TELUS will also launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in January 2012


  • craz

    Bell wins again.

    • chrisk

      bell wins again???? more like customers lose again

  • Dylan

    Oh ya telus! 🙂

  • scott

    Can I use the bell galaxy nexus on rogers??

    • Brian

      All previous Nexii have been SIM unlocked as standard…should be no issue. To further make things easier, the Galaxy Nexus is pentaband, meaning Wind, Bell, Telus, Rogers, T-Mo, AT&T, etc will use the same device (excluding LTE devices).

  • ADCS

    6GB of data for $30 promo ends Dec. 31…….

  • tbird

    Wow ‘dud’…your spelling, grammar, and use of capitalization was almost good enough for me to understand anything your wrote!

  • abcd

    Looks like Bell has won again…….

  • Nascar39

    Thanks Telus, I’ll wait for quad core phones, being you are taking your sweet time with this phone.

  • A7md

    What about Wind? xD

  • Dyck Pound

    WIND must get this device.

  • monsterduc1000

    No LTE. No Nexus for me! (at least not version) Hopefully they bring out an lte version as I love my Nexus S and want to stay with the phone that gets the official updates first.

  • jeangray

    ahaha, @DUD, I wonder what makes you think any of this tech is obsolete. If you are an isheep, I guess it would make sense actually.

  • highpants=P

    Wow… this is upsetting… all this waiting to wait till January… I may just pick up the HTC Amaze 4G. Most beautiful looking phone in my opinion anyways. Just wanted a Google phone but not gonna wait till then. My Hero needs an upgrade and HTC has always treated me really well. Too bad TELUS has been so stingy on the Super Phone front. You think they would of held off this long getting only two twin phones from Samsung and HTC for something bigger and better down the pipeline… guess not… sad, really sad.

  • Bryan

    My telus galaxy s 2 X is just as good, Im very pleased with it.

  • ih8xc

    Google announces the Galaxy Nexus will be released in November yet Canada and the USA will have to wait until early December? It goes on sale in the UK in 3 days. What’s the hold up?

  • Andrew

    BOOOOOOOOOO!! Threehundred years later! We’ve all been ready and waiting for the Nexus for months and months and now by the time it comes out
    it will only be somewhat average compared to other
    devices. And with in 3-4 months it won’t even be worth talking about.

  • furyagain

    if the galaxy nexus only has a qHD screen,
    but too bad it has a 720p screen.

    for people who dont play games, 720p is great,
    but i rather to have just qHD screen and make sure i can play future games in the next 2 years

    • Daded

      You do know 720p is starting to be the standard resolution now? HTC, LG, Sharp and Sony are beginning to release phones with 720p resolutions now.

    • ehoustoun

      you do realize that 720p is a higher resolution than qhd right?

  • trolol

    One month after Bell?
    I am so upset I have to wait to one extra month to get the Galaxy Nexus

  • droidacolyte

    Bell and Telus are basically in bed with each other (they share the HSPA network. They share spectrum). They don’t really compete with each other. That’s why their sub numbers are almost identical (Bell has a less than 200k sub advantage). It seems like Bell are kinda screwing over Telus lately. But in the third quarter Telus actually gained more subs than Bell despite the Samsung Galaxy S II exclusivity (the AT&T version anyway, Telus gets the inferior T-Mobile version). So I don’t know if the Galaxy Nexus 1 month exclusivity is gonna make too much of a difference. I don’t see the Galaxy Nexus being what the Samsung Galaxy S II was in terms of popularity.

  • Chris

    Glad I got the SGS2X and didn’t wait for this… Not trying hard Telus.

  • monsterduc1000

    So does this mean they will push back the ICS update for the nexus s until after this is released in Canada? I hope not.

  • Bluebert

    I’m currently the owner of a Bell Samsung Instinct. I have been waiting a long time for a viable upgrade. I was waiting for the Hercules ever since I heard about it, but I decided to hold off until I found out about the galaxy nexus, and the rumors of a November release… Now that I hear a January release, I’ve really lost a lot of interest in upgrading at all… It’s really kinda sad… Maybe I’ll die alone… with my Instinct…

    • Wes

      of course. don’t expect nexus s to be getting ICS soon… personally I think you’d be lucky to get it in early 2012. mostly likely early spring.

