Official: Samsung Galaxy Note “will be coming to Canadian carriers in the first quarter”


  • iLuvSamsung

    Destruction to iPhone Comes Quickly! ™

    • Jimmy

      look around fandroid, recent smartphone statistics says otherwise.

  • Matt

    Oh boy I can’t wait for this device! Totally going to crush the competition for the next 8 months until the SGS3 is released.

  • Johnny Boy

    Never tought I would consider getting rid of my gs2 so soon, but I am now !!!!

  • Brendan

    Don’t get excited, it’s running the stupid Qualcomm chip instead of the exynos that is in the international version. Sacrificing what made the phone good in the first place for LTE is retarded.

  • Tiam

    Phones are getting bigger and bigger. Now 5.3 inch.. Really need to try the actual phone in the hand first.

  • Abe

    I think the Galaxy Nexus that i have would be the biggest id go for a phone. 4.65 screen is plenty big for a phone.

  • eh0k

    I would seriously consider this If telus ever got the exynos-powered (international) version.

  • thebeginning

    The hardware its impressive, and the best thing is that it comes with a decent battery; wich seems to be the shortfall of the recent big screens: they update all the specs but the battery and end up creating a Fail.

    The most interesting is that if you are going to carry a phone that won’t fit in your pants (4 inches now, maybe 4.3 by the end of the year) you might as well skip all the size in the 4″ range and jump to 5″!

    The NOTE comes with a thick bezel so we can expect either a 5.5″ or a smaller size with the same battery by the end of the year.

    I would love to see 4.3″ phones in the size of current 4″ with the same battery; then jump to 5″-er mini tablets like the NOTE and then or 11″ for a “home-tablet” that docks into a keyboard that will displace current laptops. Add a 13″ and the laptops are gone!

  • EmperumanV

    If it’ll be the LTE version like the AT&T, I hope that the LTE coverage is expanded by then by both Rogers and Bell and the battery is decent even though its a 2000mAh battery.

    • Croak

      It’s 2500MaH, and it lasts for a LONG time in my Exynos version. We’re talking tablet endurance. LTE will impact that some, but you should have the option to drop down to HSPA or even EDGE if you want, to save battery. My LTE Tab 8.9 using the same chipset lets me do that, for instance.

  • Rayi

    That thing is HUGE!
    5.3 inches? A bit of an over-kill methinks.
    Let’s just all admit that this is NOT a phone, but rather a miniature tablet.

    Unless you’re a big guy/girl with big hands, this is not going to be a confortable device for making calls.

  • Scott

    I used a Dell Streak 5″ phone/tablet for about a year and I was very happy with it. The only reason we parted ways was because of Dell’s lame support (no updates after Froyo 2.2, then they cancelled the product altogether). Once you try a 5″ screen it’s really hard to go back to something smaller. I’s not for everyone, but it does fit in your pants pocket and I have big hands to it’s comfortable for me to use. Just get a Bluetooth headset so you don’t have to hold it next to your head to make a phone call…

    • bjtheone

      Still using my streak. With big hands it actually works OK as a phone.
      Work great with a headset. Really hard to use a little screen once you get used to all the space.

  • Mattprime86

    If any of you are having trouble fitting 5″ into your pants, I feel for your women..

    • Octo7

      What does this even mean…?

  • montrealer

    5.3 inches is too big for me

  • PacificLocation

    If you want to try on the European Version of the Galaxy Note, Pacific Mall (in GTA: Kennedy & Steeles), swing by couple of the cell phone stores, they’ll have it.

    I personally was impressed by it, but let me tell you: IT IS HUGE WHEN PLACED ON YOUR HANDS ; but the display, oh, that’s just pure stunning … one of the store had a demo active unit (I believe it was at the front of the mall – to the right side), had the 1080p Batman / Darknight movie playing (MKV File), it was just stunning!!!!

    The price tag within Pacific Mall “cell phone” stores are low as $630.00 to high as $750.00″ , unlocked, stock ROM from Samsung … pay cash & no tax! 🙂

  • SAM


  • Weeee

    Well when its coming to Canada it’s 100% certain that Rogers will not be getting it anytime soon. Another disappointing wave of phones to Rogers while bell will get the fastest hotest new smart phones