“RIM likely agreeing to license Blackberry 10 to Samsung, HTC, and possibly others”, analyst says


  • m

    this would just put rim out of business faster.

    Google and Microsoft can license their OS cus they can make the money back from Ads on Google/Bing…. not sure what use Samsung and HTC would have using BB 10.

    Disclosure : I love bbs but this just sounds like an anaylst with his head stuck in a hole.

    • Sejanus

      Pushes for greater adoption of BIS/BES I’m guessing? More people with Blackberry 10 phones means more enterprise businesses?

    • rimlicense

      How about licensing their co-CEOs and co-Chairmen….Away!

  • Stimulator

    Can’t see this happening.

    • bob

      Exactly. Why would Samsung and HTC choose BB OS when they already have Android and WP7?

  • jay

    i dont know about thaaaaaaat one.

  • astudent

    Ha! When pigs fly. So Mike lazaridis don’t get on a plane to Asia!!!

  • CementBrain

    Why new names like London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, and Black Forest? What is wrong with the present names like Bold, Torch, Curve and Style? Stop messing with names and consentrate on making the BEST BlackBerry ever!!!
    BlackBerry RULES!!!!

    • robot-shmobot

      Those are code names. The Nevada could very well be the next Bold.

  • saki s

    I was expecting an article like this. RIM is a complete failure on hardware lately, it’s only natural for them to start concentrating on the OS and leave the hardware to the hardware companies.

  • robot-shmobot

    It should be the other way around. I would love Android on a Bold 9900.

    • JustMeAndMe

      my thought too!

  • MikeMike

    How about just licensing BBM? I would pay a few dollars a month to have BBM on my android

    • Len

      They arent giving up to that extent yet. They want more then a couple bucks from a hand full of people. They will keep BBM to the end… it’s one of the only things keeping anyone buying blackberries.

  • Potent Potable

    Still waiting for RIM to sell their license to Apple. Will it ever happen? Probably not, as they’d might as well hand over the entire company.

    But BBM on iPhone would be a fantastic bridge for many of us who want an iPhone but remain in touch with our BBM friends!

    • bob

      just tell your friends that they are stupid to choose a proprietary, locked-down messaging platform when there are many open alternatives.

  • Jamma

    Samsung and HTC wouldn’t have to pay Microsoft fees for using Android if they use BB10

    • bob

      But they would have to pay even more to get BB OS.

  • Darryl Livingstone

    …umm, BES on my Nexus would be amazing then I could tell my IT department to shove this iFlop 4 and use a real phone.

  • schultzter

    This isn’t the first time this has been suggested – splitting the company into three pieces: hardware, software, and services.

    Having a “Blackberry for Android/iOS/Windoze” certainly seems like a good idea to me. Anyone can make a phone with a keyboard but the real value RIM has is the Blackberry software and services. They should emphasize that and let the hardware stand on it’s own (or not).

  • coxon

    Remember Blackberry Connect for Nokia and Sony Ericsson? Full BES and BIS email bbm and bbm connected app support for Android, and wait for it…iOS is coming. They have made announcements earlier this year that they are planning this.

  • Jon

    and not a single !@#$ was given.

  • TheTigerTek

    Come on guys you guys are becoming like BGR reporting on every analyst BS.

  • roman129

    Of course it’s their job to consider every possible option for their baby, but I doubt they will go through with it. There’s no market demand for RIM’s OS. Most of RIM’s new customers are in developing countries, and they buy it for BBM. And as a company without a clear vision or direction for the future, I don’t think they can invent something this year that tops iOS or Android in desireability.

  • justinbeeberfull

    Blackberrys are liked by 12 year olds now who seem to think BBM is amazing…great job RIM, you went from being king of the business enterprise to Pre-Teen power!

  • armdrive in

    HOG WASH, more stupid rumors

  • Accophox

    Not happening. Analysts are stupid.

  • zzZZzz

    Other companies won’t adopt their OS…maybe license BBM for cash, but doubt it will happen.

  • Puz_zled

    RIM makes high margin on the fees carriers pay to RIM for the traffic carried on RIM`s highly secure, data compressed efficient network. As more and more bandwidth gets taken up with all the video streaming traffic this ability to compress) becomes a more and more important issue. Nature only provided so much EM spectrum. As more and more financial transactions occur over wireless, security of the handset and encryption of the traffic becomes more important as well. These are places which may make being able to licence RIM`s OS to enable their phones to have these attributes attractive to the Samsungs and the HTCs.

  • EvanK

    I doubt it will happen, why would Samsung or HTC pick up BB10 when there are already options like WP7, or open source options like Android or soon to be webOS. Unless BB10 offers some stellar functionality that the consumers want or it can do something that the other OSes cannot, I can’t see them picking it up.

  • CrazyHorse

    Not so crazy… BB10 is an operating system like any other but is backed up by RIM’s Enterprise. It’s potentially a rock-solid environment that is trusted. Samsung and HTC can easily create their own front-end that will clearly differentiate their handsets but at the same time offering a secure (sand-boxed) approach to using Android apps. Bridging their handsets to their tablets will also be available.

    The question shoudl really be “why would Samsung and HTC want to go with Android if they could go for BB10 instead”.

    Microsoft became the dominant OS in PCs, displacing Unix, Linux and others (including Apple). It is likely the same thing will happen in tablets and phones. Android may suffer the same fate as Linux. But maybe BB10 will become the OS of choice for tablets and handsets.

    • skullan

      “Microsoft became the dominant OS in PCs, displacing Unix, Linux and others (including Apple).”

      Linux – 1991

      Apple – Expensive, therefore, difficult for the average family to want it versus the cost.

      Microsoft – 1982 and shipped with IBM PCs. Games and Applications for the common user were made for it.

      Unix – Proprietary or out of reach hardware, plus the specific narrow application usage, made it unusable.

      By 1990 (when Windows 3.0 was released), Linux still wasn’t released.

      The real competitors to Microsoft in the 80s were Commodore (vic 20, 64, 128 and Amiga), Atari and even the Apple II (yet again, really expensive).

      By the 90s, Microsoft beginning its dominance home machine (in my opinion).

      By Windows 95, Microsoft had already entrenched itself with DOS and Windows.

      Microsoft did not display Unix or Linux. It did surpass Apple, but that was more due to Hardware pricing more than anything.

      Other than that, I agree, there may be a market for BB10 on cooler handsets. Assuming the programming for these cooler handsets is made simpler by a hardware API which makes developers not have to jump through hoops.