TELUS HTC Amaze Review (Video)


  • Jay Jay

    This truly is a superphone, great job HTC (as usual)

    • boojay

      This was no contest for me, the Amaze completely blows the S2 out of the water. Performance-wise, it’s just a touch better, but build-wise, it’s not even close. The quality of HTC products really shines in this department. Both phones utterly destroy the 4S as well. If anything, the Amaze is basically on par with the One S despite being an older gen phone.

  • crunch204

    Good grab telus

  • Adam

    Fantastic, in-depth review, Daniel

  • Trevor

    I’ve agree! That being said I’ve already replaced my Inspire with it to use on the Rogers network.

  • Mike

    I’ve been looking for something to replace my HTC Desire, and I defintely think this is it! I purchased a SGSII when they first came out, and honestly, felt severely underwhelmed. Sure the insides were powerful, but the outside felt too flash and no substance (case scratches/dents SUPER easy, feels cheap, too light) I returned it within a week 🙁 The Amaze seems alot more sturdy, well built, and still looks sexy!

  • T1MB1T

    Another STOLEN phone from WIND!!! How can you all let this happen?! TELUS is paying HTC NOT to make a AWS phone!!! it is criminal!!! and YOU are all letting it happen!

    • bob

      It is not stolen. There are many phones released by T-Mobile and not released by Telus that Wind could have had. But Wind is too small to get good phones.

    • mullet

      Truly, Most of the Wind Clients are too cheap to buy this phone anyways. I used to sell wind at the Blockbuster.

    • Ivan

      I think you are skipping an inportant fact. This phone WILL work on wind, you just have to unlock it. It would cost you the same or more IF wind brought it to the canadian market on it’s own. And to be honest, Wind doesn’t yet have the infrastructure to bring in devices this really in their life cycle. The fact that HTC included AWS and didn’t remove it for Telus should be commended. You need to take a moment to look at the glass as 3/4 full rather than 1/4 empty.

  • droidacolyte

    It has the AWS (1700) frequency T1MB1T. You have to buy it outright from Telus and unlock it to use with WIND/Mobilicity though.

    • AWShucks

      So is this and the Galaxy Nexus now generally considered to be the best smartphones available in the near-future on the AWS frequency?

    • tuffy

      WIND is coming out with the Amaze shortly, with outright options and on their tab…no need to go to Telusvor T-Mobile.

  • Jeff Morris

    In the video, he says that the lights on the buttons dont light up, but they do in dark conditions! Loving my Amaze!!!!!!!!

  • RIchard

    Going on five months and the bell galaxy s2 is still the best overall phone known to man kind. Will wait for the proper version of Galaxy S3 to dump my two on one of my employees.

  • user

    Thank God, finally someone pointed out that Sense 3.0 is so bloated. What’s with that 3D spinning carousel animation? It’s completely useless and freaking annoying. It can be easily activated by accident if you swipe to fast and to long….and there is no way to turn it off. Those weather animations with sound effects are pretty stupid and annoying as well.

    • jaqm01

      Actually, just install LauncherPro of Go Launcher. It will replace HTC Sense. Fast and Stable

  • Jaymmer

    This will likely be my next phone… yes I know sense uses resources but tough… I like it more than touchwiz

  • Michael

    Wind is getting this phone too. Finally a good phone for them!

  • Marc

    Actually I disagree with the con’s speed… I top, in Montreal area, at 23Mbps most of the time.
    BUT ping time is the culprit, I get 100ms where LTE would achieve 20ms. It makes all the difference.

    My concern… one week, and still no cover shipped in store…

  • jim

    What it doesn’t have Siri? Lame. No iTunes? No facetime? No thanks.

  • JB

    Great review (as are all MS reviews) but can we please avoid marketing BS like (re the screen):

    “No, it’s not HD — it’s only 258ppi — but it’s one of the best currently on the market”

    No it is not HD, it is qHD, and PPI does not equal HD, resolution determines that. PPI is basically an arbitrary measurement, only mentioned because Apple has made it a feature on the iPhone.

    Just my latest phone review pet peeve. Keep up the good work MS!

  • 403TechGuy

    AWS bands eh? Might have to get me one of these!

  • bbrydges

    This is a dual core device no? All specs I find at other sites state that it is a 1.5ghz dual core, he doesnt state it is in this review. Whos wrong?

  • Klauset

    Bathurst and Steeles for the win, haha.

  • chrid dubrick

    It sounds like a must buy for me . But I just bought my HTC desire z. Only a couple of months ago. But I would like it on bell.

  • ruddias

    I just want to know what kind of camera you use to take pictures of these phones?! anyone know?

  • Jason

    I like the dedicated camera buttons that allow for quick shots without starting the software, now just to decide between Wind and Telus, any comments?

    • aka

      Telus supports DC-HSPA+ 42mbps, which this HTC Amaze and the Galaxy S II X phone can take advantage of on the Telus network, what data speed does Wind support?

  • Jetro

    What Down speeds are Telus Amaze users getting on this thing. I am averaging 7-10 Mbps where the Galaxy GSX2 also on Telus is averaging 9-13.

  • ram

    if i want this handset without contract and shiped to another country where i can get the 850/1900 HSPA+ version???

    • kickstart


  • Stefanie

    The image gallery slide to swipe through all the pictures is not a new feature added to the 3.0… i have it on my sensation.

  • Richard

    Great phone; being a newbie, I have not succeded in uploading music from my computer to Amaze… any help ?

  • Gabe

    My dream phone! Please pick me for the constest to win this Phone!

  • Mathieu

    Wow, I can’t believe they made it silver. I thought that ugly trend died a couple of years ago. All electronics should be black, not silver or even worst white…

    For that single reason, I’ll never get it. Too bad since it looks like a great phone!

  • Ryan

    Ha ok princess not buying a phone cause it has some silver trim? Ever heard of a case?

  • Caleb Koehn

    Would u send me a free smartphone? Caleb Koehn 10503 CC RD MOntezuma Ks

  • Judy Sorge

    I am Seriously thinking of buyiny the amaze. Not too many carriers offer the amaze. Have narrowed it down to between the amaze and the new apple phoe.

  • anna

    i’ve has this phone for just over a week. battery life is decent for the average user. i havent installed any battery apps, but i still get just over a day sense is getting a little old despite the extra features. overall, i’m a huge fan of htc’s build quality. when i was trying to figure out between this phone and nexas i have admit it was a tough decision but quality is what won me over.

  • SOKOLyyz

    I’ve had this phone for 3 months now and it has one major glitch: You cannot turn off data roaming while away from the coverage zone. You are risking high data roaming charges while travelling if you don’t know it, and applications in the background access data. HTC is aware of the issue, but there is no fix and none is being promised right now.

    • All I do is Wind

      Apparently the Data Controller app on the Android Market can help you control that and therefore avoiding data roaming charges. I’ve also heard that ICS might fix that issue.

    • Tarnsy

      That’s not entirely true… The very day that I got the phone last December I was worried about roaming charges, especially data roaming, because the phone didn’t make it as easily apparent as my last one as to when it was away or home.

      I called up wind and had them set my phone to only connect to wind home zones and haven’t looked back. It only means my missing out on a connection for a few highway miles a day on my commute between offices in various wind zone cities and I’m okay with that.

      I suggest you call them up and set your phone to only allow connections to home zones. I love wind. Unlimited everything and only 42 bucks a month, every month tax in. Because I’ll NEVER roam. Worth it!

  • HTC Desire Z

    HTC Desire Z is still a great phone and HTC should update it to ICS!