WIND Mobile will also release the Galaxy Nexus, currently “in testing”


  • Richard

    just bought an htc amaze so I’m happy with that.

    • InfinitiGuy

      I would agree, the Amaze is just as good or better than the Galaxy Nexus. It will soon have ICS as well.

    • Geoff

      I really like my HTC Amaze too! I can’t see anyone who has the Amaze wanting to change, though. It’s really for people who have been waiting.

  • Mark

    Just waiting on Koodo now..

  • Toasty

    This pleases me

  • chall2k5


  • Human

    What a great addition! With unlimited data, drool.

    • RoRo

      Let’s call it 5GB to be a bit more accurate, but yes, I know what you mean!

  • Hypz

    Hooray for WIND!

  • JPC

    mobilicity you’re up

    • deltatux

      Ummm, it was announced yesterday via Twitter that Mobilicity WILL get the Galaxy Nexus. MobileSyrup reported that yesterday…

  • jonny

    I just got a Nexus S (not willing to drop $650 on a 16GB phone). Great phone! So sexy! It may be “outdated”, but doesnt seem so. Battery life is quite poor tho. That is my only compliant.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      The Nexus S isn’t an outdated phone, it’s a year old, so that means it just isn’t as cutting edge as new ones… but outdated? No way.

      With ICS update the Nexus S is still an amazing phone, and will be for another year or so. The Galaxy Nexus is a sweet phone though, I won’t be switching, am a new Nexus S user myself, but if you’re looking for a pure Google phone (and you should be) this is now the phone you should get.

  • Warren

    Now just keep the $40 HMP around until this is released.

  • Noah

    I just got an HTC Amaze with WIND but I’d really consider this change…

  • juschilin

    finally wind is stepping up their game. can’t wait…release it already – no need to test we know it works..

  • beuh_dave

    Galaxy Nexus + WindTab + Holiday Miracle plan = nerdgasm

    • Kin

      i heard once the HMP ended, you cant get tab plus…
      i am not sure how true…

    • Broski

      I don’t believe it’s possible to combine the tab with the holiday plan. Hence why you still need to pay the cost of the phone first.

  • T1MB1T

    0 dollars all on wind tab!!! win!!!

  • Slype

    Had the Amaze and really liked it but the battery life was just too short for my liking so I ended up returning it.
    On the plus side, the Amaze charges up in like 45-60 minutes.

    The Galaxy Nexus though is great for battery life and I have yet to run out in a regular day’s use and that’s with gaming, watching an episode of Archer, phone calls, Kik and email.

    I have Juice Defender on there and use Tasker to automatically turn on/off my wifi/blue tooth at certain times of the day (ride to and from work).

    I had set the same thing up with the Amaze and I would be dead by 6pm. Not where HTC messed up on that one. Frustrating though as it is a damn nice phone.

  • g_____

    Got one. Works great!

    /I’m betting the WIND “testing team” is just having too much fun to release it.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      wind testing team!!! oh !!! ok my stomach hurts from the laffing! they the same ones that pick the stellar garbagio that wind gets?! ahuh they are testing on a real network.


  • Kempton

    Great news. I’ve been waiting for WIND to launch Galaxy Nexus for a while now. The HTC Amaze lost me at its battery and screen. Having ICS on Galaxy Nexus is nice but more importantly is when Google upgrade its OS in the future, I won’t need to worry of being outdated too soon.

  • roman129

    I wonder if Tony had to get his at Virgin like I did, and slip in a Wind sim. LoL.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      roman jabroni still has his Rogers blackberry. He does need to stay in touch.. shiny suit and that snazzy fez!

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    wow amazing deal! I love wind so much I would have a tattoo of wind on my azz that way I could pass wind and think I am giving jabroni hot air. is he still working for uncle swarie? so tell be timmy is it true that wind is not making the grade? so many complaints on the wind forum.. oh well

    outsourced, contracted, for sale, and crying like a little girl still

    • Me Ted

      Your mother is a w***e.

  • Neilson Patrick Harris

    I like when I see RoccoStiffReddi posts because I get to just hit the thumbs down icon without ever wasting my time reading what he wrote.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      neil is that your name or what you do?

      sorry could not resist.. much like your sister could not resist rocco.


  • Milpool

    I signed up with WIND last week and got the Nexus S. As nice as the Galaxy Nexus is, I wasn’t prepared to drop $350 or so and still end up with $300 on the WINDtab+. The S is a great phone — a year old and only a single core processor, but it’s plenty capable and getting ICS. Dual core is nice, but means it will drain the battery faster. Larger screen also means a substantial battery drain too.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      ahh so you paid top dollar for a phone with no warranty? call sammysung and ask.. or just go to the wind forums and have a read.. shocking.. so sad too bad..


  • Michael

    Milpool. The Galaxy Nexus has much better battery life than the Nexus S.

  • baconeater

    Please Wind – bring to market before April…

  • Endless

    Excellent! I’ve been holding off Rogers so I can get the Galaxy Nexus on Wind. Good riddance, Rogers!

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      Endless you may want to pick up the phone from rogers. It will have a warranty so why would you pay top dollar for one from wind that does not? I am sure many people from wind will do the same.

  • eguia

    Wind please hold your HMP until February so we can have Galaxy Nexus with it!

  • Dyck Pound

    Now, wind needs to get some tablets.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      I thought wind needed to get a network?

      oh AND tablets! yes right.

  • Pablo Moses

    Bravo Wind keep growing and expanding.

  • 2c

    I am on 35 plan. Caan some body tell me if I am eligible for wind tab + or not. Last but not least, WIND rocks by slapping on so called big 3 which dump and dummy people adore for just to show off and status concious celeb foLlowers.

  • petee

    these guys cheat. had to go through all the fuss before i changed to rogers.