Update: WIND puts Galaxy Nexus as “coming soon”

Late last week we reached out to WIND Mobile to see if they would be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – the answer was emphatically “Yes”. Today the carrier has listed the delicious Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich dream is on their site as “coming soon”, but no confirmed date or prices. They do give you the opportunity to register for updates, but a quick search on their site reveal what could be the no-contract price. It’s listed for $649 outright.

Update: WIND send an email to me stating the following: “the price that you’ve included is incorrect. It was an error in the relevant field that led to the search result showing the $649 price. We haven’t confirmed or released the official price (which is why it’s not included on the listing for the phone itself).”

More at WIND here and here.
(Thanks Justin!)

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