TELUS LG Shine Plus upgrade to OS 2.3.3 now available


  • bob

    Good to see a company supporting its old, low-end devices.

    • Stimulator

      When this phone came out it wasn’t really low end though. It has an 800×480 screen and 5mp camera, and more app storage than my Desire!

    • TeknoBug

      Yup the fact that MOST 3.2″ sized phones are 320×240 res while this one is 800×480 and text is much easier to read on it than the lower res one. Also the Shine Plus has a 5MP camera while the American Alley twin brother has a 3MP camera, the camera flash distorts pictures at night and I fixed it by putting hockey tape around the inside of the metal backing (I found out the flash reflects back into the camera lens on the inside of the cover).

    • bob

      Well it’s still a $300 phone without contract, let say mid-range.

  • keiYUI

    If people complain and say the iPhone is heavy then you haven’t used this phone before…

    LG Shine Plus = Brick

  • G

    The Shine?!?, What about the Optimus One.

  • Antoine

    Does anyone know if this is done OTA or with the (crappy) provided software ?

    • Don Kelley

      the lg crappy provided software. but at least it is a way to get this done!

  • joshua

    goodness gracious this is good news. good to see a developer supporting older device. wink wink the milestone needs 2.3!!!

  • TeknoBug

    I had this phone for half a year, awesome keyboard but 2.2 ran like s**t on it but the Velocity custom rom makes it better. I imagine 2.3 would be much better on it now.

    Optimus One (which I also had) should have the update on the horizon too.

    • Don Kelley

      yea, it had 2.1 until now, not 2.2. 2.2 would have been way better!

    • TeknoBug

      Yeah sorry 2.1 lol, forgot LG was skipping that update.

  • romes

    This is simply pathetic, android 4.0 is about to be launched and we’re still seeing “new” upgrades to 2.3!!!!
    Doesn’t leave me very optimistic for the future, this fragmentation has to stop!

    • Don Kelley

      I’m afraid you’re incorrect.

      If you understand android release versions, 2.3 is the latest release which runs on phones and has source code released for phone developers to work from. 2.3 is TWO generations of android OS newer than waht is currently on your phone. It will now be a newer version of the OS than probably half of the android phones out in the world! android 4.0 is running on I think one device currently or something like that LoL. android 3.0 is only for tablets.

      So you’re misinformed – 2.3, gingerbread, is the current latest android OS for any standard phone. 4.0 will take a long time until it’s the new standard OS and they haven’t even released the source code for 4.0 yet which means it can’t actually be built for any phones other than the singular hardware it was released on initially.

  • Jordan Lee

    I hope that’s a work computer in the background. Adobe Reader & Quicktime Player desktop shortcuts.

    • Adam

      With Daemon Tools, uTorrent and AVG, I doubt it.

  • Don Kelley

    my wife has this phone and will be VERY happy :-). 2.2? nope, these ran 2.1 until now!

    what’s amazing is that the benefits of GB on this phone don’t list the most requested feature of this phone (And biggest complaint against 2.1 running on it): the phone hasn’t enough app storage space, and gb (even froyo if they’d only made it a 2.2 update) has the google-style apps-to-sd card feature!

    so now she can install far more apps, get better stability, better bluetooth support, better app compatibility, much faster application management tools, and all of hte other nice customizations LG throws into their firmware over and above stock gb features.

    VERY exciting, and I honestly never thought it would actually happen.

  • Rick Whitley

    Hopefully this makes this phone functional, it was horrible based on the software. The keyboard is quite good (layout is a little weird but you can adapt), but half the time I could not use the phone because the software could not keep up to switch the app, I physically couldn’t answer or couldn’t hang up.

    It is very heavy though and very thick and very narrow, making it perfect for easily dropping it!

  • Montrealer

    F**k Lg. Their hardware is always shitty, unreliable.

  • john

    i upgrade yesterday it runs great except my phone will disconnect from wifi every 2 minuets. i don’t know if this is for every body that upgraded but it definitely puts a damper on the update which I never expect to see

  • MisterPuzzler

    This update got pulled because of all the bugs it came with.