  • Stevearino

    shameless telco milking of current hotness (razr and whatever htc is slingin’) and making it so they squeeze all they can and then dump and run…or is it pump and dump? welcome to the duocracy!

  • jaylen

    wow Samsung instinct? ? You are prehistoric! lol

    • Sean

      Came out in summer 2008 and three year contract equals 2011

  • dave

    Wait.. But if comes out in early december for Rogers (I mean I was planning on buying it out right anyways from Telus) can’t I just buy it from rogers(or the states) and use it w/ Telus?

    • Carl

      It will come out early December for Bell and yes, if it sells unlocked (which it most likely will) you will be able to use it with any network you wish.

  • EmperumanV

    Do note folks that even though the phones are sold in each carrier they are factory unlocked because they are a pure Google device. So don’t go falling to the trap of a sales rep saying they’re locked and should sign up with a contract, yadda yadda.

  • Trey

    What do i get? SGS2 X or wait for this? someone help…

    • Andrew

      I was in the same boat. I pulled the trigger on the GS2X 5 minutes ago, there is no way I’m waiting 2 months for a phone that has no real net benefits over the GS2X. GN has a better screen, but BS2X has a better camera, sd card slot, and 42mbps. Everything is a trade off, why can’t we have it all! lol but I’m happy with my decision.

    • Trey

      @Andrew. Congrats on your new device and atleast you made the decision what to buy lol. However as i wrote that, I realized that if i got the SGS2X I would want to upgrade to android 4.0. I remember reading 4.0’s native screen resolution was 720p. This might be problem for the lower res SGS2X to make the switch to 4.0. Then again im not a resolution expert, do you think this would be a noticable difference when upgrading to 4.0 from the SGS2X?

    • aka

      don’t bother waiting, you’ll wait forever in the tech world where new and improved products are released every 2-3 months.

    • Andrew

      @Trey the majority of Android devices are still WVGA, 720p will probably be a rarity in the next year. I suspect WVGA will still have the majority of support from app developers, so I wouldn’t worry about the resolution. If you wait for the GN, then quad core phones will be around the corner! And if you wait for those, you may as well wait for the release of the GS3 in Canada (next summer?) and if you wait for that you may as well wait for the next Nexus! See the problem, lol technology is killing me. Please excuse me, I’m dizzy now and I need to go throw up 🙂

  • droidacolyte

    Samsung Instinct? ROFL. See folks, this is why Canada needs to do away with 3 year contracts and move to a 2 year model like the US and UK. lol.

  • BB

    One freaking month?!? You people are complaining about one freaking month. Get a life. It’s fun to following technology, but get a freaking life…nice comment Trolol

    • KnightFire

      Today is Nov. 14th, say the SGN isn’t released by Telus/Rogers until Jan. 14th – that’s actually a TWO month wait.
      And for me, I’ve been waiting since Sept. when my iPhone 3G bit the dust!

  • Michael

    Don’t worry. This just means that the bell versions in December will have all the issues and the one’s in January will have them fixed.

  • Greg

    @droidacolyte bell owns tellus….. and that one extra month is one month closer to wanting a newer phone that’s gonna come out soon. and 1 more month of technology of cell phones coming and beating the nexus’s technology.

    • Abe

      Bell does NOT own Telus, do some research before posting.

    • crimsona

      I wish I could vote you down more. Telus and Bell are both publicly traded companies on the stock exchange.

  • northy

    this is the thing you guys are not getting about the NEXUS,, its not all about the technology,,,

    its about PURE ANDROID OS,, and updates as soon as google releases them


  • Mike

    So this could mean that koodo could get it as well?

    • Stewie

      Mike, Koodo will get the GN at the same time as Telus.

  • doug

    by the time this is released on telus and rogers other phone makers will have ICS on their phones and they might be better than the galaxy nexus

  • Gabe

    Anyone know if it will be Useable on the sasktel network? Or if sasktel is getting it?

