Contest: Win a WIND Mobile HTC Amaze 4G!


  • Matt

    me me me!

  • wiley

    I’ll take it. I was considering switching to WIND…… This will make it a definite switch.

  • tamrin khan

    i was waiting for galaxy nexus to come to wind so i can switch but this phone will do as well.

  • aviking

    As always Mobilesyrup with a GREAT contest.

    I thought you guys used to post who won the contests? Haven’t seen that for a while.

  • Scott


  • Spot The Loon

    Okay, this time for sure . . . please? lol

  • Mike

    Sick phone, would love to try that thing out on Ice Cream Sandwich when it comes out!

  • Sean

    Sweet good luck to everyone who entered

  • Kenny

    Would make a great Christmas gift if in time.

  • northy

    to late ,, its mine

  • Ryan Cowley


  • Stacey Dempsey

    oh i joined you on google plus circles still trying to figure that whole thing out lol, facebook follower and twitter too @roswello AWESOME GIVEAWAY

  • Tammy Guy

    Just learning about Wind Guess it would be a done deal with this win…. Thanks for the Contest!

  • ani_mal

    how come only Twitter followers win most of your contest??

  • Jim


  • patricia holden

    cool dog and bone

  • Ahrenn Sivananthan

    Thanks Mobilesyrup for all these amazing contests. I really hope I win this phone. This would be the best Christmas present ever. Thanks Mobilesyrup for all your hard work.

  • monkeyincowtown

    oh oh oh pick me 😉

  • Richard Fabregui

    I want to win!!!

  • farhan

    make me win

  • andrea

    would love a new phone!

  • Ernie

    Merry Xmas to all!

  • Jiro

    I want to win anything, even just the box the phone comes in! Please! Thank youuuu. Have a safe and happy holiday!

  • Gabe


  • Andybrantford

    Wicked phone.I’m in

  • KnightFire

    I don’t get Wind where I live but this would really make a good gift for me to give 🙂

  • raynz

    Already have it! Great phone. Whoever gets this device will be happy for a long time! =D

  • GaganS

    Hope I win this phone soo bad!
    I really need to upgrade my phone, and I was planning on starting to save up for it too! Would be so sweet if I won it!

  • Kushracer

    Awesome giveaways!!!

  • Ryan

    Pick me. This is all I want for xmas

  • Steph


  • eshizzi

    Happy Holidays!

  • inc

    honestly, this website has the best giveaways every… like damn.. thanks for the opportunity

  • Raymond Langer

    This would look great under my Christmas tree!

  • kimminer


  • Jennifer

    Ohhhhhh I would want this more than anything else, im already drooling just thinking about having this!

  • Aubrey Young

    Would look good in my hand.

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Pick me.

  • kickstart

    could always use a backup…

  • mohammed

    Here I am this is me
    There’s no where else on Earth I’d rather be
    Here I am it’s just me and you
    And tonight we make our dreams come true

  • Matt

    Hey, Id give wind a shot again. Apparently my house is no longer in a roaming area. Doubt it, but it woudl be good to try.

  • Raimond

    Nice. It will go good with my Mobilicity account! Good luck to all the participents.

  • Patterson

    I only want it if it will work with Koodo mobile, cause Wind sucks, their service is terrible.

  • Thao Chung


  • Rocco StiffReddi

    me please so I can make a youtube video of it at the shooting range getting shot with no signal!

  • Paul Beit

    Good luck to everyone and to the winner welcome to Wind!

  • Jamie

    Still time for one more gift.

  • Ulysses

    I like… 🙂

    Happy Holidays to all.

  • ibhattac

    boss phone. good luck to everyone!

  • the wise one

    gotta replace an aging lg dare

  • D Ly

    i’m in

  • Wilson

    Pick me and I’ll put my happy face on.

  • Tooth Fairy

    @toothfairycyber re-tweeted and FB ID: ladybugcda likes you too! Wish to win a WIND ☺

  • JB

    oh i hope i get lucky… *fingers crossed*

  • Ron

    Wish that I will win this one since my network is Wind. Happy Holidays to Mobilesyrup staff.

  • mrtax2005

    Here I am this is me!

  • Pahech

    The Amaze is a pretty great looking phone.

  • Samar

    Liking it.

  • VL

    Ending the year with a great phone

  • Cory Legue

    With service just arriving in London, this would be timely.

  • azoicwight

    an AWS phone! lovin’ it.

  • Omis

    I really want this phone

  • WindPower

    Luv that phone!

  • Beso

    I hope I win! 😀

  • Joanne

    Nice phone – good luck to everyone

  • Kar

    It’s a great phone, guys. I bought one earlier this month! My goddaughter “borrows” it all the time to play games. Since her Motorola Charm is a bit on the sluggish side. It would be nice to give one to her for x’mas. But I am not complaining. Good luck, everyone!

  • canadaboy

    Papa needs to replace his xt720 – roll them odds!

