TELUS says the Samsung Galaxy Note is “coming soon”


  • Jay Jay

    Great news for TELUS, way to start 2012!

  • EmperumanV

    Eh. I am sure it’ll slide into Rogers and Bell as well.

  • eh0k

    Should we assume it being “LTE” means they are using the snapdragon s3? The press release mentions a “1.4 GHz” processor, I thought the Snapdragon version (or the one at+are announced today anyways) was 1.5 GHz.

    • kris

      this. the model they showed today was the lte at&t model. im sure telus will be getting the same one. with a 1.5ghz snapdragon instead of the 1.4ghz exynos. the snapdragons play alot better with lte modems so im sure thats what its gonna be

  • ryan

    Lol. how do you get these memo’s before I find out? and I work for them?

    • Stewie

      Lol!!! So do I and I didnt even know.. hahaha! im contemplating picking up the Galaxy Nexus, or this… but as soon as this is near its release, there will be newer and more amazing phones… :\

  • Jak

    awww yeahh

  • monsterduc1000

    Nice! What the Galaxy Nexus should have been!

  • Wildspin

    android 2.3??? why …

    • EvanK

      Keep in mind hat the Note was announced quite a while back. Besides, I’m 100% sure that ICS is coming very soon.

  • guy fawkes

    have the n7000 on virgin right now. glad I got the euro version as the telus/ at&t lose super amoled plus to just super amoled. ontop of losing exynos for s3. until lte isn’t a battery destroyer, its not worth the tradeoff.

    • ADD

      Both versions have the same screen. None of the Note’s have Super Amoled Plus. They are all Super Amoled. We’ll have to wait and see about the battery, but I’m sure it will be better on your international version.

  • wewewi

    No Exynos love here; not-so-snappy-dragon inside! =/

  • dippolito

    new one is said not have the super amoled plus, but the international version’s spec’s state super amoled plus go look at samsung’s website to see

  • Mystic09

    SO excited! Glad I didn’t settle for the Amaze while it was on sale.

  • wer

    Is this an iPhone?

  • Sam

    wow Telus did very well with this one! About time. This phone sounds amazing!

  • tbr

    Nice phone but will samsung support it in a year or will it go the way of the galaxy s. Never again Samsung, you lost me as a customer.

  • sam


  • SAM

    IS THIS EXCLUSIVE FOR TELUS NOW?????????????????

  • Modder1

    it’s way too big, I already have a tablet.
    Bell version took a trip to my store on College St for unlocking already. So it’s not a Telus exclusive
    Stellar Cellular and Video Games

  • wirelezz

    I have the Note for a week love it, but i dont want the lte version , gonna be different , from screen to cpu

  • Sam

    wirelezz, why don’t you like the lte ver?

  • saffant

    This news is good and all, but am I the only one concerned with the screen size?

    • Mike

      Concerened about the screen size? Durr, that’s the whole reason this phone exists. It has a huge screen on purpose.

  • Eluder

    This device is cool, has an amazing screen, but I’d never give up my smartphone for this. It’s just too big (namely wide). The handwriting recognition with the pen really is cool though, works very well.
    Plus being LTE, it’s goign to be blazing.

  • Alex

    seriously 4.65 is my limit…this isnt a phone anymore
    and gingerbread? whats with all the excitement? this is a mini tablet, actually to small for a tablet and to big for a phone. Get either a 7″ or 10″ . I dont see how this makes a good phone (although device looks great dont get me wrong) but I owuld just get a gs2 or nexus, and get a tablet if those are not big enough. This doesnt even fit in most pockets

    how did the dell streak 5″ do? i doubt this will sell strong, despite being a fast “device”

    • guy fawkes

      1 million shipped Alex, I think your off the mark in terms of what people want. The whole reason this phone is awesome is that for those that use their phones more for a mobile internet device, and use bluetooth headsets, it is ideal. Ipad is too big to lug around easily without making an effort to carry a case, this phone fits in my pocket, has enough battery to get 5-6 hours screen time with some calls, and the s-pen integration is decent and is only going to improve when ics comes out this month or next.

  • MkOwy

    Wayyyy too big.. just like the GN.. I must be able to reach all the screen with one hand…

  • Nishant Bhatt

    Its already up on Telus Mobility website. It would be similar to AT&T’s LTE version of Galaxy Note

  • Mystic09

    The website shows it with the 1.4Ghz Exynos, but I thought the LTE version would be the snapdragon? I’m hoping the website is correct.

  • Denver Smith

    TELUS website now has the Galaxy NOTE as ‘Coming Soon’

  • sam

    i realize something different about this phone. how come there is no button in the bottom centre of the phone. there is supposed to be a scroll there right?

  • gfhfg


  • thanos

    I use to have a sgs2 and loved it…
    now im with htc amaze 4g and theres no
    way im turning back with samsung…….

    Ok for the S-pen, but 5.3 inch of screen…..
    not so sure.