    • Stewie

      Gabe. Sasktel is owned by Bell in the west, so yes, the phone will reach Sasktel one of these days, it just wont be at the same time as Bell actually gets it. probly around January like the rest of us.(if not later)

  • Mike E

    January!! May as well wait for quad-core LTE phones. This thing is obsolete…and it’s not even out yet. At least in the old days (8 months ago) your phone wasn’t obsolete for 4 months, now it’s obsolete before you even see it.

    • dbzero

      If that is how you look at it then I can’t believe a difference of 1 month release time makes any difference at all.

  • Matt

    What’s the point in Bell having a one-month exclusive? Everyone else is getting the phone. I’m not going to abandon my beloved Telus just to avoid waiting a month. This is more of a nuisance, but we’ll survive…and maybe our loved ones well get nicer gifts from us this Xmas if we’re not spending $600 on a new phone for ourselves?

    • chris

      well I was going to be running out to pick this phone up from Bell. Forking out the $600 up front on the release day and use it with my Telus sim. But now I’m burdened with guilt… ummm thinking… thinking… thinking… nope still gonna go get it… honey, tell the kids Christmas was postponed… nah I wouldn’t do that… I’d tell em we’re Ukrainian.

  • Ebpo

    Can you pay full price for it at Bell and put your Telus Simcard in it?

  • Time2compare

    The consumer will be able to compare prices for THE SAME phone, on the big 4, so they will look for the lowest price on the phone, then the best plan for their needs, so at least there will be some competition in Canada, time to get a decent price on 2yr contracts!

  • jershyjersh

    Cheapest way to buy this phone in Canada will be with telus — team webstore for family and ”friends”

    Get an access code and save 15%

  • Dan J

    Hmm… I have an unlocked Bell variant Galaxy S2 on Telus but I would LOVE to cancel my Telus contract and go with Wind on this phone.

    Is there any good forum for getting feedback on Wind’s service in Burlington Ontario?

  • PureTO

    January? lol Wasn’t this phone announced in October?

    Planned on getting this phone… quad core phones will be around the corner by the time this gets out. I’ll wait, would rather an HTC anyway.

    Check the floor Google… that ball you dropped, you’ll find it there.

  • wow

    They said at Samsung that it would come out “sooner than we think”…

    uh we didn’t expect to wait this long no…

    and I hate Bell to death. I’m surprised they’re still in the business with their bad customer service over the past years.

  • dbzero

    Not sure what the difference is if it is January if you feel the phone is outdated. For me a phone with a leaner and more up to date operating system will do quite a bit more for longevity.

    • LindaM333

      if the nexus had LTE it would be worth getting and using for a year or two, but without LTE I am afraid that I am just going to wait another couple months to get an Lte phone that is 4.0 and better, the timing on the Galaxy Nexus is terrible

  • Chris

    lmao @ Bell owns Telus.

  • John

    So glad i got my S2X instead of waiting for this. While the Galaxy is great is just isnt THAT great to wait an additional 2 months to get… By the time its released people will be talking about the GS3 and that will be the new kid on the block.

    With the ICS source being open to dev’s now i wont have to wait too long to get ICS on my GS2X and will probably have it loaded onto my phone (less bloatware) before the Nexus even gets released…

  • Stewie

    How can a company have exclusive rights to a phone that is unlocked?!?!?! UGHHHHHHH I hate bell.all the companies should release the phone at the same time in early december.. im glad Telus is getting it though, but 2012 is still a long wait…10-12 more weeks…

  • Doug

    Best news ever

  • Dreamkiller711

    TELUS MUST GET THE LTE GALAXY NEXUS !!! Why do not Bell and Rogers get LTE Galaxy Nexus when they’re already releasing LTE phones…?

  • Jon

    Pass on this, I’m waiting for the galaxy s iii next year, which is supposedly going to be quadcore and surely going to be lte.

  • doc

    omg so many cry babies around! I feel at school right now… they can’t wait a month to get their phone rofl!

  • Meh

    I got Spoks brain in my phone do I really need an upgrade?

  • msos0521

    is it going to be unlocked just like bell?

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