TELUS and Rogers Galaxy Nexus will be $99.99 on a 3-year at Best Buy this Friday


  • chucka82

    Outright? Like in no need to pay for a month? Like I give you my money and you give me the box no questions asked???


    • Mr. Chung Dong

      So this is cheaper than Blackberries. Hmmm, interesting, light years ahead and less money. Remember what happened to the dinosaurs folks, can you say extinct?

    • ShaMarshall

      haha yeah outright like that. Pretty sure you still have to pay the activation fee, and of course your monthly bill, but you wont have to sign a NEW contract to get the phone, you just have to pay $600

  • todd

    I sure hope koodo sells this version just like the nexus s for another $100 off on the outright price.

  • SAM



    • JohnSmith

      Can’t wait for Wind to get their version! No contracts, I don’t mind buying out, and I know, no contracts if you buy it out at RoBelUs, but no unlimited data either… Hello streaming and gaming!

  • TestMe

    3 Year contracts are my favourite 🙂

  • Jay

    I just love how heavily Bell is advertising that they have the “exclusive” on this phone. Before this week I had never even seen a Bell commercial for the Nexus, now it’s on TV every two seconds. I guess they’re trying to drill it into the public that they have the exclusive, before everyone else gets it.

  • ShaMarshall

    Dont mind a 3 yr too much, I’ve been happy with Telus.
    Can’t wait for Friday!! Using some gift cards from Christmas to get this phone!! GNEX HERE I COME!

  • XER

    At least if you are signing 3 year term, go with Telus, not Robber. Telus is the least worst.

    Telus’ retention will actually work with you and meet you half way of your demand. Robbers will just say “We do not do price match” and then hang up on you.

    • JohnSmith

      I would love to see someone walk into a restaurant and say “McDonalds will sell me that burger for $3 less. I’ve been a great customer here, and I’ll start eating at McDonalds if you don’t match their price!” You get what you pay for. I use Wind, because it’s cheap. It’s limited, by area, obviously. Just don’t forget, you get what you pay for. Rogers is expensive, but they have an immense network, partnerships with nearly every cell carrier in the world to make sure your phone will work no matter where you go, and their pricing is competitive. And I will reference every Telus user to read over their service agreement. Telus is the only carrier in Canada that uses the term “Use this service at your own risk” within their Wireless Service Agreement. Plus the $50 admin fee when you cancel early. Everyone has a carrier they had a bad experience with. Yours is obviously Rogers, Others will be Telus… Most will be Bell.

  • Riblitz

    So if I have an existing plan with Rogers, I don’t get the $99 deal? Is this only for new clients?

    • JohnSmith

      Then you fall into the Hardware Upgrade category, and then no. You need to be almost out of commitment (30+months since the last time they subsidised a device for you) to get it at the 209-50 Rebate. Otherwise early upgrade fees! $15 a month for every month it would take to get you to 30 months (20 if you got an iphone or torch from them).

  • Dave

    The deals are a pain the a*s. They are in-store only, which means you have to wait in line and do a bunch of useless paperwork, and come up with an excuse why you don’t want them to open the packaging and get their fingerprints all over it.

    These deals should be online and matched by the carriers.

  • glonq

    It hurts my soul to sign a 3-year contract. Is there a way to pay a little extra (like $100) to bump it down to 2 years?

  • technodork

    Telus version is compatible with Wind correct?

    • JohnSmith

      No, only the T-Mobile Version is compatible with Wind

  • olivier

    Got mine. It’s actually 209, minus 50$ you have to ask online. Plus 35$ fees if this is not your first contract… ahem…

  • wewewi


    This site really needs to stop helping carriers to sell 3 years plans. It sucks big time.

  • DanM

    Don’t line up in store. You’ll be able to get the GN through my website when launched officially. And it’ll get shipped straight to your door.

  • Altimatic

    Just a little heads up for those intending to use Wi-fi tethering on the Galaxy Nexus. Be informed before you buy so no surprises. There’s currently a known bug with losing internet connection when you’re using wifi tethering with it. From reading the forums there may be a fix currently in beta but you’d have to root.

    I’m not trying to talk people into another device, simply making people aware. I own the device (and encountered the issue) but it wouldn’t stop me from getting it as I’m confident there’s be a fix out shortly. Most importantly, everything runs great on it as advertised.

  • FoxholeAtheist

    Well, the local Rogers store has the GNex for the “159” price, and suggested I call the main Rogers customer service number to see if they would be willing to work with me. “Norma” took about ten minutes to tell me that the hardware was listed at $209, and with a $50 rebate, that it would be $159, and she couldn’t go lower than that price. Rather annoying, but I guess I can see what Telus has to offer in plans.

  • vikram

    how much in telus without contract ?????

  • Colin

    Just got back from a rogers store and the Rogers Galaxy Nexus *ISN’T* LTE! WTF! I’ve been waiting ~6 months for this phone and it’s not LTE… I could have gotten a S2 LTE 2 months ago.. choked

  • gg

    649 no contract

  • Mrtigz

    Fido has the Galaxy Nexus for 160 on a three year term. maybe that’s the reason why they are not advertise in that flyer

  • Isimp

    All i can say is switch to a WP7 device once the second genereation is available in Candada on rogers and telus. Google is hyped up crap.