  • Matthew Young


  • David Evans

    I’m so down; sign me up.

  • picks

    Im in despeate need of a new phone and would love the amaze 4G

  • Anna

    I really like HTC phones. So techie 😀

  • Braden

    Would love to give wind a try!

  • Mohamed


  • kimminer


  • kimminer

    Awesome ph.

  • madhoun

    really want this phone!

  • bill

    love to have this phone

  • Edward Phillips

    I want this .

  • kimminer

    Super Groovy

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    make me win

  • JohnP

    Happy holidays!

  • Rebby

    ooo I want! love WIND!

  • shaker

    of course I want this the most!

  • cathy le

    I never have a smart phone before, and love to win this one,
    sign me in.

  • Diane Vescio

    Liked on Facebook and tweeted on twitter as @dianetowin

  • zainab

    Happy new years mobilesyrup thank you guys for making amazing contests for everyone we all enjoy them.. thank you 🙂 <3 you mobilesyrup

  • Cutieeboo

    Happy new years mobilesyrup thank you guys for making amazing contests for everyone we all enjoy them.. thank you <3 you mobilesyrup

  • Cutieeboo

    keep it up guys 🙂

  • kimminer

    Great contest thanks

  • Liz

    Would be a fantastic win

  • Liz

    What a fantastic win this would be

  • Tina F

    Would love this following on twitter and tweeted this contest

  • Alexander S

    hope to win to replace my w385

  • ChristineB

    Liked you on facebook, joined twitter and retweeted your giveaway.


  • Damon Jacobs


  • kimminer


  • Dian Anderson

    Pick me please, Thanks for the great contest. Your company is growing. Lots of Koodos to you for your hard work

  • Stephanie Billy

    Enter me in the contest

  • Dmitry

    Nice phone

  • VL

    oh man oh man…..this is it

  • the1bobcat

    Me please!

  • Razvan

    Gotta replace my HTC Aria/Gratia… This contest is international?

  • Mattymo

    awesome phone

  • Ryan

    gotta replace aging htc desire

  • Marlene V

    Thanks for the chance to win — I am a forum member

  • RR

    Pick me … pick me!

  • 15ive

    I want this phone, thank you very much.

  • Bippan Dhillon

    Oh yes, have to replace my XT720

  • bbbradk

    Hooray for contests, retweeted right away

  • kimminer

    Awesome. Wow

  • Franco

    Im on WIND and love it but new phone would be the gift ever!!

  • Edward Szklar

    Would like to replace my Blackberry.

  • Victor

    Almost got this for christmas, but its just too expensive off contract. Liked on facebook (Victor C.), following on twitter (j_victor_c), and forum member (biictorr). Please help me update my lowly HTC Magic..

  • francesco

    Sweet good luck to everyone

  • brenda hansen

    Sure would be nice!

  • MichaelM

    Good luck to….me!

  • Mike Hua

    This will be a nice upgrade from my Motorola RAZR. Lol.

  • kimminer

    Wow wonderful

  • Nishant Bhatt

    It amaze me how you guys have contests every other day. Good luck to me this time.

  • Wilson

    I’m on Mobilicity! I’d like one please!!!

  • Alan H

    wind mobile is just starting in Peterborough, Ont and i feel i should win so i can try the new service in Peterborough for wind and let them know how it works.
    thanks wind

  • Alan H

    wind mobile is just starting in Peterborough, Ont and i feel i should win so i can try the new service in Peterborough for wind and let them know how it works.
    thanks wind
    p.s. same person as hust71

  • villagebicycle

    Awww … but its my birthday on January 3rd 🙁 I wanna win some time! I never get to win anything, and I always get the shaft with those stupid combi-celebration gifts I always get for both Christmas and for my Birthday all the same day. Always!

  • sam

    Hey people the phone is cool and can be mine for new year 2012.Happy holidays everybady.
    Thank you MOBIL SYRUP…

  • hassan

    HTC amaZe 4g

  • Raymond Carpentier

    New cell phone !

  • Neil

    Awesome, count me in!

  • Zimron C

    I’d love to win that phone 🙂

  • marc repele

    please pick me

  • kimminer

    Great ph. & contest

  • Yaritzaaaaa

    Let me try to win something again, that I won’t win. 🙁

  • Mary L

    Been trying to tweet daily. Would love to win this!


    Me me me me! Daddy needs a new phone! My U8100 isnt cutting it anymore…

  • InfinitiGuy

    Woohoo, I actually won something. At first I thought the email was another spam message.

  • Agent jucey

    Im rocking a old school blackberry pearl, moneys tight for a university student, why dont you hook me up with something special and amazing. really hope i win any of your phones.

  • Wilson


  • Gordh

    I would really like to have a more improved version of smartphone. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Craig Hinchey

    would make a great replacement for my ancient phone device (it’s wind up)

  • GAIL

    my phone is ancient

  • santosh r nelekeri

    Nice Phone

  • santosh r nelekeri

    Awesome phone