Mobilicity says the Galaxy Nexus is “coming soon”


  • Dimitri K.

    Well as i see it is that every carrier will release it soon. It might take time but every carrier will. I have no doubt about that. I just wish Google Released it with every carrier at once instead of having this silly ” Exclusive launch”.

    • RickyBobby

      All BUT MTS !!! They are just so out of touch as far as bringing new phones to market!

  • Alex Perrier

    This is my next Android phone!

    • Alex Perrier

      Quite possibly.

  • Greg

    At first I was super stoked about the Nexus but then I realized that the specs of the phone (aside from it’s 1280×720 screen and ICS) are nothing special. I was thinking of just waiting out this years line of top end Android phones but with Mobilicity’s awesome plans I think I’ll settle for this phone and drop my Koodo plan.

    • Mo

      Good luck on waiting forever cause there will never be a perfect time to get the phone that you want.

    • Greg

      Well the phone I want is pretty much the Nexus with a better camera. I figure that there will be a phone like that this year and I would just use Cyanogenmod 9 to get a vanilla Android.

  • BurntPixels

    I want this as my next phone.

    That being said, I wonder how much of a price drop the Nexus S will see once Mobilicity gets the Galaxy Nexus.

  • XER

    Good stuff! These guys are on-par!

  • Mark

    This is great news. But I heard that Bells Nexus is unlocked and that with Pentaband I could still use their phone on any carrier including Wind/Mobilicity. At least that’s what the Bell salesperson said and he definitely doesn’t profit from me taking my phone to another carrier.

    • Jon

      The best feature of this phone is that no matter which carrier you buy it from in Canada, it will work on the other ones without having to unlock or worry about compatibility.

      That is true mobile freedom, and every phone needs to be like this.

    • Simon

      Actually, I called Bell and asked about the Galaxy Nexus (GN) (I got a Mobilicity SIM card just waiting for it) and they told me it’d cost $650 for the phone and $75 to unlock it, so yeah, Bell and Virgin sell a LOCKED version of the GN. I had no luck in finding info on the web to unlock it, and am afraid of Bell Bloatware, so I’m just gonna wait for Mobilicity to come out with that Google Beauty 🙂

    • 0defaced

      The rep lied kiddo, welcome to Bell.

      It’s unlocked across the board by google’s agreement with the carriers….

  • XER

    Bell is the biggest rip off in the world.

  • baconeater

    Not that I have in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry, but how is it that Mobi can get such a good variety of handsets and Wind’s selection does not? One would think that Wind’s parent company might have some pull to influence a bigger selection of handsets. Although Wind’s selection is getting better, Mobi always seems to beat Wind to the market.

    • Alpha

      It’s a combination of whether or not the phone will play nice with the network and how many units the provider thinks they’ll sell.

      Every phone needs to be tested for compatibility for the network’s setting and quality. Nothing sucks more than having to replace/RMA 100% of the units sold.

      Then, you need to buy enough to make the phone prices worthwhile. The provider may be ok with a $0 profit, but the retailers will not. Remember the Nokia 9000? Probably not, but Fido bought the bare minimum and could sell the small batch of 500-1000 @ $1000/unit back when smartphones weren’t on anyone’s radar screen. Who cares if Brand X from India squeezed a core i7 into a modified Moto Razr if no one has heard of the company, it messes up the network and randomly sets your pants on fire?

      1000 units @ $300/unit is still a $300k investment. If there’s a phone you want so badly, order a small batch and sell them for a profit!

  • sam

    Telus will launch it on Jan 13th

    • Jamie

      Friday the 13th, I’m sure everything will work perfectly!

    • alfie11

      That seems to be the most likely date as they currently have their smartphones on sale up until the 12th.

    • Tyrone

      How do you know Telus is releasing it on the 13th?

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm I wonder what Mobi will have this phone for outright? Maybe $650 just like the other carriers?

    Here’s my questions:

    Isn’t Mobilicity all about being affordable? Based on that, do you think people at Mobilicity will pay the full $650 + taxes for the phone? If so, since its pentaband wouldn’t it have made sense to buy it off a private sale or somehow through Bell/Virgin and popped their Mobi sim in?

    I know I have done that and it works like a charm.

  • richard

    Mobilicity usually sells their phones $50 cheaper than other carriers but I don’t think that will be the case here. The phone is unlocked so they’d get a lot of people snatching them up for other carriers using a discount they’d initially want for their own customers. I bet they launch it at 649.99 like everyone else.

    Fortunately I already got mine, and trust me, it’s pretty bad on mobi’s network.

  • EmperumanV

    @richard I am having no issues running the Mobi sim on my GN. I do have a Bell sim as well. I live up in Richmond Hill slightly near the Aurora border and have no issues.

    However at work I have no reception (Vaughan – Major Mack and 400)

    • richard

      I’m not having a problem using the GN, mobi’s network is just really slow. I’m lucky if I get around 1mbps and at rare but good times I’ll get around 2.5mbps. This is in contrast to friends on bell’s hspa+ network getting 8+mbps normally. Though it does take long to get things done, it still gets them done and I’d give my money to Mobilicity any day over rogers/bell/telus. I know they’re working hard to improve their network.

  • deltatux

    Why wouldn’t it come soon? The phone is unlocked pentaband. Right now you can just get it from any store and run it on any network in Canada (except Public Mobile)…

  • AWS Fan

    Little Birdie told me next Tuesday, January 10th !!! But, I don’t trust little birds…

  • Cyrano

    I think i will pass.
    4.6 inch is really way too bid for my pocket.
    hopefully… they will make a smaller size nexus 4 with pentaband

    • Cyrano

      way too big i mean

  • Broski

    The 720p resolution looks like 480p resolution when playing youtube videos(with HQ on) that looks less clear than if I were watching the said video on my PC with 720p resolution on. Google’s false advertising regarding its HD screen which does not apply across all medium makes one unhappy.

  • Rob

    Forget the Galaxy nexus bring on the Galaxy Note!