TELUS LG Shine Plus getting OS 2.3 upgrade “late September”


  • Sheldon

    I don’t think it’s going to happen. They originally said a 2.2 update this winter, than 2.2 in July, and now it’s September. This is yet another reason why I will never buy an LG phone again.

    • asdgkajs

      theyre talking abt gingerbread 2.3 not froyo.

  • Sean

    Actually everything I have heard pointed to a summer – fall gingerbread release

  • sean

    This is also really awesome because the number of decent android phones with keybosrds is so low people pick it up just for that reason. Heck thiss will be updated before a lot of flagship devices me thinks

  • Caplin

    Motorola can learn a thing or two from LG. I’ve got a xt720 and still stuck on 2.1… fml.

  • Alex Perrier

    When is the 2.3 upgrade coming for LG Optimus One?

  • MARS

    @Caplin You have to do your research before buying a phone. Moto announced that this phone would not receive and updates past 2.1 before Wind even sold it to the public. Wind or any other carrier would never volunteer this info.

  • Jim

    Much needed. I went into more than two locations and was strongly discouraged from looking at this LG Shine Plus – the staff pointed me to other phones (often cheaper alternatives). The reason – massive returns and pain in the a*s customer support. All stores claimed the LG Shine was often returned or in for repairs to to issues which they believed to be entirely software related.

    It does look like a nice phone with decent specs. I hope the software update fixes many of the issues.

  • sookster54

    I had the LG Shine Plus for a couple months, it IS a nice phone, one of the best keyboards out there but the OS was sluggish and had the very nasty “50% life” bug, where at fully charged battery would drop to 50% in minutes and die not long after, a temp fix was to turn off radios via flight mode (telco & wifi) for 5 minutes and turn them back on. I was looking for a phone with a decent keyboard and even though the Shine Plus has a great keyboard I was more comfortable with a portrait keyboard that Blackberry Curve and Bolds has, so I got me a Curve 3G as a main phone now and my Desire is my PDA/media player. I also had the Optimus One but gave it to my family member since their phone broke.

  • CaptainZangetsu

    Go Nexus Google Phones and always get your updates on time 🙂

  • JulianoS

    The wait is over! As of today, 19 october, the update to Gingerbread 2.3.3 is available for Telus LG Shine Plus!!!! Is shown on the Telus website and I will install the update tonight!! Youuhoooo!!! I hope I will see a lot of improvements!!! 🙂 Thank you Telus and LG!

  • RyanH

    I have the Lg shine plus. and it has now received the 2.3.3 update… and now there are more bugs than ever.. the screen goes off and can not be turned on again, unless I perform a “battery pull” and the Wifi messes up too.. I totally regret buying this phone and I will never buy another Lg product for as long as I live. even with the great keyboard, it is not worth it.. DO NOT BUY LG CELL PHONES.. YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!