RIM discounts PlayBook to $99, only available for employees

If you want a BlackBerry PlayBook and want to save a bit more money on the recently discounted tablet, you should really find somebody who works at the company. Apparently there’s a fire sale happening and RIM employees have been given further price drops than what the retailers have been pushing.

Here’s what RIM is making available with a quota of up to 5 per employee:
– 16GB Playbook for $99
– 32GB Playbook with HDMI cable for $149
– 64GB Playbook with HDMI cable and Convertible Case for $199

Now any of those listed above are solid prices. The PlayBook will be upgraded to its new OS in February, bringing email, contacts and calendar to the tablet. Time to reach out to your RIM friends…

Update: In addition, the discount for RIM employees is also apparently a taxable benefit.

Source: RFD
Via: The Verge & CrackBerry

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