Video: Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 strength demo


  • InfinitiGuy

    Which brings up my question, why do people buy screen protectors for Gorila glass based phones?

    • Adam

      because Gorilla glass still scratches. It’s scratch resistant, but ANY glass will still get nicks and scratches. I know, I’ve had two phones with gorilla glass, and both wind up with small scratches from just things like keeping on a surface or putting in a pocket. It’s inevitable.

    • e823

      Because people wants to spend money.

    • Allan

      Gorilla Glass is just more scratch resistant. However, it will still scratch, break or shatter when you drop your phone. Adding a screen protector is one more layer of protection. (Some people also add matte screen protectors, as they don’t like the reflection of glossy screens).

    • Nick

      Could be to help with finger prints left on the screen.

  • Al

    The demonstration shows load strength and not scratch resistance. I would think they’re two separate issues..

  • InfinitiGuy

    One of Gorila Glass’s features is scratch resistence.

    • Mark

      And yet it still gets scratched anyway. Scratch resistant doesn’t mean scratch PROOF.


    I have a gorilla glass and I have never put any protector on it.
    After a year of intense use the glass still pretty clean ( few small scratches ) but nothing compared to my old handsets.
    I like this gorilla glass because you can use your cellphone without any UGLY and BULKY case.

  • kinx

    Half the people I know with Iphones have broken screens. It may have blunt force strength, but it shatters to a sharp force very easily. For example, dropping and hitting the ground. Its rigged and strong, but has no give at the same time. Shatters easily.

    • Kriilin Namek

      +1 here. The wife found out Gorilla Glass wasn’t industructable on her Galaxy S Captivate while on vacation. We both use Otterboxes now.

    • Hammam

      I guess I have been lucky? I dropped my Galaxy S so many times I lost count. Flying from my hand, hitting corners and dropping on cement floor. Worst damage I got was a small dent on the case, nothing on the glass. As for scratches, I only have one scratch near the camera, which is weird because I got it by hitting the metal button of my jeans.

      FYI, I do not use cases or screen protectors.

  • Adam Jambroni Minh Phuc

    Are there competing products? I hope Corning doesn’t have a monopoly, thus raking in the profits.

    • Geoff

      The HTC Amaze has a “scratch resistant glass” that is not gorilla glass. HTC hasn’t released what the glass is exactly.

      I also heard of a competing product called “dragon glass” which sounds like basically the same thing. I believe it was developed in China, but I have no idea if anyone is using it.

    • Kriilin Namek

      No competing products. It was actually invented in 1962, but DC couldn’t find a use for it at the time. And as far as making a killing on it, NYSE: OC , buy some if you can.

  • Andy

    My SGS screen has a big scratch on it…only because I had a titanium ring on. I no longer wear a titanium ring.

  • JV

    Gorilla glass is scratch resistant and shatter resistant, ive dropped my phone on concrete, meal and its been tossed across a way onto concrete, the glass has remained fine, its been about 5 months and my phone screen doesn’t have any scratch on it. if you do look very hard you can see little fine inclusions on it that are ultra minor that almost no one could see, unless you are looking for it. as for the comment saying that it would shatter if it was dropped, that’s just false, your thinking of the crappy iPhone glass they put on there. Gorilla glass is the future, i wouldn’t buy anything with a touch screen that didn’t have gorilla glass

  • Carl

    Gorilla glass is resistant to pressure like that.But when you drop your phone on the corner, it will shatter. Its like any glass when you drop it… No one will break their glass with a pressure no matter the phone glass, but it happen when you drop it.

  • shaggyskunk

    Why dump on apple….. ALL the time? Apple HAS brought a tremendous amount of innovation to the industry! Apple is not perfect, but neither is Android!

  • zzZZzz

    cause apple goes about how their glass is amazing and the best, might have something to do about that