Apple sells 37.04 million iPhones in Q1


  • I forgot my meds

    Lots of people got a real phone.
    Lots of people got a iPhone.

    • cybik

      Yup. You did forget your meds. Back to the hospice with you!

      #flamingtroll #donottakemeseriously

  • Bob

    How does Apple have results for Q1 2012 when it’s still January?

  • Kelvin

    business quarters are different bob.

  • Mike

    Umm did I miss something.. it’s only the 24th of jan 2012.. can Apple see the future? Q1 just started did it not?

  • JG

    Read the link people

    CUPERTINO, California—January 24, 2012—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2012 first quarter which spanned 14 weeks and ended December 31, 2011.

  • SAM


  • Matt

    wow so many people bought a good build device with a crap OS! Waste of money!

  • Brad F

    That’s a lot of phones.

    • kudostosyrup

      That’s a lot of phones! wether they are the best or even a good phone its irrelevant, the point is that Apple has ONE phone NOW that people WANT and SELLS in big numbers MAKING a lot of money for Apple.

      RIM should pay attention to the words in capital form the paragraph above, they have MANY phones COMING SOON, that NOBODY want and WONT SELL many and LOSE money.

      Im pro RIM but the cause seems lost. Oh well nothing new here.
      Kudos to Apple, not the best phone, but certainly a phone that keeps their stock up in the sky.

  • JOHN

    37 Million Dumbasses out there.

  • GreenApple

    Good one for Apple, now how about those dividends?

    I don’t any company ever managed to create such a lust for its products, the only question is how long with it last?



    • som

      Agreed there. But remember when you’re at the top. The only way to go is down. Big companies can’t sustain itself forever. Apple is still popular. You make something for people to use and they don’t have to use their brains and it sells like hotcakes. That’s the way people are these days. Don’t have time to waste with seeing how things work. “Just give me the damn thing and make sure it works, I don’t care how much you charge me” Think I’m wrong? Then 37 Million other people must be wrong also. When it comes to iPhone they don’t care how much you charge them. They care more about Tim Hortons changing their cup sizes and charging a little bit more than they do with an iPhone. If Apple wanted to charge $1000 per unit. You’ll still get the fannys to line up. Why they line up I don’t understand.

      Also, you seem to forget that Apple was almost at the brink of extinction. But you don’t care. You come on here and spew about how it’s god gift to the world. It’s not.

    • Rio

      What are you rambling on about? Brink of extinction? That was more than 15 years ago.

      APple owners don’t care about how things work? That is absolutely true and they don’t have time to find out how they work. That is why they get iPhones because they want something that just works without having to touch a single setting.

      Not everyone wants to spends hours customizing their phone or recovering it or have to worry about little things like spyware/malware etc.

  • mark

    samsung is better.

  • LeDerpino

    Congrats Apple for your success with your sales, now go spend that money suing companies in court 😀

  • Mike

    Wow… Apple keeps bringing it. Unbelievable. 2012 looks real good.

  • Mike

    I will say. When one single phone beats the iPhone… They will be better than apple in the mobile world. Until then… iPhone wins.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Amazing! No wonder all the carriers want this phone! Well all the carriers that can have it. Some carriers with the AWS frequency are still locked out in the cold and now with T-Mobile saying they are leaving AWS well.. sorry warrenlady, sorry dimbits sorry justin imbecile.. sorry MJ no iphone for you..

    • AngryBird >.

      Rocco post = Thumbed Down by everyone without being read.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      bye bye birdie.

  • kevin

    Well u can be an anti sheep phone many times u want but one thing u can’t deny is “numbers don’t lie” however i gotta say they have a pretty outstanding marketing department.. remember everyone when the 4S launched everyone was pretty pist off because it was still same design,their new processor helped to gain 1 or 2 milliseconds when uploading a web page, better camera tho’ one of the best if not the best. To make it short i thought their move was going to be a disaster in numbers sales. lol, i underestimated their most dangerous weapon ”these guys still NUMBER ONE/GOD in marketing”. i wonder how u can convince someone to buy an okey phone (iphone 4S) oh sorry! not someone but 37 MILLIONS (let’s say the population of CANADA) to buy this phone when they already know that a new one even better in specs,design, etc.. coming in less than a year??? i can understand that u love a product but that’s insanity. Compare what u getting with the amount of money u spend on it. Signed by a Proud owner of Galaxy Nexus
    PS: the best phone in the world is the one that best fulfill his owner’s needs.

    • SenSei

      “numbers don’t lie”

      A combination of strong marketing and gullible people works like a charm?

      You don’t say!

  • Whitney Young

    @SenSei don’t be hating

  • moinko

    RIM who?

    • som

      Research In Motion that’s who.
      It’s not for everyone just like the iPhone is not for everyone.

  • Adam

    Wow I’m an Android user but that’s amazing! Good for Apple, doing something right.

  • S

    Popular doesn’t mean good. Take bieber for example.

  • Keith

    On average, they sell over a half a billion dollars worth stuff every day of the week–amazing.

  • Gus83

    Should also include how many kidneys were sold for iPads…

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      If it was available on wind the windies would sell all they had just to be part of the mainstream! No more being made fun of… they could look like they are on a real network, use the apps that fake a call so they could feel important!
      Can you see it?! the market flooded with shiny suits, value village with bins and bins of shiny fez’s all traded in to try and get the iphone!

      a windie can always dream!

  • Louis


  • Koni

    They run a good ad campain, so if you ask people out there, majority will say Apple. However, this does not mean that Apple makes best devices…Look at the Canadian auto market. Each year the top selling are Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Ford F-150. There is not much excitment about them, but they get the job done… The thing that I dont understand is when ppl say that Android OS is much harder to use…

  • Randy McMann

    @Rocco StiffReddi
    Aren’t you with Wind as well…?
    Are you a self-hating Wind loser, hahah?
    Get on a real network, you bum, not the cheap immitation!

  • mAc-warrior

    Some of us remember when we used the same arguments to justify Windows’ higher marketshare over the Mac OS.

    “Popular doesn’t mean good.” I said that myself, many times. I won’t deny it for one second.

    The thing is: Apple has turned that on its head in the last 5 years.

    Now it is the way it should be: “Good means it is popular.” The difference now is that people have woken up. They care now about what device they’re using. They care about whether it works properly. They won’t put up with garbage because they don’t know any better. They do know better; they’re the most educated and technologically-advanced generation in the history of humanity.

    15 years ago the population segment that is driving this growth in Apple was in elementary school. They’ve grown up expecting more from their technology and currently the only company to get that from is Apple.

    In 10 years the population segment that bought Windows and accepted mediocre technology because it didn’t know any better and didn’t have the capability to expect better will be completely irrelevant.

    This is why you’ll see Apple’s growth continue.