Awesome Android: Nova Launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich devices


  • I forgot my meds

    Should of got a real phone. Should of got a iPhone.

    • Josh

      Should have used proper grammar.

    • Richard

      Why should he have bought a toy phone? Custom launchers can’t even work on those.

    • I forgot my meds

      It’s because iPhone’s will get actual authentic updates for years. Nexus 1 anybody, Nexus S anybody?
      But too chez on the gramer. Ha ha!

    • Adam

      yeah, because an ip3G running OS4 runs so smoothly, and a 3GS runs great with OS5……… suuuure.

      Meanwhile Nexus S actually does run ICS quite well, as does the Nexus one. Put ICS on my galaxy Tab the other day, even as a development port, runs better than an iphone 3G does.

  • Mark

    Buying my Galaxy Nexus next werk! Cant way

  • Marc

    Great launcher! Love having the ability to have multiple docs! Running ICS 4.03 on my Google Nexus phone! Will have the Galaxy Nexus hopefully by next week!

  • Mike

    Just installed it and set it up. Melikey.

    May as well take advantage of the huge screen!

  • Osman

    I don’t have the ability to pick my default home screen. Going back to trebuchet

  • cole

    Been using it for a week. I really don’t know why it’s still beta. It’s pretty flawless as it is. I’ve had less problems with it than with Trebuchet.

  • Broski

    The 720p resolution looks like 480p resolution when playing youtube videos(with HQ on) that looks less clear than if I were watching the said video on my PC with 720p resolution on. Google’s false advertising regarding its HD screen which does not apply across all medium makes one unhappy.

  • sp

    @i forgot my meds: its touche ..nice try with too chez

    yes you can get authentic updates that screw you over for battery life (5.01) lol..thats why i never even upgraded from 5.0 then got sick and tired of it all and just went to Android. BEST….DECISION….EVER

    and iOS cant hold a candle to Android.

    stick to your toy phone and the “YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS TO YOUR PHONE” approach given to you by Apple.

    thank you… come again.

  • sharkhark

    ummm? isnt this just a new version of an old launcher i already use called go launcher ex? which has the scrolling bottom dock…adjustable widgets and size of icons etc etc and i have been using as a free download for ages?