dead in a few decades, and serves them right.

  • Dan

    Sooo, their rolling out a new feature for old phones? what about the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2? If newer phones don’t support this feature, where is the future of HD Voice heading? HTC only?

  • A

    It is a standard, its called AMR-Wideband…

  • T-Hubbz

    Absolute gimmic. And Bell/Virgin will likely hype this like its some game changing technology. Virgin/Bell has 2 out of they’re elevendy billion random phones that support this.

  • GrimConch

    Doesn’t really matter right now, I even have one of those phones and doubt I’ll call someone else using them. But if they add a lot more phones (most/all of them) then it will be fantastic.

  • Friko

    Super phones, now HD voice, what next?
    Stop fooling people and give us good service. It’s amazing how all those marketing people work together to try and con the consumers. Your sales guys will say ‘this phone gives you HD voice and we won’t charge you for it’ making as if you getting a privilege or something.

  • Alex Perrier

    Yay, Solo does not support HD voice!

    i wish WIND would promote HD voice and compatible smartphones more often. 🙂

  • bob

    It’s not a gimmick as call quality in phones suck and can really be improved by using a wideband codec.

    However, given that so few phones supports it, it’s not very useful.

  • Anonymous

    First nationwide carrier? reality check jack asses, wind mobile did it before you.

    • bob

      Since when is Wind even close to be a nationwide carrier?

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      Oh and we get some info from the wind squad. Wind did indeed speak about it, have it in 1 phone and promptly did nothing with it. We still had the 1/2 duplex echo issues on wind. But lets give credit where credit is due. Wind talked about it first! But they did nothing with it. No doubt a carrier with a real network can and will do better. Funny my Rogers calls seem to be perfect, I wonder if they have HD voice?!

      Real networks for real people… just go to the wind forums and see the problems people are having. No call centers now in the future in Canada.. French option being farmed out to Algeria. Windsor? quashed!

  • H

    Don’t compare Bell with Winds network

  • EmperumanV

    Ugh, the Sensation and Incredible S aren’t that great… well I guess it might be for some users out there… I guess it only works on HTC phones plus that one Nokia?

    • Accophox

      Wind had an alcatel model that supported it. Wind doesn’t really promote which ones have support or not any more though.

  • Matt

    Its useless until more phones strt supporting the feture. I hve heard the difference, it is there, but its useless s of now.

  • Domingo

    “better quality”? Un-f-ing beleivable, you would think better quality for such a basic feature would come included with the already high fees. Amazing balls these corperations have. I’m so reaching my limit with all these scams trying to figure out how to get more and more out of my pocket.

    • 2pacs tshirt

      read the article again, its free, but you have to have the right phone

  • boojay

    I love being from SASK, we get screwed all the time.

  • Rich

    you guys are comical.

    by some of your logic: ‘Free = Bad’


  • ak29

    Called virgin today they haven’t heard about this new feature. Wonder when its officially rolling out. Its not on their website yet.

  • Tony Thomas

    Doesn’t the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus support AMR-WB format? This should allow these phones to also support HD Voice calling.

    Can someone please confirm?