LogMeIn now free on iOS, Pro features an in-app purchase

For the last two years, if you wanted to use the excellent remote collaboration and management tool LogMeIn on your iPad or iPhone, you had to pony up a hefty $29.99 for the LogMeIn Ignition app. While thousands did, and got their moneys’ worth, the company has seen the light and is converting the app to a freemium mode.

What does this mean? You get basic functionality for no charge, including remote desktop control of your Windows and OS X machines. Traditionally the service has been faster and less finicky than Windows’ built-in RDC protocol, and since you can control multiple computers from a single account, a boon to IT professionals’ productivity. I use the service to control my various machines, and those of my parents, in case of “emergency,” real or otherwise.

By upgrading to the Pro version from within the app you get HD audio and video streaming, along with real-time file transfers to your iOS device, remote printing and Cloud service access. Users that have previously purchased Ignition are going to be grandfathered into the Pro plan from the beginning, so you don’t have to worry about having wasted those precious dollars.

For non-Ignition users, the Pro services are a reasonable $39.99/year.

LogMeIn is a universal app for iPhone and iPad. Check the app out in the App Store

Via: ZDNet

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