eBay Canada: “1 in 10 mobile shoppers admit to shopping while in the bathroom”

The other day Rogers released a report which found 23% of Canadians have “the urge” to use their smartphone while in the bathroom. That alone is an interesting stat considering the constant beeps, bings and email alerts a device can set off at any time. A new set of stats by eBay Canada takes the fascination of using your smarthphone while in the bathroom a bit further.

They state that “1 in 10 mobile shoppers admit to shopping while in the bathroom”. In addition, the survey also reveals that “1 in 10 mobile shoppers say they’ve used their mobile device to purchase a gift for someone while they were together”. So taking those two into consideration there is a slight possibility that people are not only are shopping while in the bathroom, but could very well be shopping together in bathroom. Finally, for those who have not completed their shopping and looking for last minute deals, 61% of Canadians who shop online via their mobile “think access to online retailers or marketplaces makes it easier to comparison shop.”

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