Hands-on with the Huawei Ascend P1 S


  • Dimitri k.

    Looks Pretty sweet. I might just end up buying one. I really do not care what people say about Huawei but it seems they are on the right path.

  • Alex Perrier

    Does that mean WIND Mobile will be getting this?

  • Brendon

    Capacitive buttons.. what the hell

  • Nick

    I still don’t trust Huawei after all the allegations of the Chinese government seeing what people do with their phones.

  • Pahech

    Sure it’s not 720p, but I wouldn’t call 960×540 qHD as “mediocre”. ~250 PPI isn’t bad, and is plenty sharp.

  • Don

    Why does it have capacitive buttons if it’s running ICS?

    • bummy

      Yeah… i think all the new devices this CES and maybe the MWC will still feature hardware buttons. The announcement of ICS was only few months ago, and hardware design team takes much longer than that to produce a new product.

      Although, the software buttons on ICS can be turned off right?

  • lol

    All the people complaining about stuff need to think about what they are giving you for 400!!!! Wow, worlds thinnest dual core phone,decent screen, out of the box ice cream sandwich!

    400$ outright, what more would u want….

  • EvanK

    Doesn’t look too shabby. Not exactly the best display available, but by no means is it bad. I’d rather have seen a quad core processor, but it’s still plenty fast. The only things that confuse me are the capacitive buttons, but I’m assuming that it’s because the phone was suposed to ship with Gingerbread, but because of a quick change of plans right before CES they switched to ICS.

  • Ben Dover

    A non removable battery is not a feature to be proud of. If it freezes you have to wait till the battery dies before it reboots.

  • JL

    As long as it’s stock ICS and priced $200+ lower than the Nexus it is a very intriguing device. Kind of the G2X of this year but cheaper.

  • idonkey

    Wow! with this spec, all you have to do just stick an Apple logo on and call it iphone 6 and these idonkeys would have going nuts.

  • desi

    yooo yooo broo brooo it looks like a good phone