Android 4.0 source code released, modders shout with glee

The day ROM makers, modders and Android aficionados alike have been waiting for is finally here. No, not the release of the Kindle Fire — the Android 4.0 source code has been released into the wild. This is the less publicized form of Android, the open source project that allows developers like you and me to download the code and build the OS from scratch.

While this version only builds for the Galaxy Nexus, future updates will give fingerprints for the Nexus S as well, opening up the code to all devices with lower resolutions.

Pulling the code from the trunk takes a bit of work and some Linux know-how, but if you even need to question how to do it, it’s unlikely you’d be interested in it in the first place. To the rest of you, get building, and we await with baited breath CyanogenMOD 9 and its various incarnations.

Source: Android Open Source Project
Via: Phandroid